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WSU Presents Uncensored Rumble V
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Event Time Jun 16, 2012 7:00 PM EDT
Venue Deer Park Sportatorium
Location Deer Park, NY
Date Available OnDemand Jun 16, 2012 11:00 PM EDT
Event Type Fight  - Wrestling
Price US$14.99 
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Event Videos and Bouts
WSU Presents Uncensored Rumble V: Full Event

Event Description
Courtesy of WSU

On June 16th, from Deer Park, NY, WSU presented "The Uncensored Rumble V" iPPV event, courtesy of Go Fight Live. Here are the quick results:

Marti Belle d. Jessicka Havok to win the WSU Spirit Championship after an assist from Mercedes Martinez

Kalamity d. Sweet Cherrie to retain the NCW Femme Fatales Championship

Tina San Antonio d. Annie Social

Lufisto d. Leva Bates in a MUST SEE match.

Jennifer Cruz & Nikki Syx & Ezavel Suena d. Jana & Latasha & Jessie Brooks & Kimber Lee in a match to determine entrant numbers in the rumble. Due to being eliminated first, Kimber Lee was forced to enter the rumble first. As a result of making the final fall for her team, Cruz earned the right to enter the rumble last. Cherry Bomb, who originally was advertised for this match had transportation issues and was unable to appear.

WSU Tag Team Champion Allisyn Kay d. Terra Calaway

Brittney Savage d. WSU Tag Team Champion Sassy Stephanie in an Uncensored Rules match that featured alot of wicked chair shots.

Alicia d. Lexus in another must see match

Lexus won the 21 Woman Over The Top-Middle-Bottom Uncensored Rumble Match. However, her victory seems to be tainted. While the Mid-West Militia eliminated Amy Lee, Alicia dumped out Lexus, an elimination the referees did not see. Lexus would hide out under the ring, as Alicia fought off Sassy Stephanie & Allisyn Kay to win the Rumble. As Alicia was about to talk about her win, Lexus jumped back into the ring and eliminated Alicia to become the new number 1 contender to the WSU World Championship. However, Alicia has a claim to that spot and WSU officials are reviewing this match.

Rain, who was previously advertised this match, did not get on her flight and said she had the flu. WSU announced the news a day before on our twitter page and we apologize to any fan who paid to see her.

Jessicka Havok d. Mercedes Martinez in a Casket Match to Retain the World Championship. This was a first of its kind match for womens wrestling! This heated feud finally came to what seems a perhaps temporary end, due to what occurred at the end of the bout. During this match, these two waged holy hell on each other and Martinez actually fisherman bustered Havok through a casket!!! With a casket smashed to smithereens, a Mid-West Militia casket was brought to the ring. However, Martinez fought off the Militia and went to put Jessicka in the casket, only for the casket door to pop up with LUFISTO inside! Lufisto threw some sort of powder in Martinez's face and kicked the piss out of her. Martinez was destroyed by her NCW Canada rival. Havok, bewildered, took advantage of the situation and put Martinez in the casket to end the match.

Poster coming soon!

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