Impact Zone Wrestling: Dec 8, 2012

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Dec 08, 2012 12:00 PM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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Impact Zone Wrestling: Dec 8, 2012

Full EventImpact Zone Wrestling: Dec 8, 2012

Event Description

The December 8 edition of IZW TV on GFL was another fantastic night of wrestling with twists and turns all leading to Chaotic Christmas on December 22. The Heavyweight Champ was in action as well as all the heavy hitters of IZW. IZW is barreling down the highway destroying anything in its path. Get out of the way or get swept up and enjoy the ride as IZW Continues to Change the Wrestling World.

In the main event, Erica (with Aaron Neil) wrestled Angel Blue (with Double D) to a No Contest. It was a back and forth battle between two of the top female grapplers in the country. Erica showed off her amateur wrestling credentials as she had the advantage on the mat as she worked over Blue with holds and transitions keeping Blue off balance while attacking Blue's lower spine. The action went outside of the ring where Erica continued her onslaught as she threw Blue into the steel steps, again damaging her lower back. But Blue found her moments to attack, starting things off with a front kick that landed square on Erica's chest knocking the wind out of the Madam Commissioner. From there, Blue landed a modified swinging slam. But her luck would not last as Erica maneuvered Blue up into a torture rack. It looked like the end for Blue but she kicked out. At one point, Blue rolled up Erica for much more than a 3-count, but the ref was distracted and Neil used that opportunity to intervene in the match and throw Blue to the mat.

That sparked something inside Double D as he went after Neil like a bat out of hell dropping forearms and his deadly flying knee. From there both Erica and Blue tried to intervene in Neil and D's brawl only to be shoved aside by the two men resulting in a No Contest by the referee. But the bell didn't stop the melee in the ring as Neil and D continued to throw punches in the corner, while Erica and Blue delivered some brutal ground and pound to one another on the mat. Erica finally put a stop to Blue with a spinning neck breaker that put Blue's lights out as Double D was in the corner unloading a series of knees to Neil's face. Erica also put the kibosh on that with a low blow to Double D stopping him dead in his tracks. From there Neil landed a spinebuster and put Double D in his Olympus Throw submission (Boston Crab) as Erica hoisted up Blue and put her in another torture rack. Both Erica and Neil totally dominated their counterparts as the show went off the air. Erica made a statement tonight for those fans and wrestlers who forgot just how great of a wrestler she is.

In the co-main event, newcomer Robert Lee defeated former Impact Division Champion Damien Morte in an Impact Rules Match with an assist from The Convict. This was the perfect match for the demented Morte and he let out his inner psychopath on Lee for much of the bout with the help from a steel chair. At one point, Morte hit a swinging neck-breaker and climbed the top rope to dish out more violence but The Convict came down to the ring and him and Morte went at it culminating in the 15 to 20 from The Convict that put Morte's lights out. Lee, who was hiding under the ring at this point, scurried back to the ring and got the pinfall on Morte's limp body taking advantage of the situation and picking up his first win in IZW.

In other action, Double D defeated Kevin Morgan in singles competition. D overcame a running powerslam by Morgan and a huge size and strength advantage to prove that the most important asset to have in the squared circle is a huge heart. Double D focused on chopping the giant down by throwing a bunch of leg kicks throughout the bout and that would eventually pay dividends when Morgan tossed Double D out of the ring and was slow to turn around. What Morgan didn't know was D had caught himself on the ropes and flipped around, standing on the top rope and executed a perfect cross body for the pinfall. It was the first time Morgan was off his feet in the whole match but it was all Double D needed.

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