Impact Zone Wrestling: Dec 15, 2012

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Dec 15, 2012 12:00 PM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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Impact Zone Wrestling: Dec 15, 2012

Full EventImpact Zone Wrestling: Dec 15, 2012

Event Description

The December 15 edition of IZW TV on GFL was the final show before the highly anticipated iPPV, Chaotic Christmas, comes to wrestling fans worldwide on December 22. This event electrified the Impact Arenas as the wrestlers of IZW had their blood boiling and emotions running high just seven days before the iPPV. Impact Rules Matches ruled the night so there was plenty of pain and punishment dished out from the All-Star roster of IZW.

To start the night off, "Lights Out" Jordan Jacobs defeated Copycat in an Impact Rules Match. The ladder played a starring role in this bout and was used several times throughout the match. Early on, Copycat was able to whip Jacobs into the corner where the ladder stood crushing Jacobs' rib cage against the metal. Copycat also ate his share of ladder as he missed Jacobs with a splash, landing face first into the steps. Jacobs also landed double knees on Copycat against the ladder, which was twice as devastating as normal, because the back of Copycat's head bounced off the ladder while his chest took the brunt of Jacobs' knees. Jacobs continued his onslaught as he choked Copycat, but Copycat turned the tide once again with a power slam out of nowhere, followed by a knee to Jacobs' throat. A missed Doppelganger by Copycat was all Jacobs needed to turn the tide one more time in his favor. Jacobs climbed up the ladder as Copycat followed. They both struggled against one another until Jacobs landed a low blow kick that sent Copycat falling to the canvas. From there Jacobs jumped off the ladder landing a leg lariat across Copycat's throat and getting the pinfall. Jacobs looked tremendous here resembling his days when he held the Impact Division Title. If he comes into Chaotic Christmas like this, all the other wrestlers will be fighting for second place.

Later on, Erica was center stage as she let the audience know that she is the bee's knees; as a 3-time All-American Olympic Style wrestler, 2-time California State Champion, National Champion, Professional Mixed Martial Artist, and all around Elite athlete with STATUS. Erica was confident in her stable including "The Bronze Bull" Aaron Neil reclaiming the World Title, and Big Business remaining Tag Team Champs. "Thank you, Erica" was what the Madam Commissioner was repeating as Johnny Z and Heavyweight Champion Double D made their way on stage. Z had heard enough of Erica's self-glorification and got the crowd chanting "dragon breath" at the Queen of IZW. Johnny Z then made an addition to the main event scheduled for later that night which was originally going to be Aaron Neil and Bobby Starr versus Johnny Z and Double D in an Impact Rules Match. Z goaded Erica into accepting his challenge and competing with Neil and Starr while Z and Double D would have The Golden Goddess Venus as their partner! It put the Golden Trinity into quite a bind but it was set in stone.

In the most violent match of the night, Jermaine Johnson and Damien Morte squared off in another Impact Rules Match. Both wrestlers went hold for hold inside of the ring, but business really started to pick up once the action took a turn outside of the squared circle. With Johnson regaining his composure outside of the ring, Morte executed a perfect suicide dive between the ropes as he nailed Johnson, knocking the wind out of both wrestlers. Johnson was first up and pulled out two chairs from underneath the ring. Johnson went to suplex Morte threw the tables, but Morte escaped out the back door and beat down Johnson with overhand rights. Morte then laid Johnson's prone body on the chairs and climbed up to the top rope where he summersaulted outside of the ring, crashing down on Johnson below as the chairs crumbled under the impact. Both wrestlers eventually made their way to the ring where they were assaulted by Bobby Starr and Jordan Jacobs who used the opportunity to soften up their opponents for the Impact X Match at Chaotic Christmas. Because it was an Impact Rules Match, the bout continued. Johnson and Morte fought back and started to turn the tide just as the Impact Division Champion, The Convict, made his way down to the ring changing the tone of the match immediately. Once The Convict was in the ring, all four men attacked the Champion putting the boots to The Convict. But The Convict fought back giving clotheslines to Starr, Morte and Jacobs. This gave Johnson time to regroup as he hit the ES2 on The Convict. Johnson celebrated as Morte stood in the background and measured his opponent finally giving him a modified, swinging neck breaker using Morte's own shin as a weapon. The move sent Johnson down like a ton of bricks and Morte picked up the win in a wild match. Johnson's night wasn't over as The Convict crawled back into the ring and hit his 15 to 20 finisher on the broken and battered Johnson.

In the main event, it was "The Natural Born Leader" Johnny Z, IZW Heavyweight Champion Double D, and Venus pitted against "The Bronze Bull" Aaron Neil, "The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr and Erica in a 6-Man Tag Team Match contested under Impact Rules. Johnny Z paired off with Starr in the beginning of the match as the two traded headlocks before Neil tagged in and Z and Neil went at it. The action made its way over to Z's corner where Venus tagged herself in and kindly asked Neil to tag in Erica, which he reluctantly did. Venus tore into Erica even getting a 2-count before Erica scurried out of the ring and tagged in Starr again. Venus tagged in Double D and D proceeded to land a series of forearms against Starr's head followed by 10 knees to the face of Starr which dropped him down to the mat. D tagged in Z and Z went to work on Starr with measured right hands and blistering chops. But Starr fought back giving Z a spinebuster on Z's not fully healed back and transitioning into a single leg Boston Crab that put even more pressure on Z's spine and lower back. Z broke the hold and went back to doing what he does best, chopping the living hell out of people. The chops were brutal as they almost tore a hole in Starr's wrestling singlet. Starr did his homework though as when Johnny Z went for his float over DDT, Starr was there to counter with a face plant sweep of his own. After a quick tag in by Neil and then another by Starr, it was Erica who finally squared off with Venus one final time. Venus landed two clotheslines, followed by a swinging neck breaker. As the men took the action outside of the ring topped off by Double D jumping from the top rope onto the other three men, Venus seized her opportunity and gave Erica the Venus Envy that put the Commissioner's lights out as the ref counted 1-2-3.

How does this effect Impact Elite? Venus and Erica have had an on again off again relationship the whole history of Impact Elite and this bout only served to drive a bigger wedge between the two. Johnny Z got exactly what he wanted from this match by winning another mind game against Erica, Neil and the whole Impact Elite crew. Will this stunning turn of events play any part into how Neil prepares for his match at Chaotic Christmas on December 22?

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