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Broadway Boxing: Gabriel Bracero vs. Dmitry Salita
Event Time Nov 09, 2013 7:10 PM EST
Venue Aviator Sports & Recreation
Location Brooklyn NY
Date Available OnDemand Nov 01, 2013 8:00 PM EDT
Event Type Fight  - Boxing
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Event Videos and Bouts
Broadway Boxing: Gabriel Bracero vs. Dmitry Salita: Full Event
Main Gabriel "Tito" Bracero vs. Dmitry "Star Of David" Salita
Co-main Heather "The Heat" Hardy vs. Ana Laura "La Maravilla" Gomez
Undercard Patrick Day vs. Urmat "Tae-Sun Moon" Ryskeldiev
Undercard Luis Cruz vs. Bryan Acaba
Undercard Shemuel "The Chosen One/ Shem" Pagan vs. Jesus Javier Cintron
Undercard Junior "Sugar Boy" Younan vs. Kenneth Taylor Schmitz
Undercard Chris "Golden" Galeano vs. Jamil "Brick City Brawler" Gadsden
Undercard Charlie Ota vs. Mike "El Cangri" Ruiz
Undercard "The Irish Bomber" Joe Smith Jr vs. Lamont Williams

Event Description
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Main Event - Gabriel Bracero (23-1) vs Dmitry Salita (35-2)

Bracero was correct in his statement earlier this week on Boxingscene when he said Salita hand picked the wrong opponent. Salita's age was starting to show as the younger, stronger & faster, Bacero took control of all aspects of the all Brooklyn showdown. As the rounds went on Salita kept fading as Bracero seemed to get stronger.

Now many are wondering is that end of a long semi successful career as a fighter. Has the "Star of David" fallen? Will it be time for a new star to be born. Could Bracero be in line for Judah-Malinaggi? Right noe Bracero is on top of Brooklyn boxing and has bounced back nicely from the loss to "Chop Chop" years ago.

Hardy went on the attack from the opening bell by landing some vicious combinations on the the usually game Gomez. In the 2nd round, the ringside doctor saw enough since Gomez was not throwing back and jumped on the apron. This forced the ref to call a halt to the action.

Your winner at the 2:41 mark of round 2, via TKO, Heather Hardy. Charlie Ota (24-1-1) vs Mike Ruiz (17-8)

Charlie Ota, born in Harlem but fights out of Japam, had his hands full against the very gritty veteran Mike Ruiz. Ota was out working the game Ruiz, but he power, speed, and accuracy was too much for Ruiz to over come but he gave a very valiant effort. Ota's dominant performance could have only been ruined by judging when the final bell rang, and they almost did.

After the final bell the judges scored the bout 76-76 Draw, 78-74 & 77-75 for your winner, via majority decision, Charlie Ota.

Joe Smith Jr (13-1-1) vs Lamont Williams (5-3-2)

Lamont Williams gave Joe Smith Jr hell in their 6 round enchrounter. Williams was landing the more accurate punches but they lacked the power to hold back the aggressor, Smith. Smith had the advantage of power punches but Williams was more than willing to exchange As the final bell rang it became clear this was going to depend, once again, how the judges were going to score the fight.

After the final bell the judge's scorecards read 58-56 for Williams& 58-56 x 2 in favor of Joe Smith Jr.

Patrick Day (5-0-1) vs. Urmat Ryskeldiev (6-3-1)

Former #1 ranked amateur Patrick Day was in for the toughest challenge of his young career against Urmat Ryskeldiev. Ruskeldiev was coming in off back to back loses against opposition with a combined record of 35-0. Both men went back and forth trading punches but it seemed like Day was in control for a majority of the the fight but Ryskeldiev was the aggressor. Some of the aggression seemed ineffective and Day was accurate with the faster and strong punches. At the final bell it came down to how the judges were going to score it.

After the final bell the judge's scorecards read 59-55 & 57-57 for a Majority Draw.

( had it 58-56 for Patrick Day)

Shemuel Pagan (4-0) vs Jesus Cintron (1-5-2)

After a quick & vicious start by the underdog Cintron, Pagan was able to take control and dominate his opponent. After being inactive on 2012 & the 1st half of 13, Pagan didn't seem much to shake the ring rust off. His vicious body punching and accurate combinations kept Cintron from scoring. Even though Cintron was game he did not do nearly enough the entire 4 rounds.

After the final bell the judge's scorecards read 40-36 in favor of your winner, via unanimous decision, Shmuel Pagan!

Chris Galeano (1-1) vs Jamil Gadsden (0-4)

Chris Galeano was able to bounce back from his loss in his pro debut. He overcame a vicious cut over his left eye to out box Gadsden. Gadsden was game but outclassed over the course of 4 rounds.

The judges scored the fight 39-37 & 40-36 x 2 for your winner, via Unanimous Decision, Chris Galeano!

Junior Younan (1-0) vs Kenny Schmitz (2-11)

Junior "Sugar Boy" Younan made his long anticipated professional debut against a very over matched Schmitz. Younan rushed and dropped him early but Scmitz beat the count. Younan continued the onslaught without being hit once by Schmitz. Finally after another barrage the ref called a halt to the action.

You winner at the 1:40 mark of round 2, via TKO, Junior "Sugar Boy" Younan.

Louis Cruz (5-0) vs Bryan Acaba (3-4)

Louis Cruz continued his winning streak in easy fashion over the very tough Bryan Acaba. Cruz contolloed theaction in the 1st round keeping Acaba at bay with his boxing ability. In the 2nd he staggered Acaba with the uppercut but Acaba did not go down, even though it could have been ruled one since he was held up by the ropes. Cruz continued his assault finally knock him out on his feet with a nasty right hand. Remember if you missed a moment of this exciting night of action, you can still watch from start to finish on GFL OnDemand! Order NOW & Re Watch for LIFE on GFL OnDemand! Click the link below for more information:

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