Impact Zone Wrestling - Chaotic Christmas

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Dec 22, 2012 12:00 PM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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Impact Zone Wrestling - Chaotic Christmas

Full EventImpact Zone Wrestling - Chaotic Christmas

Event Description

IZW saved the best for last, as Chaotic Christmas brought the house down with tons of great wrestling, title changes, nail-biting drama and proving that IZW is the leader in Independent wrestling in North America.

In the main event, IZW Heavyweight Champion Double D defeated "The Bronze Bull" Aaron Neil in a historic bout that put Double D into another stratosphere as a professional wrestler. The action moved outside of the ring during the bout as Double D slammed Neil into the barricade and guardrail right in front of the fans. D got cute and paid for it as he tried to flip Neil over onto the floor with his legs, but Neil blocked the move and swung D's head into the guardrail changing the complexion of the match instantly. Neil wasn't finished as he hurled D into the steel steps with D's head leading the way. Neil also landed a series of chops on the outside that tore into the flesh of Double D with enough force to collapse a normal man's lungs. The action finally returned to the ring where Neil continued to pummel Double D with strikes as it looked like IZW would be crowning a new Heavyweight Champion. In the greatest feat of strength of the night, Neil superplexed Double D from the second rope, but what was most impressive was how Neil held D up vertically for what seemed like eternity until finally dropping the hammer and bringing D's body crashing to the mat below. Neil then had an argument with Johnny Z that culminated in Z taking the belt away from Neil as he attempted to use it as a weapon. This gave Double D an opportunity to climb to the top rope and go for his crossbody finisher for the second time in the match, but this time he missed and landed on Johnny Z instead! Neil landed the same move once again on Double D this time. With no referee, Mark Wilson ran down to the ring to count pinfalls. While Double D hit a flying knee on Neil. Double D then grabbed Erica and gave her the Force sign before moving out of the way as Neil bulldozed into the Madam Commissioner on accident, knocking her off the ropes. Double D then placed another knee on Neil's jaw before going up to the top rope once again for one final crossbody attempt that found its mark this time as referee Mark Wilson counted the 1-2-3! Double D is still your IZW World Heavyweight Champion!

In other action, The Old School Suckas (Randy Price & Bryan Cruize) defeated Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan) to win the Tag Titles in a Last Chance Match. The OSS made the most of their final opportunity. The OSS came out like two bats out of hell going right after BB. During the bout, Price misfired on his top rope, spinning moonsault as he crashed into the referee on accident as Windsor used the ref as a shield. With the ref down and out for the moment, the Suckas delivered the Sucka Slam to Windsor but had no ref to count the pinfall. Eventually Morgan cleared house culminating with a Detonator (double chokeslam) from Big Business on Cruize. But then, Santa made an appearance! Santa gave Morgan his present bag and in it was a Classic Old School Suckas shirt. Santa was the returning Gary Tool! Tool leveled Morgan and then Tool and Price gave Morgan a Sucka Slam as Price followed up with a pinfall just as the ref came to.

Up next for the OSS are the #1 Challengers Team Remix (Cody Jones & Copycat) who defeated Aerial Assault (Dane Griffin & Joe Herell) earlier in the night to claim that spot. Jones was in a zone showing off all kinds of counters and high risk moves while Copycat showcased solid mat based wrestling as he kept Griffin grounded and worked over his neck. At one point, all four men were involved in a hybrid powerbomb, superplex with Jones the top man and Griffin doing the heavy lifting on the bottom on the twisted totem pole of bodies. Griffin recovered first and went to work on Team Remix dropping Copycat and landing a springboard DDT on Jones. But Copycat was able to land a Stunner on Griffin followed by a flying double knees by Jones on Herell as Team Remix pulled it all together and scored a pinfall out of nowhere to claim the #1 Contenders Spot. Jermaine Johnson won the Impact Division Title after defeating The Convict, Jordan Jacobs, Damien Morte and Bobby Starr in the first ever Impact X Match and showed just how cutting edge IZW and its wrestlers are. Early on it was The Convict who unleashed a fury of destruction on the other combatants as he leveled his competition with right hands and clotheslines. But it didn't take long for the rest of the wrestlers to start working as a team against The Convict. In one of the more memorable moves of the match, Jacobs was dangling from the cable as The Convict held on to his feet. From there, Johnson hit the ES2 on Jacobs destroying Jacobs' face and head as it crashed down with wicked force to the mat below. Another awesome move was when The Convict went for the title and was hanging on the cable. Led by Johnson all four wrestlers delivered a quadruple powerbomb onto The Convict that spelled the end for the former champion. Seizing the moment, all four remaining wrestlers began the final ascent towards the belt that was still hanging in the middle of the ring. Each competitor kicked furiously at one another until only Johnson was left where he grabbed the title.