Impact Zone Wrestling - Redemption

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Sep 15, 2012 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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Impact Zone Wrestling - Redemption

Full EventImpact Zone Wrestling - Redemptio

Event Description

"Redemption" is in the record books and it was one for the ages. Every IZW title was on the line and all the superstars were in full gear as each match built on the excitement and anticipation of the other bouts leading up to the main event which was a one-of-a-kind TLC Match, that is a leading candidate for Match of the Year in any organization.

In the main event, it was Double D finally capturing the IZW World Heavyweight Title beating "The Bronze Bull" Aaron Neil and Jermaine Johnson in a wild TLC Match. There were broken and destroyed bodies everywhere as all three men utilized the tables, ladders and chairs, even to their own detriment. At one point, Johnson climbed all the way to the top of a ladder, which was placed outside the ring, and yelled at the top of his lungs, "We Got This!" as he launched himself up into the air and on to Double D who was lying on a table down below. The table shattered from the impact and both Johnson and D looked done. Neil used the opportunity to regroup as he was laid out seconds earlier. Neil made his way to the ring and was ready to climb the ladder, where the World Title hung, but Johnson miraculously recovered enough to put up a resistance although it was futile as Neil delivered a spinebuster to Johnson and a kick to Johnson's family jewels, and continued on his quest up the ladder. But Johnson would not be denied as he recovered enough to grab Neil's foot and yank him off the ladder and land his own kick heard around the world sending Neil to his knees. This one-on-one skirmish between Neil and Johnson gave Double D just enough time to pick himself up off the Impact Arena floor and roll himself back into the ring. Johnson then climbed the ladder, rung by rung, and grabbed the World Title. Neil tossed the ladder aside and Johnson hung above the ring, clutching the belt, but unable to unhook the belt from the rafters. After Neil launched himself at Johnson, and missed, he crashed down to the mat and Johnson continued to hang in the air. Double D re-entered the fracas as he climbed up to the top rope and springboarded himself in the direction of Johnson, grabbing ahold of Johnson's feet and pulling him to the ground as both men took a nasty spill. After a few seconds, Neil and Double D then continued the fight on top of the turnbuckle as Neil was looking to give Double D a Real Drill, but with the amount of sweat the wrestlers had expended D was able to slip away and plant a perfect knee to Neil's face sending "The Bronze Bull" crashing through a wooden table that was waiting for him on the ground. Now the only thing that stood between Double D and the championship was a 12 foot ladder. As Double D climbed the ladder, Erica finally decided to get involved as she climbed into the ring and gave Double D a low blow. But the pain didn't register. Double D had outsmarted The Lady of Impact for the final time.

Double D dug into his shorts to reveal a protective cup showing it to Erica and then bouncing it off her face. D then landed a perfect Defacer on the leader of Impact Elite and all that was left was one more climb for the record books. Double D climbed up the ladder step by step and as he did he wrote his name in the annual of wrestling history as he grabbed the belt and became the new IZW World Heavyweight Champion.

In other championship action, IZW Impact Division Champion Damien Morte defended his title as he defeated late replacement "Lights Out" Jordan Jacobs in a Tables Match. Rage Logan no-showed the event and Morte was left with no opponent, so former Impact Division Champion Jacobs stepped up to the challenge to take on the champ on a moment's notice. It was a nonstop, fast paced, gut check match from both grapplers as neither man had time to form a gameplan and both wrestled off of pure instinct. The match went all around the Impact Arena with both men unleashing their full arsenal of high flying, death defying moves at one another. The end came when both Morte and Jacobs found themselves on top of a platform that was at the very top of the stage. Fisticuffs ensued as they each landed haymaker after haymaker until finally Jacobs went for an Anaikolra Kick that Morte sidestepped and after 1, 2, 3, and 4 more over hand rights, Morte knocked Jacobs off the stage onto a table that was waiting down below. Jacobs' body sliced through the table like a knife through hot butter and Morte picked up the victory.