WSU 5 Year Anniversary Show

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Mar 03, 2012 11:00 AM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Deer Park Sportatorium

Deer Park, NY

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WSU 5 Year Anniversary Show

Full EventWSU 5 Year Anniversary Show

Event Description



On March 3rd, 2012, WSU, the leader in women's wrestling today, presented its 5th Anniversary show from Deer Park, NY, headlined by Mercedes Martinez, putting up the WSU World Championship on the line against WSU Spirit Champion Jessicka Havok, in what many are saying was the biggest & best main event in WSU history.

Martinez & Havok met each other for the first time since "WARGAMES" when Havok threatened to stab Martinez with a machete. Since that show, both wrestlers threatened near death through intense videos that aired on the WSU YouTube page. The anticipation and intensity for this match was at an all time high.

In a crazy match that featured multiple broken tables, doors and walls of the arena, the ending of this match saw Martinez and Havok brawling on the top rope. Both tried going for a big move, but each countered each other, with Havok going for a neckbreaker, while Martinez was trying for an ace-crusher. Both went crashing down through a table, smashing the table into smithereens.

With both women laid out, Jessicka Havok was able to get one arm over Martinez, to pick up a shocking 1-2-3. The epic 3 year world title reign of Mercedes Martinez was ended, and Jessicka Havok had to nearly sacrifice her life and livelihood to do so.

A new era has been cast in womens wrestling. The Era of HAVOK is upon us.

WSU would also like to congratulate & thank Mercedes Martinez for her hard work, dedication, drive, professionalism and putting women's wrestling on the map these last 3 years, and we look forward to seeing how she handles the biggest loss of her career.

J-Cup Qualifier Match
Athena d. Leva Bates
Lexus d. Rain
Bones & Roses (Jenny Rose & Bonesaw Brooks) d. Rick Cataldo & Ezavel Suena
Jennifer Cruz d. Becky Bayless; According to Cruz, that makes her undefeated in 2012
Marti Belle d. Tina San Antonio
Allisyn Kay & Sassy Stephanie d. Alicia & Brittney Savage in a wild Uncensored Rules match
The Soul Sisters d. Lexus & Tina San Antonio to WIN the WSU Tag Team Championships. Immediately afterwards, Kay & Stephanie wanted to cash in their number 1 contendership to the titles Allisyn Kay & Sassy Stephanie d. The Soul Sisters to WIN the WSU Tag Team Championship, giving the Mid-West Militia control of the Tag & Spirit titles.
In a J-Cup Qualifier Match
April Hunter d. Annie Social
For the WSU World & Spirit Titles
Jessicka Havok d. Mercedes Martinez to bring all the gold to the Mid-West Militia in an epic match.
Many are calling this the best WSU iPPV ever.

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