Impact Zone Wrestling: Dec 3, 2011

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Dec 03, 2011 12:00 PM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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Impact Zone Wrestling: Dec 3, 2011

Full EventImpact Zone Wrestling: Dec 3, 2011

Event Description

Jermaine Johnson kicked off the festivities of the FREE IZW December 3 show on with another episode of the "All About Me Show" which got fans at the Impact Arena riled up and chanting for Aaron Neil, Johnson's opponent at Chaotic Christmas. Neil came out to meet Johnson in the middle of the ring and readied for a fight against Johnson but instead Johnson tried to switch gears and get Neil to face him in anything other than a wrestling match. This week it was in a rap contest. Although it might have looked like a mismatch for Johnson in the beginning, Neil put together quite the freestyle and had the fans chanting "Real Deal" by the end. This extracurricular loss has to be the most humiliating for Johnson yet, as Neil is far from a rap impresario and all Johnson ever does is talk about himself.

Next on tap was a great video package and Part 1 of "Silent Fury: Inside the Mind of a Deaf Wrestler" on IZW wrestler Chaz Sharpe. Sharpe is looking to make his mark inside Impact Zone Wrestling and his fellow IZW wrestlers spoke candidly about Sharpe and his hearing impairment. Sharpe's story is very inspirational and shows the dedication, respect and love that Sharpe has for the wrestling business as he continues to pursue his dream in becoming the first ever deaf World Champion. Part 2 is set to air next week on IZW TV. For the in ring action, Cody Jones defeated "Mr. Money" Randy Price. Price used his size and strength advantage well through the majority of the match, delivering a power slam for what looked like a pinfall, but Jones was able to kick out at 2. The end came after another strange turn of events. Price whipped Jones into the ropes but was reversed by Jones in the process, and when Price came off the ropes he was accidentally tripped up by Jeff Wolfenbarger, Price's manager. Price confronted Wolfenbarger and turned his attention away from Jones long enough for Jones to jump off the second rope and deliver a double knee drop to Price's jaw, stunning "Mr. Money" and giving Jones the victory. This continues an inexplicable pattern of Price seeming to get screwed by his own team, Impact Inc., dating back to Halloween Hangover. After the match Double D came out and challenged Price to a One-On-One Match at Chaotic Christmas. Price accepted the challenge, much to Wolfenbarger's disdain, but you have to wonder with friends like Impact Inc., Price doesn't need any enemies. Double D was all too willing to point out the odd trend that has continued to go against Price thanks to Impact Inc., and Price seemed to grudgingly agree as he was happy to take on Double D one-on-one.

Starr came out to the ring and to throw hot coals in Erica's direction. Starr degraded Erica's physical attributes but Erica got the last laugh as she was backstage and rummaged through all of Starr's clothing throwing most of it on the ground. This back and forth between Starr and Erica set up a match for later in the show. Exactly what Erica wanted.

Soto Miyagi and Chaz Sharpe defeated Nemesis (Rage Logan and Shawn McHale). For Logan it was an opportunity to defeat the two opponents who have beaten him in consecutive weeks, but it was not to be. Logan and Sharpe put on a great display of mat wrestling and matched each other tit for tat. The ending came when McHale accidently hit Logan instead of Sharpe, knocking Logan off of the ring apron. The stunned McHale was then rolled up by Sharpe for the pinfall.

Double D defeated IZW Champion Jermaine Johnson in a non-title bout. The end came after Randy Price, who along with Jeff Wolfenbarger accompanied Johnson down to the ring, would not give the Johnson the championship belt to use as a weapon against Double D. Johnson was distracted as he was still trying to get the belt from Price, giving Double D and opportunity to hit the de-facer for the pinfall victory. After the match, it looked like Price wiped his hands of the whole situation, not wanting to get involved in extracurricular activities, and possibly turning over a new leaf.

Starr was able to extract some type of revenge even though she lost by DQ against Erica when Starr used a belt to choke Erica almost to unconsciousness. Erica came out wearing some of Starr's clothing, the clothing that she had tossed around the locker room earlier in the nigh. This lit a fuse under Starr as she was more concerned with hurting Erica than winning the match, and that is exactly what she did.

Aaron Neil defeated Brent Albright by count out. Neil and Albright were like two bulls in a china shop issuing out punishment at every turn. First Neil would get the upper hand and then after a scramble or reversal by Albright it was his turn to do damage. Neil delivered a devastating spine buster, which is used as a setup for his Boston Crab finisher, but this time Albright was ready and rolled out of the way from the debilitating submission move. Neil got Albright up for his Real Drill finisher, but Albright slipped out of Neil's clutches and after a quick Greco battle for positioning, Neil was in perfect position for a belly to back suplex, but the crafty "Shooter" delivered the most devastating move of the match, a back leg kick right between the goal posts hitting its target on the button, so to speak. Neil crumbled in pain, writhing around on the mat.

With Neil incapacitated, Albright's attention quickly turned to Johnny Z who was doing commentary in the announcers' booth. Albirght walked up the ramp and started jawing back and forth with Z and was eventually counted out by the referee awarding the victory to Neil. Albright was looking to finish what he started ahead of Chaotic Christmas as the injured Johnny Z was still hobbled on crutches. But to Albright's amazement and everyone else in the Impact Arena, Johnny Z got up from his chair and started throwing punches in bunches at Albright's head. The bolos kept coming as Johnny Z hit Albright with everything he had, knocking the former NWA World Champion back down to the ring. What comes around, goes around as Johnny Z showed that his injured knee is not as badly damaged as once thought, when he delivered a soccer kick right to Albright's package, dropping him instantly. Johnny Z followed the "kick heard 'round the world" with more stiff punches and kicks to Albright's head and face. This was a case of whatever you can do, I can do better. As Johnny Z was now the wrestler dishing out tons and tons of punishment to the helpless carcass of Brent Albright. If you mess with the bull, you'll get the horns and nobody is more dangerous when backed against a wall than "The Natural Born Leader" Johnny Z.