Roku GoFightLive Channel


Watch GFL events on your TV with Roku!

The No. 1 fight video channel worldwide brings you the best of mixed martial arts, boxing, and wrestling direct to your TV screen. The Roku GFL channel is free and available without any registration or hassle.

You'll be able to browse, search and play over 6000 videos from the comfort of your home. Enjoy the great LIVE action on GoFightLive, direct to your big-screen!

To Watch GFL on your TV, follow these simple steps:

  1. Register on - if you have not already registered click here
  2. Buy a Roku box by going to or at any of your local computer/AV stores.
  3. Set up your Roku box by plugging and attaching to your TV - if you need assistance go to
  4. After your Roku box is set up go to the CHANNEL STORE on your Roku box and click on the GFL.TV channel. The GFL channel will take a minute to load.
  5. After the channel loads you will be able to register your Roku box with your GFL account - you will receive activation code the first time you launch the GFL channel on the Roku Box.
  6. Take the activation code and go to and insert your code.

Congratulations you are not set up to watch GFL on your home TV!

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Click here to link your Roku box to your GFL account