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Broadway Boxing: Boyd Melson v. Gundrick King
Event Time Dec 04, 2013 7:00 PM EST
Venue B.B. King Blues Club
Location New York NY
Date Available OnDemand Dec 04, 2013 11:00 PM EST
Event Type Fight  - Boxing
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Event Videos and Bouts
Broadway Boxing: Boyd Melson v. Gundrick King: Full Event
Main Boyd "Rainmaker" Melson vs. Gundrick "Sho-Gun" King
Co-main Luis Rosa vs. Andre Wilson
Undercard Bryant "PeeWee" Cruz vs. Joshua Arocho
Undercard Francy Ntetu vs. Julio Garcia
Undercard Neuky Santelises vs. Joseliz Cepeda
Undercard Antoine "Action" Douglas vs. Colby Colbert
Undercard Daniel "El Gallo" Gonzalez vs. Kamal Muhammad
Undercard Junior "Sugar Boy" Younan vs. Travis McClaren
Undercard Travis "The Notorious" Peterkin vs. Tylon Burris
Undercard Jerry "The King's Son" Odom vs. Eric Moon
Undercard Craig McEwan vs. Dashon "Fly Boy" Johnson

Event Description
Featured fighters Boyd Melson (13-1-1) & Luis Rosa (15-0) closed out 2013 on a great note with impressive performances in separate bouts at Lou Dibella's most recent "Broadway Boxing" event.

Melson, the former US Army Boxing champ, had no issue out boxing the game & experienced trial horse Gundrick King over 8 exciting rounds. Melson was consistently able to beat King to the punch and out worked his opponent until the final bell. Melson, who donates each and every purse to, will look to carry this win into 2014 which he expects to be a big year in his career.

Top DBE prospect Luis Rosa (15-0) had a quick but impressive night in his 4 round destruction of Andre Wilson (13-7-1). Rosa, proving he was ready for the next level, dropped Wilson in the 1st then again in the 4th when he stopped him with a well placed body shot. Rosa, with a big start to 2014, could find himself in title contention by the end of the year.

Also in action Craig McKewan (22-4-1), who was once a top middleweight contender, returned to the rinbg against journeyman Dashon Jordan (15-3). McKewan was able to continue after an early knockdown at the hands of Jordan but was never able to find his rhythm. He was consistently beaten to the punch by the journeyman and looked like a shell of himself a few years ago. Time will tell if McKewan will be able to bounce back from this loss but his chances are not good.

Boyd Melson (12-1-1) vs Gundrick King (18-10) - 8 Rounds Middleweight 80-72

Boyd Melson passed, what should of been, a tough test against veteran journeyman Gundrick King. King was having trouble catching Melson who seemed to have one of his best performances. Melson continuously out boxed King throughout the 8 rounds using his speed and accuracy. Melson's dominance was given proper credit by the judges. After the final bell, the judge's scorecards read 80-72 across the board for, your winner via Unanimous Decision, Boyd Melson.

Luis Rosa (14-0) vs Andre Wilson (13-6-1) - 8 Rounds Featherweights

Luis Rosa, once again, performed wonderfully at a "Broadway Boxing" event. Rosa dominated from the start knocking down Wilson in the 1st round. Wilson gave it all in the ring but he was simply over matched by Rosa. Rosa showed tremendous speed, power, agility, and ring IQ. In the 4th round, Rosa landed a vicious body shot leaving his opponent unable to make the count. With the win Luis Rosa climbs to (15-0) while Wilson drops to (13-7-1).

Craig McEwan (22-3-1) vs Dashon Johnson (14-13) - 6 Rounds Super Middleweight

Craig McEwan was left with a big decision if he will continue with his career or not. Johnson just simply overwhelmed the once highly touted McEwan even knocking him down early in the fight. McEwan simply could not find his stride as Johnson upped the pressure and landed some big shots throughout the fight. After 6 rounds, the judge's scorecards read 57-57 & 58-55 x2 for you winner, via Majority Decision, Dashon Jordan. Jordan rises to (15-13) while McEwan falls to (22-4-1).

Bryant Cruz (7-0) vs Joshua Arocho (3-7-4) - 6 Rounds Jr. Lightweight

In the 1st round Cruz was in complete control. He was setting the tempo and dominating the round even cutting Arocho above the right eye. With a minute left in the round Arocho clipped Cruz with a perfect left dropping Cruz, who was quick to get back to his feet. Cruz continued to control the tempo but Arocho refused to quit and constantly. Both men moved around the ring trading punches, this was the kind of fight that the young Cruz learned a lot from. After the final bell, the judge's scorecards read 58-55 across the board for your winner, via Unanimous Decision, Bryant "PeeWee" Cruz. Cruz climbed to (8-0) while Arocho dropped to (3-8-4).

Travis Peterkin (9-0) vs Tylon Burris (4-1) - 6 Rounds Light heavyweight

Travis Peterkin did a tremendous job against Burris throughout the fight. He used his stregnth and height to his advantage. He was able to keep Burris at bay and did a tremendous job landing flush shots on Burris. Burris tried hard but was basically given a boxing lesson by Peterkin. Though Burris wasn't able to land anything real significant he showed a ton of heart. At the end of round 5, due to doctor's advice, the referee stopped the fight. Travis Peterkin, who moved to (10-0), won via TKO while Burris dropped to (4-2).

Antoine Douglas (10-0) vs Colby Courter (4-0) - 6 Rounds Middleweight

Antoine Douglas proved why he is one of the young prospects on the east coast by easily defeating previously undefeated Colby Courter. Couter was game but the highly touted Douglas just seemed to be on another level scoring the more vicious punches. Douglas left a huge welt under Courter's left eye forcing the referee to stop the action at the 1:12 mark of round 3. Douglas moves to (11-0) while Courter drops to (4-1).

Junior Younan (1-0) vs Travis McClaren (1-2) - 4 Rounds Super Middleweight

The blue chip prospect Junior "Sugar Boy" Younan made extremely short work of McClaren. Very early in the round he landed a vicious right that caused McClaren's knee's to buckle which he followed with a combination causing the referee to end the fight. Your winner via TKO, at the 0:23 mark, in the 1st round, Junior Younan who moves to (2-0). Travis McClaren drops to (1-3).

Nueky Santelises (5-1) vs Joseliz Cepeda (5-3) - 4 Rounds Jr. Lightweight

Santelises started off strong using his height to keep Cepeda at bay, The success was short lived. Cepeda started to get inside of the taller Santelises. By round 3, Cepeda was landing huge flush shots at will. This continued into the 4th and final round, but Santelises show a tremendous chin, will ,and heart. After the final bell, the judge's scorecards read 38-38, 39-37 & 40-36 in favor of your winner via Majority Decision, Joseliz Cepeda grew to (6-3) while Santelises (5-2).

Jerry Odom (5-0) vs Eric Moon (1-3) - 4 Rounds Super Middleweight

"2013 Boxing KO of the Year" Jerry Odom needed no time at all to dismiss his opponent Moon. Jerry Odom used big right hand to drop Moon 3 times en route to a 1st round TKO victory.

Daniel Gonzalez (4-0) vs Kamal Muhammad (0-2) - 4 Rounds Jr Middleweight

Daniel Gonzalez was able to make it look easy when he stepped in the ring with Kamar Muhammad. Muhammad was game but Gonzalez was able to out work him. Gonzalez was much more aggressive and was landing the much harder shots. Finally in the 3rd round the doctor saw enough calling a halt to the action at the 2:40 mark of round 3. Daniel Gonzalez, your victor by TKO, moves to (5-0) while Kamal Muhammad falls to (0-3).

Francy Ntetu (10-0) vs Julio Garcia (6-4) - 4 Round Super Middleweight 2:34

The Canadian prospect Francy Ntetu went to work early dominating the first round even dropping Garcia. Garcia beat the count but the punishment continued. During the course of the next two rounds Garcia landed low blow after low blow. After the 3rd low blow the referee took a point away but it wasn't until the 5th that the referee ended the fight. Your winner via DQ at the 2:34 mark of Round 3, Francy Ntetu who moves up to (11-0) while Garcia dropped to (6-5).

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