Impact Zone Wrestling: Nov 26 2011

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Nov 26, 2011 12:00 PM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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Impact Zone Wrestling: Nov 26 2011

Full EventImpact Zone Wrestling: Nov 26 2011

Event Description

Impact Zone Wrestling (IZW) presented another great night of professional wrestling with its November 26 broadcast on The 2-hour event is the rewards of a strategic partnership between IZW and the GFL Combat Sports Network to broadcast an ongoing Saturday night weekly pro wrestling series for FREE. IZW is the premier regional pro wrestling promotion in North America and its shows are broadcast exclusively in HD giving the spectator a one of a kind viewing experience on the Independent level.

IZW Heavyweight Champion, Jermaine Johnson started off the festivities by calling out his opponent for Chaotic Christmas, "The Real Deal" Aaron Neil, down to the ring. Johnson was in rare form with Neil and the crowd as the Me Era was definitely in the house. After the dust settled Johnson and Neil had agreed to co-commentate the remainder of the show, where the verbal sparring would continue, because Big D.A. was not at the Impact Arena.

In the opening match, Double D (w/Erica) defeated "Mr. Money" Randy Price. The ending came when Michael Barry tried to hold Double D's leg while D climbed the turnbuckle. Erica intervened and caught Barry's attention so that when it was Price now on top of the turnbuckle, Barry had resumed his hold of the leg, only this time it was of his teammate Randy Price. This allowed Double D to hit Price with a flying knee to the jaw, followed by a cross body for the pin. It was a great win for Double D who was coming back from a devastating loss to Jermaine Johnson at Halloween Hangover. For Randy Price, it was another bizarre conclusion to a match of his where some member of Impact Inc. costs him his match.

Johnsonâ??s and Neil's co-hosting duties got physical soon after the match as Johnson slapped Neil and Neil countered with an overhand right. The two quickly made their way down to the ring where Neil landed his patented Real Drill ending the brief, but violent scuffle between the heavyweight champion and the #1 challenger.

After a backstage confrontation between "Mr. Saturday Night" Michael Barry and Cody Jones, Johnny Z and Tommy Revell took over duties in the commentators' booth. Z was on crutches and had his injured leg stabilized in a brace from the one-sided beatdown he received from "The Shooter" Brent Albright a week earlier.

Lil Joe defeated Kevin Morgan via disqualification in a battle of David and Goliath. It was a punishing display of violence by Morgan as he outweighs Lil Joe by at least a 100 lb. Lil Joe kept fighting though and was able to land a DDT that started to turn the tide of the bout. Lil Joe executed a perfect cross body onto Morgan outside of the ring, the only problem was Morgan caught Lil Joe and planted him right on the guardrail, almost sawing Joe in half. But that wasn't enough for Morgan as he grabbed a chair and smashed it against the back of Lil Joe getting disqualified immediately.

Jermaine Johnson defeated Cody Jones after Jones came out to challenge Michael Barry from the confrontation the two had earlier in the evening backstage. It was not meant to be for Jones as Johnson came up from behind and cheap-shotted Jones in the back of the head and barked at the time keeper to start the match. Jones was valiant in defeat, even turning the tide on the IZW Heavyweight Champion at one point and executing a perfect tornado DDT. But Johnson added another to the long list of opponents he has defeated as Champion. The ending came suddenly when Johnson picked up Jones and delivered a devastating power slam that knocked Jones into next week.

Soto Myagi defeated Rage Logan via small package with the help of Chaz Sharpe and Logan's own bullhorn going off at an inopportune time. This is two losses back to back for Logan and it seems that he is still trying to find his footing in his IZW return. Logan had the sure win a couple times during the bout but disrespected Myagi enough by not hooking a leg during a pinning attempt or playing to the crowd when his opponent was hurt that it gave the mysterious wrestler from the Orient time to recover. The ending came when Logan grabbed his bullhorn but it was then taken away by Sharpe. During the melee the bullhorn went off, stunning Logan and giving Myagi the opportunity he had been looking for.

The action in the ring took a break as Brent Albright delivered an ominous backstage promo. Albright is about "one flew over the cuckoo's nest" as his eyes and soul seemed as empty and void as the great abyss as he spit his venom in Johnny Z's direction. For Johnny Z, this cannot be good news, as he is still trying to deal with a badly damaged leg. To hear Albright tell it, that is only the beginning. Albright swore to make Z suffer even worse at Chaotic Christmas as "The Shooter" promised to break out a few moves he hasn't used in years. There's a reason Albright got the nickname "The Shooter" and that has to leave a sick feeling in the stomachs of Johnny Z fans everywhere.

In the main event of the night, Michael Barry defeated Aaron Neil by disqualification. It was a matchup of two of the top stars in IZW and both Barry and Neil tore into each other like there was no tomorrow. For Barry, this was much more than he anticipated when he laid out a challenge to all of the "nobodies" in the IZW locker-room. What he got instead was the most decorated IZW Heavyweight Champion of all time in "The Real Deal". Neil delivered a series of moves, even getting Barry in his patented Boston Crab submission hold, but the IZW Impact Division Champion would not give up. Neil also delivered a forearm shiver that almost knocked the fillings out of Barry's teeth and added a spinebuster for good measure. As Neil was about ready to get Barry in place for the Real Drill, IZW Heavyweight Champion Jermaine Johnson came down to the ring and swinging for Neil with his gold belt, inadvertently clocked Barry. The referee signaled for the DQ giving Barry the victory. For his trouble, Johnson was put into a Boston Crab by Neil and tapped out several times. For Neilâ??s fans they can only hope their fight at Chaotic Christmas on December 17 ends the same way.

Watch this exciting pro wrestling event exclusively through here as Impact Zone Wrestling (IZW) presents its ongoing weekly Saturday night series, with its latest installment the November 26 show for FREE. Get to know these wrestlers and witness all of the ups and downs as these grapplers get down and dirty and show the world what Impact Zone Wrestling is all about!