Mixed Striking Championship - World Premier

Event Type: MMA
Event Time: Apr 18, 2015 7:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Miccosukee Resort & Gaming

Miami FL

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Mixed Striking Championship - World Premier

Event Description

Courtesy by Mike Feinberg The Fighting News Reporter

The Fighting News attended an interesting and unique sports venue Saturday night. The debut of Mixed Striking Championship took place at the Miccosukee Gaming and Casino in Miami.

As all fight venues have their hiccups, it was no surprise to see a couple at the feature debut of a brand new venue down here in South Florida. The fact that the mishaps didn�¢??t overwhelm the night is a testament to how well MSC was able to prepare for the event. No one in the crowd really knew what to expect with an event such as this, and I think many were pleasantly surprised. The venue promised non-stop action, and it certainly delivered.

The first fight of the night came to us in the amateur division. There wasn�¢??t a tremendous amount of action, but it definitely wet our palettes for what was to come.

The judging for this sport is a bit bizarre, as scores are not announced after being tallied. This reporter agreed with all of the decisions during the night, with the exception of one. It appeared that Joey Rodriguez was robbed of a win when Murc Jones was awarded a decision.

Between the first and second bouts, a big fight broke out in the crowd. At least a dozen people were involved in this melee, which lasted several minutes. Security had a tough time breaking it up and one person was severely injured as a result.

The most interesting of the under-cards was Alan Arzeno KO'ing Whitney Waddell early in the first round. The fight started out a little shaky when Arzeno slammed Waddell hard to the canvas. Waddell needed time to regroup. After fighting resumed, Arzeno was able to put Waddell down twice within a minute with his superb striking ability. Arzeno looks as if he could take on all comers in the 170-pound division.

Jesse Scheckner of MMA Owl's breakdown of the co-main event between Aaron Rajman and Sky Moiseichik: Both fighters seemed affable ahead of their matchup, content in the fact that the time for talking had come and gone and that they were within hours of settling their differences in the ring. But after the two touched gloves, all bets were off. Rajman played a little dirty on a few occasions, at one point hitting Moiseichik after the bell and receiving a point deduction for his actions. By the fourth round, Rajmanâ??s adaptable offense both at distance and in the clinch (where he worked superbly with elbows and knees) had worn Moiseichik down until he was falling to the mat with little or no force put upon him. But after the bell, he was a suddenly reenergized, moving about the ring in protest, seemingly calling out people outside the ring to come in and fight him. It was a fun, entertaining spectacle. Moiseichik, whose name was announced to a chorus of boos, was in full-on heel mode. If Iâ??d just wandered in from outside and didnâ??t know any better, I would have sworn this was a pro wrestling match. Both men were charismatic in their own ways and drew reactions from the crowd more than any other pair of fighters that evening.

The main bout brought lots of action. Now, these two guys came to fight! It was constant toe-to-toe action from the opening bell. Dave Gomez clearly won the first 3 rounds, but it was Gabriel Varona taking the 4th and final round with a strong showing. Just as it appeared that Varona was about to score the knockout, Gomez was saved by the bell and was successful in taking a decision. The bout won the prize for the fight of the night.

In other under-card bouts, Vinney Pantaleone won by shutout decision, while Abraham Estadio won by TKO midway through Round 2.