Under the Mat with Paloma

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Next Event: Aug 05, 2015 8:00 PM EDT
Event Type: Wrestling
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Wednesday at 8:00PM ET (90 min)

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Under the Mat with Paloma

Event Description

Under the Mat with Paloma is a show based on a Woman's perspective & opinions regarding the Wrestling business, each week we will have a guest involved in either American or Lucha wrestling male or female, Promoters, valet/managers, bookers, etc... This show will not only be a English based show but a bilingual speaking show in which at times we will talk is Spanish to make our Lucha wrestlers out there feel comfortable. Each week I promise to bring you info of any upcoming local/indy shows going on in the areas so that all listeners can go attend & check out their favorite wrestlers. All in all there will be some controversary involved because you never know what Secrets I may pull out from Under my Mat for my guest, callers or listeners. To many they will like & agree with my opinions or rants while to others they may think otherwise regarding how I feel, Yet with this said why not join us. Don't ever feel your opinion doesn't count it does so call and let me & our Guest know what's on your mind each Wednesday @ 7pm here on Under the Mat with Paloma with Unlimitedradio247.com