Impact Zone Wrestling: Jan 7, 2012

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Jan 07, 2012 12:00 PM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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Impact Zone Wrestling: Jan 7, 2012

Full EventImpact Zone Wrestling: Jan 7, 2012

Event Description

IZW hit the ground running with its first show of 2012 as new wrestlers stepped up to the plate and proved that they are ready for prime time, while old feuds where re-ignited. IZW continues to push the business forward, create new stars and deliver action-packed feuds with its weekly free series broadcast worldwide on The January 7 episode had great matches and the aftermath saw a new champion crowned.

To begin the show, Jermaine Johnson optioned his automatic rematch clause and challenged new IZW Champion Aaron Neil to a TLC Match at Violent Valentine on February 11. The in-ring exchange was a bit more cordial then the previous encounters in 2011 between the current and former IZW Champs. The mutual admiration wasnâ??t lost on Brad Michaels and Eric Rose of the Future Hall of Famers. The FHF challenged Neil and Johnson to a tag match and it was uncanny how well Neil and Johnson worked together inside of the ring. Rivals for so long, the impromptu pairing of Neil and Johnson showed just how gifted these two wrestlers are in the ring whether they are wrestling against or alongside one another. Neil and Johnson picked up the win when Neil delivered the Real Drill on Eric Rose for the 1-2-3. The unlikely pairing was not to last though, as Johnson delivered a Real Drill of his own on his tag partner and let Neil and the Impact Arena know where his focus and intentions lie - getting back his IZW Heavyweight Championship at Violent Valentine.

John O'Malley defeated Soto Miyagi in a one-sided affair as he unleashed all 350 lb as Miyagi was helpless to defend the onslaught as O'Malley was a man on a mission. After the bout, O'Malley challenged former partner, Bad Brad Michaels to a Last Man Standing Match on January 21. Later in the evening, Brad Michaels answered O'Malley by delivering a knockout punch to the big man, courtesy of some brass knuckles in the backstage area. This will only fuel the fire for O'Malley for their Last Man Standing Match, but Michaels has shown in the past, that he is a man of many tricks and will no doubt have something up his sleeve for the one time Future Hall of Famer going in to their January 21 match.

Kevin Morgan defeated Lil' Joe in a valiant effort by the smaller wrestler, but there was just too much size and power to overcome as the "Awesome One" used his patented choke slam to destroy Lil' Joe. Joe might want to set his sights on the Impact Division Title as he is a game wrestler, but going against somebody who outweighs him by 200 lb, is not a recipe for long-term success.

In the main event, Rage Logan won a 5-Man Elimination Match against Gary Tool, Randy Price, Double D and Jordan Jacobs to win the vacant IZW Impact Division Title. It came down to Logan and Double D as the final two combatants inside of the ring. When it looked like Double D was about to win the Impact Division Title, Damien Morte came out of the stands and spit green mist in Double D's face. This gave Logan time to regroup and get the pinfall and become the new IZW Impact Division Champion. Nemesis couldn't have found a better time to rejoin forces and for Logan this was a huge victory that gets his career back on the right path after a couple of tough losses that ended 2011.

The landscape has already changed dramatically in IZW for 2012. Coming off the heels of a successful run in 2011, 2012 is shaping up to be the most explosive year in IZW history. New champions in both the Heavyweight and Impact Divisions have shifted the state of power of the company and several new feuds and rivalries are sure to keep wrestling fans glued to their seats for the next 12 months. If you missed any of the action, tune in to every Saturday night to watch IZW for FREE leading up to the February 11 iPPV, Violent Valentine.