Global Wrestling Championship - Howe vs Dake

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Nov 22, 2014 5:55 AM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Cornell's Friedman Wrestling Center

Ithaca, New York

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Event Description

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In his first competitive match after undergoing surgery, Kyle Dake added another achievement to his resume - Global Wrestling Championships welterweight champ. Dake earned a 2-0 cumulative advantage in the three round bout against Andrew Howe, fueled by a takedown in the opening period just before time expired. The second and third stanzas ended 0-0, although both wrestlers had opportunities to score.

"It was absolutely amazing coming back here at Cornell," Dake said after the match. "I love the fans, I love being here. I used to be up in the stands watching. It's great to be back."

Earlier in the afternoon, the first two Global Wrestling Championships titlewinners were crowned - Tony Ramos and Tervel Dlagnev.

Ramos, this year's Team USA representative at the World Championships, won the flyweight crown over Sam Hazewinkel. The former Iowa Hawkeye rode four takedowns and exposure to a 10-0 cumulative advantage, while winning three of the three-minute rounds. (The two other rounds were scoreless).

In the heavyweight division, Tervel Dlagnev recorded a takedown in the waning seconds of the opening round to go ahead 2-0. He then added a pushout and TD in the second to take a cumulative 5-0 advantage. It was the same story in the third, as Dlagnev clinched the belt by capturing his third consecutive round and a 9-0 victory.

The event began with a number of matches in a dual meet between Titan Mercury Wrestling Club and Finger Lakes Wrestling Club.

Coming out on top for TMWC were the following wrestlers: Joe Colon (61 kg, over Dalton Macri), Montell Marion (65 kg, over Joe Galasso), Nazar Kulchytsky (70 kg, over Nate Carr Jr.), Deron Winn (86 kg, over Ben Bennett) and Wynn Michalak (97 kg, over Enock Francois).