Impact Zone Wrestling: Sept 8, 2012

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Sep 08, 2012 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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Impact Zone Wrestling: Sept 8, 2012

Full EventImpact Zone Wrestling: Sept 8, 2012

Event Description

The September 8 edition of IZW TV on was the go-home show leading to "Redemption" and it delivered in every way possible. The mayhem started a week early as the wrestlers got an early start on dishing out punishment seven days before the iPPV.

But the final scene of the night was Double D giving Erica a verbal shellacking in the middle of the ring. Double D made in crystal clear that he's done with Erica and doesn't want anything to do with her, no matter how many times she has begged and pleaded with him to join the fold and become part of Impact Elite. In fact, Double D pulled out a "quote" from the famous Captain James T. Kirk to bring his point home. "If I were a human, I would simply tell you to go to hell. But coming from a Jedi such as myself, I'll tell you...go Force yourself!" Double D might have gotten his Star Trek and Star Wars analogies mixed up again as he tends to do, but the point was clear. Double D would never, ever join the ranks of Erica and her faction.

In the main event, IZW Impact Division Champion Damien Morte defeated the giant O'Malley in an Impact Rules Match. It was quite the bout as Morte was once again using his body as the ultimate weapon. He even launched himself out of the ring, in between the ropes, doing a suicide dive onto O'Malley at one point. A series of knife-edged chops from Morte had O'Malley on the ropes, but the bigman had his turn in dishing out punishment as he turned the tables and ran Morte's head into the steel cage that surround the ramp. That spurred on Kyle Kelly to get involved as he came out from behind the curtain as Morte was now lying half unconscious in the ring. Kelly came out to put a hurting on O'Malley, and he did. He bounced the former IZW World Heavyweight Champion from pillar to post outside of the ring and even shot him face first into the steel steps that sent O'Malley crashing hard against the concrete floor. Kelly then threw a lifeless O'Malley back into the ring. A fully recovered Morte delivered his finisher, a neckbreaker across the knee, for the pinfall, as he put a final exclamation point on a wild match.

Also in action, The Old School Suckas (Randy Price & Bryan Cruize) defeated "The Bronze Bull" Aaron Neil and Bobby Starr in tag team competition. There was a complete melee in the ring as all four wrestlers duked it out. The OSS got the better of this exchange as they were able to whip Neil into the turnbuckle that was holding Starr up. Neil collided with Starr like a bowling ball to a pin and injured both Impact Elite members in the process. Neil fell out of the ring and the OSS delivered an Old School Driver on Starr for the pinfall. This bout was a good warm up match for what the OSS will face at "Redemption" against Big Business when the IZW Tag Team Titles will be at stake.

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