Impact Zone Wrestling - Coronation

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: May 11, 2013 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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Impact Zone Wrestling - Coronation

Full EventImpact Zone Wrestling - Coronatio

Event Description

IZW Coronation was a star studded card. On the nine-year anniversary of the company, every wrestler on the show came to battle and left their soul in the middle of the ring for the world to see, except for one...who proved he has no soul. The Impact X Match was amazing, the Impact Player of the Year Ladder Match was incredible, but the IZW Championship Match was unimaginable and shocking as one of IZW's own, turned his back on the fans, his colleagues and destroyed his own honor and integrity by aligning forces with the filth that is Johnny Z.

In the main event, IZW Champion Johnny Z took on #1 Challenger Double D with Special Guest Referee Jermaine Johnson. Initially, Johnny Z was reluctant to lock up with Double D and for good reason as once they finally did D used some slick wrestling to get two quick near falls on the Champion. While Z strutted outside of the ring, looking to antagonize the crowd and stop D's momentum, D took matters into his own hands and climbed to the tope rope and knocked Z down with a flying forearm. If Johnny Z didn't want to fight, Double D was ready to bring the fight to him. Double D then landed a hurricanrana followed by vicious chops along the guardrail that had Z writhing in pain. However it was only a matter of time until a wrestler the caliber of Johnny Z made his comeback and it started by reversing Double D into the ring post followed by dropping D neck-first onto the guardrail. Once the match resumed in the ring, Erica tried to trip up Double D, giving Johnson an opportunity to assert his authority by sending Erica to the back. D went for another rollup pin, but Z kicked out and planted a boot right in D's face. Z is a guru on the art and craft of wrestling and with no wasted movements he kept Double D down with a knee to the windpipe, cutting off D's oxygen and making his lungs work that much harder in this war of attrition. With Z having his way, and the crowd spurring Double D on, D managed to give Z a bulldog that turned the tide. A springboard by Double D was reversed into a DDT by Johnny Z as both men were going for broke in this match. Z, a master of professional wrestling cinched up an abdominal stretch putting excruciating pressure on D's midsection. After a break in the submission, Z shot D into the ropes where D pulled off a spinning DDT. Turnabout is fair play and as both men struggled to their feet, Z maneuvered Double D into a bulldog from the second rope as the fans in the Impact Arena could sense something big was right around the corner. Johnny Z jawed back and forth with the crowd as he made his way to the top rope but missed with a leg drop giving Double D the opportunity he was looking for. D measured Z in the corner and went to work with knee after knee to the face finally planting Z on the canvas with one more brutal knee. D climbed to the top rope to give Z what he deserved, a flying crossbody, when out of nowhere Z pushed Johnson into the ropes, causing D to lose his balance and crotch himself. D, who was a sitting duck, was leveled by a Big Boot from Z that nearly severed D's spirit from his body. But Z could not get the pinfall! The Force was in full effect. D came back with a vengeance and hit two flying knees followed by and enziguri that brought Johnny Z down to his knees. A splash in the corner followed by not 1, not 2, not 3, but 10 chops culminating with a Force chop sent Z crashing to the mat. D then flew to the top rope once again ready to deliver his flying crossbody and regain the IZW Championship when all of a sudden, D was caught in midair by Johnson and then slammed down with a Samoan Drop!!! It looked like the fix was in as Shawn McHale, who placed Johnson in the role of Special Guest Referee, came running down to the ring, but was turned into a one hitter quitter by Johnson who cracked McHale with a straight right. Through the melee, the groggy Z had time to regroup and hit the Big Boot in the Corner for the pinfall to retain his IZW Title. This was the swerve of all swerves as nobody in the Impact Arena or watching live on saw this coming! What could Z have promised Johnson to turn his back on the Hype Section? Stay tuned to the coming weeks and months to find out where this new stable is headed and who if anyone can stand up to them.

With high risk, comes high reward and that summarized the evening's first match as IZW Impact Division Champion "The Patriot of Pain" Damien Morte battled "The Worst in the World" Copycat in an Impact X Match with the title on the line. Both of these men have taken their feud all over Lawton, Oklahoma, fighting each other in numerous public places. Because of their violent tendencies, and for public safety, a steel cage was the only place they could clash, hence the Impact X Match. Copycat got the festivities started early tearing after Morte before the bell even rang to start the match, but Morte crushed that offense with a bit of his own culminating with tossing Copy through the ropes where his body slammed hard against the cage followed by leveraging Copy face first into the cage. Morte was the first to use the cage as a weapon, but Copy was first to draw blood with it. Copy slammed Morte's head and body several times into the cage with running hip smashes that busted the Champion open like a stuck pig. A modified cutter by Morte gave him a few seconds to recoup as both men's bodies where already bruised and battered from this demonic match. Copy's night got a bit worse when he took a running slide, package-first, in the corner. Shortly after, in a great sequence, Copycat tossed Morte into the cage, but instead of smashing against it, Morte clung to it like he was Spider-Man. Morte then hit a flying crossbody from the position, but Copycat rolled through the move and hit Morte with a fallaway slam that destroyed Morte's body against the unforgiving steel! Copycat then climbed to the top ropes and swung from them partially hitting Morte with a mule kick as both men crashed to the ground. Copycat and Morte tried for dueling stunners when Morte finally landed a piledriver that put Copy out. This gave Morte a real shot at climbing the cage and grabbing the title but Copy recovered in time ripping Morte from the cables and giving him an Alabama slam. Both men found the intestinal fortitude to climb up to the top rope once again looking to land that one devastating move, and in the first holy crap move of the night, Copycat hit a steamroller from the top rope as both men plunged to the mat with extreme force. The steamroller did as much damage to Copy, as his neck was jammed into the canvas. Copycat got to the cables first, but Morte was right behind and just when it looked like Morte would drop Copy down to the mat, Copy used the positioning to hit a Doppelganger (stunner) as the two slammed down to the ring with authority! Morte showed tremendous recuperative powers as he hit Copy with a knee-o-tine that further damaged Copycat's already injured neck. In an unbelievable show of dedication, Morte tried to permanently end Copy's night and career by executing a swanton bomb attempt from atop the cage some 15 feet high in the air! Morte just missed as that would have been it for Copycat. Finally, Copy and Morte raced up and over the cables one final time where Damien Morte choked Copycat into unconsciousness and grabbed the Impact Division belt as Copycat fell listlessly to the mat.

IZW Tag Team Champions The Birds of Prey (Falcon & Phoenix) defeated Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan) after an odd series of events. Earlier in the evening, BB got their hands on some "juice" which Morgan drank and Windsor tossed out and it once again proved to be their downfall. It was an even match heading down the stretch, when Morgan unexpectedly had to rush to the bathroom, the women's bathroom no less, because of the side effects of the "juice". With Windsor down a man, he was no match for the Birds as Falcon hit a Falcon Punch followed by a Phoenix-sault by Phoenix as The Birds picked up the win to retain their titles. After the bout, Windsor and Morgan had a falling out and worse yet, with their loss, they are out of Impact Elite.

When The Bronze Bull and The Convict locked horns it was a battle of two epic forces where only one would be left standing. These two wrestlers are the most physically imposing and intimidating forces in wrestling and this feud had boiled over into something more than just bad blood. This was an all-out street fight with both men landing power shots throughout the bout. Punches, kicks, slams and clotheslines where the order of the day. The Bronze Bull looked to slap on his submission, the Throne of Olympus, but The Convict fought out of it. The submission attempt had done its job and The Convict was moving slower now, giving Bull the opportunity to climb up to the top rope and go for a flying clothesline. The move missed as The Convict continued with his onslaught. Later, The Bronze Bull shocked everyone by his physical strength by giving The Convict a Greetings From Mt. Olympus as it looked like the match was over, but The Convict kicked out! Bull looked for another Greetings, but The Convict blocked the move and hit his 15 to 20 picking up the pinfall. In a battle between the two mega-powers of IZW, The Convict showed that he was the last man standing at the top of the mountain and that his finisher, the 15 to 20, is the most devastating move in all of professional wrestling. To add insult to injury, after the match, Erica slapped The Bronze Bull across the face! This feud looks far from over, but the question has to be asked, what can The Bronze Bull do to The Convict that he hasn't already done? Sometimes even your best isn't good enough when you are up against a force like The Convict.

The 2013 Impact Player of the Year Finals did not disappoint as "Lights Out" Jordan Jacobs and "The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr tangled in a Ladder Match. Ladders littered the ring and where used as crude but effective weapons with both men taking chances in this bout, some of which paid off while others didn't, leaving both men's bodies in shambles after the bout. At one point, Jacobs set Starr up on the turnbuckle and looked to sandwich Starr in between a ladder with a drop kick. Starr moved out of the way at the last second and it was Jacobs who destroyed his own body against the unforgiving steel. Again, Jacobs was holding a ladder preparing to crack Starr in the face with it when Starr turned the tables and hit a spear on Mr. Young Talent with the force of the steel ladder against Jacobs' exposed flesh detonating like a bomb on Jacobs' shoulder. A superplex from the top rope by Starr landed both wrestlers on a waiting ladder where their spines twisted up like a pretzel. As both men struggled to get back to their feet Jacobs struck first with a drop kick hitting Starr square in the jaw. Starr reversed Jacobs into a corner with a waiting ladder as once again Jacobs took another brutal ladder shot. Starr followed up with his leaping clothesline to add more damage to Jacobs' ribcage and spine. Only moments later, in another holy crap move of the night, Jacobs missed an Anaikolra Kick, and was powerbombed onto a standing, inverted ladder by Starr! There was no give in the ladder and Starr let go of Jacobs high in the air, causing even more momentum and damage to Jacobs when he finally crashed into the awaiting ladder. Starr made his way up the 13-foot ladder to grab the dangling Impact Player of the Year Cup as Jacobs limped up after him. Both men traded punches at the top of the ladder until Starr hoisted Jacobs up onto his shoulders prepared to give him a Greetings From Mt. Olympus! While Jacobs was on Starr's shoulders he grabbed the cup and won the match just as he was dropped from a good 15 feet by Starr! During the final descent, Jacobs' body bounced off the top rope at an awkward and scary moment causing his body to contort in an unnatural way. This was the gutsiest performance Jacobs has ever given in the squared circle and pushes him into a new stratosphere and quite frankly into icon status with what he accomplished. Jacobs might not be the most popular wrestler in IZW, but nobody can take away from his performance in this match and the toll his body took in becoming Impact Player of Year. With the win, Jacobs gets an automatic title shot at any championship, and deserves as much, for winning this one of a kind, instant classic Ladder Match!

In a grudge match of two former friends, Randy Price took on "Bad" Brad Michaels. Price came back from a serious neck injury courtesy of Michaels and tag team partner Bryan Cruize where Price was planted on his head with a spike piledriver. These two went right at each other with the fight spilling out of the ring as they brawled right in front of the fans. When the match returned to the ring, Michaels went to work on Price's face with a series of short right hands. The whole match was back and forth with nobody being able to keep an advantage for long as Price struck Michaels with a back body drop and a takedown followed by his own form of ground and pound. Michaels showed off his technical wrestling by giving Price a superplex moments later. Price gained the advantage a short while after and after putting Michaels down on the mat, Price climbed to the top rope and went for his Splash from the Past, only to have Michaels get his knees up at the last moment as Price's midsection took the brunt of the impact. Michaels followed up with a super kick, but Price kicked out at two! Price reversed a piledriver attempt by Michaels as he tossed Michaels out of the ring onto Cruize's head. Price followed Michaels outside the ring and the two exchanged knife edge chops. The chops continued back in the ring followed by a double clothesline. On the outside of the ring, "Coach" Gary Tool, who Price had brought in as his corner, lit into Cruize with over hand rights. But Cruize managed to get into the ring and give Price a low blow without the ref seeing. Tool managed to drag Cruize out of the ring before he could inflict any more damage and clocked Michaels with a right hand. This sent Michaels into Price's direction where Price gave Michaels the Piledriver 1-2-3 and picked up the victory.

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