Impact Zone Wrestling: Jan 26, 2013

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Jan 26, 2013 12:00 PM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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Impact Zone Wrestling: Jan 26, 2013

Full EventImpact Zone Wrestling: Jan 26, 2013

Event Description

The January 26 edition of IZW TV upped the ante for all of the wrestlers in the locker room as the night proved that if you are not going to bring your A-game to the Impact Arena, you are not going to be able to survive. Each feud heading into Violent Valentine on February 16 is reaching new, critical heights and only the strong will survive leading up to the most anticipated iPPV of early 2013.

In the first bout of the evening, The Convict took out his anger on "The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr who was accompanied by Venus. Starr went after The Convict from the opening bell throwing everything at him but the kitchen sink, but to no avail as The Convict walked through all of Starr's offense and manhandled Starr at will. The fight went outside of the ring and that only increased the pain and suffering of Starr as Starr was thrown like a rag doll against the guardrail and then when getting in the middle of The Convict and Venus had his back and spine crushed against the ring post by The Convict. Starr would not give up. The action finally went back into the ring where Starr continued to fight back with such determination that the crowd even started to cheer for Starr because they could see a man fighting, clawing and scratching his way through a match where the odds were severely stacked against him. Starr almost pulled off the upset of the century as he clobbered The Convict with his medal trophy in the face, but could only get a two-count as the King of the Yard would not stay down so easy. The Convict shook off Starr's comeback and hit his 15 to 20 finisher that put Starr's lights out for good.

After the bout, The Convict went after Venus, but Starr was there to defend her honor and hit The Convict with a series of right hands before being clotheslined to the mat. This spurred on Double D to come out to the ring and attack The Convict! After about 20 elbows and a flying knee by Double D, The Convict was dropped to the mat in crushing fashion. As The Convict gathered his thoughts and got back to his feet, Double D was tossed the Heavyweight Championship belt by Starr and D rammed the belt into The Convict's head, once again sending the big man down to the mat. In a final display of heroism, Double D hit a crossbody from the top rope on The Convict sending the challenger to Double D's crown at Violent Valentine back down on his backside for the third time in a row!

After The Golden Trinity had a heated interview with Jordan Jacobs in The Lights Out Lounge, where Bobby Starr all but stuck his tail between his legs and proved once again he is the beta to "The Bronze Bull" Aaron Neil's alpha, it was time for more in ring action. In a terrific match, Impact Division Champion Jermaine Johnson defeated the pumped up Aaron Neil after a match that had both men battered and bruised when it was over. This match had as much to do with the cracks in The Golden Trinity as anything else. Neil started off fast and furious going after Johnson with punches, kicks, slams and anything else he could muster. Johnson peeled off the top layer of Neil's chest with devastating chops outside of the ring that had the whole crowd chanting "Woooooo" in honor of the king of knife edge chops, Ric Flair. A spinebuster and spear later and Neil had once again gained control in the match. Neil countered the J-Effect with a suplex that had the Impact Division Champion seeing stars. In a twist of fate, Venus distracted the ref as Bobby Starr over shot Neil with the brass scepter having it fall directly into the hands of Johnson as he slammed it into Neil�?�¢??s midsection like a big league slugger. An ES2 later and Johnson defeated Neil in the middle of the ring 1-2-3. Was this a case of miscommunication or was Starr getting retribution for his brow beating on The Lights Out Lounge?

In a battle of behemoths, "The Image of War" Kevin Morgan defeated O'Malley. Morgan pushed O'Malley around the ring in the beginning tossing O'Malley around and dropping him with a big boot to the face. The move was only topped by a running clothesline that almost separated O'Malley's head from his shoulders. Morgan then got into a shouting match with the crowd, which gave O'Malley time to regroup, highlighted by a bodyslam. Morgan was able to thwart O'Malley's future attacks having his way with O'Malley once again kicking him into a corner and trying to crush his throat by standing directly on O'Malley's windpipe. The 3-time IZW World Heavyweight Champion would not give up and after a running splash in the corner by O'Malley, Jordan Jacobs who was doing announcing duties with Big DA tried to run in to the ring to stop O'Malley's momentum. With the ref distracted by Jacobs, "The Big Picture" Damon Windsor came out to the ring and planted a forearm in the back of O'Malley's skull. Windsor and Morgan then gave O'Malley the Detonator from the second rope that ended the bout in explosive fashion.

In the main event, IZW World Heavyweight Champion Double D defeated Damien Morte via disqualification. Morte rose to the occasion and had Double D in a few precarious spots throughout the bout including taking the fight to Double D on the outside of the ring and throwing the Champ's body into the guardrails. Morte hurt D with chops, overhand rights and chokes in the corner but D came back in his own right as he landed a series of knees to Morte's face. And enziguri kick by D also slowed down the deranged Morte, but that would not be enough to stop the human cannonball. D proved he did his homework on his opponent as when Morte went up to the second rope to do his mock impression of Jermaine Johnson's ES2 he was met with a knee to the mouth. It was enough to make Morte finally snap as the first opportunity he got after this, Morte grabbed a chair from under the mat and cracked Double D in the forehead causing an immediate disqualification. If that wasn't enough, Morte leveled George Knight, the referee, as well. Morte then brought in a ladder and table setting them up in the ring and gave Double D, his finisher, the knee-o-tine with Double D out cold, Morte hoisted D's unresponsive body onto the table and climbed the ladder ready to permanently maim Double D. These were the actions of a man who clearly doesn't care about right and wrong anymore. Bobby Starr ran down to the ring and went toe to toe with Morte giving Double D time to fall off of the table and out of harm's way. Morte executed another perfect knee-o-tine, this time on Starr. With Morte looking to do more damage to Starr, Double D came out of nowhere and landed a flying knee to Morte's head that knocked out Morte cold as the show went off the air!

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