Prime Wrestling Pressure Rising 2013: Megalomania

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Feb 16, 2013 11:00 AM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Twinsburg Recreation Center

Twinsburg OH

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Prime Wrestling Pressure Rising 2013: Megalomania

Full EventPrime Wrestling Pressure Rising 2013: Megalomania

Event Description

PRIME Wrestling returned to with the iPPV Pressure Rising 2013 - Megalomania and brought the house down at the Twinsburg Fitness Center in Twinsburg, Ohio. Another unfettered success, wrestling fans worldwide were exposed to what PRIME Wrestling is all about. With the hottest prospects in the prime of their careers, showcased by a wrestling promotion that stresses action, athleticism and drama inside the squared circle, PRIME Wrestling is kicking ass and taking names.

In the main event, Krimson captured the PRIME Title from Johnny Gargano amidst controversy in a hotly contested, brutal matchup. Gargano has held the PRIME Title dating back to August of last year and has defeated every challenger to his throne. Gargano has been the Man of PRIME, the anchor of the promotion and traveled around the world defending his promotion's honor and growing his name globally in recent months. But all of that came to a crashing halt as his arch nemesis, Krimson, took the title and set PRIME on a very different path.

At one point in the match, Gargano threw a chair directly into Krimson's face (legal in the match), but the leader of the Dead Wrestling Society would not stay down. In fact, he came back at Gargano with a vengeance and crashed his own chair against the spine of Gargano, who has had severe back problems in his career. Krimson went to the top to try a splash on the downed Gargano, but missed and crashed into the waiting chair. Later in the match, Gargano hit a superkick, looked for a Uniquely You, but Krimson reversed the position and landed his finisher the Witches' Wheel, but Gargano kicked out! With Gargano still on easy street, Krimson went for the mist, but sprayed it in the eyes of the ref instead. This gave Gargano time to land his Uniquely You, but there was no ref to count. As Gargano tried to revive the ref, Krimson clobbered him with a steel chair that sent Gargano crashing down to the mat. The wrestlers continued their onslaught as the ref finally regained consciousness as Krimson set up a table with thumbtacks on it. He maneuvered Gargano onto the top rope and looked for a superplex, but Gargano would not relent and pushed Krimson off the ropes as he crashed through the table and tacks. A superkick by Gargano later and it was 1-2-3. Gargano had retained. But new PRIME Wrestling Commissioner Vic Tavagliante, in his first official match as Commissioner, restarted the match and that was the opportunity Krimson needed as he pinned Gargano. Krimson hit Gargano full on with the mist this time and then gave the blinded Gargano the Witches' Wheel for the second time in the bout as Krimson won the PRIME Wrestling Championship in dramatic and unforeseen fashion!

In the co-main event, for the PRIME TV Title, Facade defeated Louis Lyndon to retain his title in an epic battle that featured athleticism from both wrestlers that not many on the planet can match. Facade landed a series of kicks to Lyndon's mid-section, and finished off with a head kick, displaying his martial arts training for all to see. A German suplex by Facade, and it looked like Lyndon's night was over. But Lyndon kicked out. Lyndon then rolled out of the ring to collect his thoughts, but Facade, wouldn't let him off the hook that easy as he jumped from the top rope, somersaulted and came down with an axe hammer on Lyndon's head while landing on his feet. Lyndon would not give up, landing a moonsault press later in the bout for a near fall. Both men fought their way up to the top rope where Facade was able to land a super Arashikage Driver from the top rope. This was enough to get the pinfall and retain his PRIME TV Title in fantastic fashion.

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