Impact Zone Wrestling: Jan 28, 2012

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Jan 28, 2012 12:00 PM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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Impact Zone Wrestling: Jan 28, 2012

Full EventImpact Zone Wrestling: Jan 28, 2012

Event Description

IZW presented another show for free with its ongoing television series on this past Saturday night. All signs point to Violent Valentine on February 11 (which can be ordered here but there is still some serious business that needs to be taken care of and sorted out in the next two weeks leading up to the iPPV.

To open the show, Brandon Bishop was summarily dissed by Double D in a backstage encounter when D decided not to align with the new IZW Commissioner. Bishop then went on the offensive and threated Double D with another confrontation by the Mystery Man which would be forthcoming.

In the opening match, Double D versus Kevin Morgan was ruled a no contest after once again the Mystery Man interfered in Double D's match. This time when the lights turned back on, Double D was handcuffed to the top rope. The referee called for the bell, but Morgan was not dissuaded as he kicked Double D square in the face, knocking the former Impact Division Champion out cold. This makes three weeks in a row where Double D has been tormented by the man in the dark. Although you can't blame the man in the dark as he has been able to secure an Impact Division Title Match for his underhanded tactics against the two-time Superstar of the Year in Double D.

Brandon Bishop then tried to convince Jermaine Johnson that it was good for his career to continue to tag team with Aaron Neil. Johnson didn't agree, but nevertheless a match was set for later in the night for Johnson and Neil versus The Future Hall of Famers where something of value would be at stake.

Erica and Miss Diss Lexia came out to the ring to speak to the fans when Starr and Bobby Star interrupted. Starr informed the two that they would square off against each other later in the evening and Starr would be the special referee. It was a twist that Erica and Miss Diss Lexia were not expecting.

Rage Logan, with Damien Morte, gave a backstage promo that showed the new champ is ready to take things to the next level in 2012. Wearing the gold has certainly raised Logan's confidence as you could see the determination in his eyes when he talked about his reign, both present and future, as the IZW Impact Division Champion. He would get that chance to prove himself once again later in the night as he was scheduled for the main event against Randy Price.

Next up was one half of the IZW Tag Team Champions, Gary Tool versus Soto Myagi. Tool's tag team partner, Bernie D is still sidelined from an injury in 2011, so Tool was in a rare singles match. Myagi had his moments, but Tool proved to have too much experience and ring time as the cagey veteran defeated the man from the Orient with a devastating power slam.

Jermaine Johnson and Aaron Neil teamed up to take on The Future Hall of Famers with a #1 tag team Contenders' Match on the line to take place at Violent Valentine. The most unique site was when Wage and Neil locked up like two Brahma bulls. Both men are physical specimens and you could see the impact with which they slammed into each other and the after effects of the damage as both men took something out one another. The pinnacle moment of the match came when Jermaine Johnson held the monster Wage up for several seconds in a vertical suplex and then dumped him to the mat. Johnson then launched Rose off the top rope with another variation of a suplex sending Rose flying across the ring. For good measure, Johnson did a nip up to his feet showing just how athletically gifted he is. Johnson then followed all of that up with a Real Drill on Wage. Neil took offense and he and Johnson got into a shouting match which let Eric Rose recover and land a perfectly placed spinning kick on Johnson's jaw setting up the pinfall for the Future Hall of Famers. The post-match saw a wild brawl between Johnson and Neil that had them fighting all over the arena.

After Johnson and Neil fought their way to the back area, Eric Rose and Wage re-entered the ring as the new #1 contenders' for the tag belts. Gary Tool came to the ring and a heated exchange ensued as there was a two on one beat down on Tool by Rose and Wage. Randy Price came from backstage wielding a chair to make the save for Tool and chased the Future Hall of Famers out of the ring. Because of the save, Tool accepted Price's request to help him defend the tag titles at Violent Valentine on February 11 against the FHF.

In the oddest match of the evening, tag team partners, Erica and Miss Diss Lexia wrestled each other. The two women gave it their all and competed 100% against one another, but with Starr as the referee, something peculiar was bound to happen. Starr annoyed both Erica and Miss Diss Lexia throughout the bout until both women had enough and pushed Starr to the mat, where they were both then promptly disqualified. Erica and Miss Diss Lexia showed that they are two of the best female wrestlers in the greater Oklahoma territory as before the bout ended, they put on an action packed wrestling match.

In the final bout of the night, Randy Price defeated Impact Division Champion Rage Logan by disqualification. It was a great match between the two, and Price was even able to withstand Damien Morte's interference. The end came when Price had Logan in his clutches ready to give him the Piledriver 1-2-3 which would have ended Logan's reign as champion. But before Price could execute the move, Wage and Eric Rose came to the ring to settle the score from earlier in the night when Price went after them with a steel chair. They were able to double team Price and that made the referee call for the bell, giving Price the victory but not the title. This will no doubt add more fuel to the fire for Violent Valentine when Price and Tool battle Wage and Rose with championship gold on the line.

Not to be outdone, Aaron Neil and Jermaine Johnson made another appearance in the Impact Zone. They had still been fighting from earlier in the night and continued their slobber knocker in front of the fans. The fans for their part new they were seeing something amazing as they shouted "this is awesome" with every punch Neil and Johnson threw. The action finally ended up back in the ring, where Johnson countered the Real Drill with a facebuster that knocked Neil out. Johnson then got a ladder from the outside, but it was the wrong move to make as Neil grabbed Johnson and gave him the Real Drill on top of the ladder sending Johnson's body crashing against the unforgiving hard steel. This impromptu scuffle at the end of the evening was a precursor to what fans can expect on February 11 at Violent Valentine, when Aaron Neil defends his IZW Heavyweight Championship against Jermaine Johnson in a TLC Match.