AX Combat 1 - Execution

Event Type: MMA
Event Time: Jul 08, 2011 2:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Telus Convention Center

Lethbridge, Calgary, AB, Canada

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AX Combat 1 - Execution

Event Description

Ax Combat had a successful debut show delivering Execution to a rabid group of Calgary MMA fans. The presentation of Execution was very high-end that included great production value, pre-fight interviews and exciting fights all in a ring which made for great visibility for the crowd and online audience. The 9-bout card featured 8 fights end before the final bell including all 5 of the professional fights.

In the main event, Ryan Hunter (3-0) defeated Devon Garnon (3-3) by TKO in Round 1 of a crosstown Calgary rivalry. The undefeated Hunter delivered several unanswered blows, all in standup, as soon as the bell rang to start the fight. Garnon started to turtle up on his feet after several power shots by Hunter landed flush and glancing to his face. The referee had seen enough and called a halt to the bout less than 30 seconds into the first round. In Hunter's post-fight interview he gave a stirring speech and talked about his two-year old cousin who had just recently been diagnosed with leukemia. In those few moments, you could tell that Hunter's positivity and strength was going to his cousin, who no doubt shares the same fighting spirit.

In the co-main event, Sheila Bird (2-0) proved she has a great ground game as she submitted Kim "Sugar Free" Couture (3-5) in Round 1 with an unusual scissor choke not often seen. The hometown crowd came unglued for Bird and it sets up her as a linchpin for Ax Combat moving forward. Bird landed a couple hard right hands during the standup battle. Bird went for a judo throw that was partially stuffed by Couture but the fighters ended up on the ground with Couture in guard. After a quick scramble, Bird locked on a leg choke tight on Couture's throat with Couture losing consciousness and going out. The referee could have stopped the fight much sooner as Couture's legs both went limp several seconds before the final call was made. It was quite a scene and one of the more memorable finishes in 2011.

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