IZW Halloween Hangover 2014

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Nov 01, 2014 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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IZW Halloween Hangover 2014

Full EventIZW Halloween Hangover 2014

Event Description

The craziest night in IZW was upon us as the IZW World waited with baited breath to see who would be walk out IZW Champion and who would win the Monsters Bash and be the next man to challenge him. What would result was a miracle of miss-fires for Impact Inc.

The fans wouldn't have to wait long as the first man through the curtain was the Image of Fear Kevin Morgan. We were jumping right into the action as the Monsters bash was starting the night. Following Morgan was the man who offered a $1,000 bounty for anyone who eliminates Morgan, Damon Windsor. As the bell ring the two men starting throwing bombs at each other, Morgan rocked Windsor and gained an early advantage. Morgan seemed in no hurry and looked to enjoy the opportunity to once again pummel his former partner. As other competitors entered the contest, Morgan and Windsor decimated them and threw them out only to continue to assault each other. Eventually the numbers grew so large that the men were separated. As people like Randy Price and the returning Guy "CopyCat" Atticus entered the fight Windsor did his best bribe each of them to help him eliminate The Image of Fear but Morgan repeatedly fought off the onslaught. New competitors entered and one by one were eliminated until only four men remained. Aaron Neil and Windsor stood across the ring from Jeff Wolfenbarger and Kevin Morgan. Double team efforts momentarily put Morgan down and Neil and Windsor looked to dump out Wolfenbarger so they could continue the double team on Morgan. But when Windsor caught a boot to the face from Wolfenbarger he stumbled right into a spear from Morgan. Morgan stalked his former partner and drilled hi with the Moment of Fear before tossing him over the top and to the floor. In a panic Windsor grabbed Morgan's leg to keep him from doing the same to Neil and when Morgan grabbed Windsor, the Facilitator wrapped his necktie around the throat of Morgan and cinched it tight. Morgan was gasping for air and fighting Windsor pulling with his entire body weight but still fought and fought to stay in. But before he could free himself, Neil came up from behind and dumped Morgan out. Neil would continue this momentum and take control of Wolfenbarger to toss him out but Wolfenbarger reversed, sending The Bronze Bull to the floor. The officials on the outside had been busy trying to restrain an irate Kevin Morgan and had not confirmed Wolfenbarger's victory but as Neil charged him, Jeff again send the Bull over and to the floor and there was no mistaking, we had a new #1 contender and his name was Jeff Wolfenbarger. On one hand, Impact Inc had succeeded in once again keeping Kevin Morgan away from IZW Champion Johnny Z but another unexpected problem had reared its head in the form of the thorn in Johnny Z's side his attorney brother.

While they were unsuccessful in winning the Monsters Bash the KC Wolves were in the Impact Arena and that caught the attention of the #1 Shawn McHale. He stated that since the Wolves were in the house we were going to have an impromptu Tag Team Championship match. While the Old School Studs were quite unhappy with having to defend their championship when they weren't prepared, the knowledge of Tool and the skill of Price were certainly up to the challenge. It was cunning vs speed as the two differently styled teams collided in a tag match for the ages. Tool slowed the pace when he caught a fresh Graham Bell coming off the top rope with a punch right in the face. Tool lifted Bell for the Sky-High but Bell countered into the double knee-facebuster. He held Tool in position and Luke Langley flew off the top and connected with the double stomp to Tool's back. The KC Wolves were closing in on the Tag Team Championship but little did they know that the titles were closing in on them too. As Langley got to his feet, Price blasted him in the head with his title belt causing an immediate disqualification and saving the championship for the Studs. While they weren't able to wrest the titles away from The Studs on this occasion, a win over the champs means that the KC Wolves will still be in the hunt for a championship match and the Pack will be right there behind them.

Itching to set his night right, The Bronze Bull readied himself for his singles match against the #1 contender to the IZW Championship Jeff Wolfenbarger. Neil had been embarrassed earlier in the night and his frustration shone through as he punished Wolfenbarger. Jeff has been on a winning streak lately but his intense matches have taken a toll on the body on the attorney. Jeff refused to quit and when brute force didn't work Neil and Mark Wilson tried to blind Wolfenbarger with a powdery substance. But Jeff's strongest asset is his mind and he knocked the substance into Neil's eyes, decked Wilson and dropped Neil with the Final Verdict to get another huge win.

In a strange turn of events, as he was preparing for his Impact Division Championship defense Jordan Jacobs was attacked by a man dressed all in black. The assailant's identity is not yet known but what we did know was that Jordan Jacobs would not make it to defend his championship. So the match for the Impact Division Championship would instead be defended in a triple-threat match between Bobby Starr, Drake Gallows and Guy Atticus. Starr and Gallows know each other very well but neither man has much experience against Atticus. The man once known as the Wild Card, Atticus looked better than ever. Gone were the days of replicating the moves of others, instead we saw a slew of innovative maneuvers from Atticus. But while he may have been the wild card in the situation, Starr and Gallows bridged the preparedness gap by turning up the violence. Gallows, who seemingly can adapt to any situation, ducked a lariat from Atticus and connected with his Emo-Killer. Gallows scaled the top rope and was poised for the Bangarang but Starr shoved him off the top and through a table on the outside. Starr scooped up Atticus and went for Greetings from Mt. Olympus. Atticus slid off his back, shoved him head-first into a steel chair and hit him with a leaping Rocker Dropper. He covered Starr and three seconds later Guy Atticus, the man one known as CopyCat "The Forgotten Champion" was a man all to his own and was forgotten no longer because he was the new Impact Division Champion.

Next up was the Irish Bare Knuckle Brawl. Two burly fighters from the Emerald Isle, O'Malley and Sheepy O'Brien would compete in what could barely be referred t5o as a wrestling match. It was as ugly as they get as the two men swung for the fences time and again, clobbering one another with heavy repeated blows. O'Malley did his best to avoid the dangerous "Trouble" right-hook of O'Brien. But Sheepy was wise to him and waited for O'Malley to duck it once and came directly back with another than hit its mark and sent the 300+ pounder to the mat. Sheepy is on the roll of a lifetime and it looks as if everyone on the entire IZW roster had best be on the lookout for "Trouble."

In the main event it would be Jermaine Johnson getting his rematch against IZW Champion Johnny Z with Double D as the special referee. D has laid out both men with steel chairs recently and has certainly shown no allegiance to either man. D had made it clear he didn't want to referee in the title match and made it even more clear as within minutes of the contest beginning he was sitting in the front row with his feet propped up, eating popcorn, refusing to officiate. Mark Wilson screamed at D but all Wilson said D had to do was count the pinfall and that seemed like all D was going to do. But when Johnson hit a superplex and went for a cover D didn't budge. Z nailed Johnson with a boot and too went for the cover and again D did nothing. Z angrily confronted D but got water thrown in his face for his trouble. Johnson capitalized and clotheslined Z right into the lap of the special referee. Both competitors took advantage of the lack of refereeing and fought all over the Impact Arena. As the two tore each other apart D taunted them both, enjoying the pain each man was in. As the two man battled back into the ring they showcased their intimate knowledge of each other's move sets. Each man seemed to know what the other was about to do before they did it. Each man then decided to play some mind games and emulate the other's style. Johnny Z went for the power, strength suplex and as Jermaine looked to hit the Big Boot in the Corner, Z pulled Double D in the way. Jermaine dropped the special ref who was certainly not prepared and took the boot directly to the face. Z looked to capitalize on the distraction but got caught with an ES2 by Johnson who made the cover but D was still down. D got to his feet in time to see Z wielding a steel chair, D snatched it out of Z's hands and got a slap in the face for his efforts. D reared back the chair and swung for the fences but Z ducked out of the way and D connected with Johnson! Z made the cover and D counted the 1, 2,... but no 3. D leaned in to Z and told him to kiss his a** and then cracked Z over the heads with the chair! Mark Wilson was livid and like he promised, since D didn't count the fall Double D was... before Wilson could utter the last word Shawn McHale came out onto the ramp. He stated that not only would Double D not be fired but at Chaotic Christmas Johnny Z would defend his IZW Championship against Jermaine Johnson AND Double D!

While Impact Inc officially got what they sought out to accomplish with keeping Kevin Morgan from winning the Monsters Bash and Johnny Z retaining his IZW Championship, it may be the worst things that happened to the Natural Born Leader. Now not only does he have to deal with Jermaine Johnson and the man whose career he tried to end in Double D, but his little brother now has an IZW Championship opportunity in his possession as well. Z had better roll up both sleeves and pull out every trick he's got because it looks like it will be a very miserable Christmas for Impact Inc and Johnny Z.