Impact Zone Wrestling: Dec 10, 2011

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Dec 10, 2011 12:00 PM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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Impact Zone Wrestling: Dec 10, 2011

Full EventImpact Zone Wrestling: Dec 10, 2011

Event Description

The night started off with Johnny Z coming down to the ring to cut a promo on his opponent at Chaotic Christmas, Brent Albright. After the vicious beating Johnny Z laid down last week on Albright, the fans were eager to hear what "The Natural Born Leader" had to say. But Johnny Z was interrupted by Albright who came on the ImpactTron and delivered his own sick and demented promo. Albright promised to go after Johnny Z's leg once again. Suffice to say, Albright looks to be healed up enough that come December 17, both men will step into their No Holds Barred/No DQ Match as close to 100% as you can get in the sport of wrestling. Although one thing is for sure, after their bout, neither man will ever be the same again.

In the opening match of the evening, "Bad" Brad Michaels used his patented superkick to defeat the mysterious Midnight Rider. Midnight Rider offered up some offense of his own including an atomic drop, but it was not enough to defeat the Future Hall of Famer. Michaels has shown that not only is he a great leader of men, but he is also quite the wrestlers inside of the squared circle. He has his detractors to be sure, but Michaels has the in-ring ability to compete with anyone in the IZW locker room. And adding Wage and Eric Rose as his running mates will only increase Michaels' influence with the confines of IZW.

Cody Jones then showed up backstage with Michael Barry's IZW Impact Division Title in tow. Jones told Barry he could come get his title at Chaotic Christmas, so it looks like Barry will be defending his title against the young, up and comer, Cody Jones. Jones has a great opportunity to make and immediate impact in the promotion. A win over Barry on December 17 would do just that.

Next up was a verbal sparring match between Erica and Starr. It was also the first chance to see who their mystery partners at Chaotic Christmas would be. Starr brought out Kyra Maya and the two started to double team Erica before Ms. Dyslexia came out to make the save and throw her hat in with Erica.

Aaron Neil and Double D defeated The Future Hall of Famers (Wage & Eric Rose) after Johnny Z changed a handicap match into a tag match by adding Double D to Neil's team. Wage used his strength advantage to throw his weight around and stifle Double D's athleticism. D finally made the tag to Neil and "The Real Deal" cleared the ring of both Rose and Wage. In a great show of strength, Neil had both Rose and Wage up for the Real Drill, but Rose managed to escape while Wage took the move full force. Double D then executed a perfect cross body block from the top rope onto Rose and Neil got the pin. It was great teamwork by Double D and Aaron Neil.

IZW Tag Team Champions The Old School Suckas (Gary Tool and Bernie D) defeated Impact, Inc. (IZW Champion Jermaine Johnson and Randy Price). In the weekly soap opera that is Impact Inc., Michael Barry came out to the ring and decided to insert himself into the match. Johnson had Tool on the ropes and was setting up a tag for Price when Barry got in the ring and set off a heated argument between Impact Inc. Johnson was then left alone in the ring as Tool made the hot tag. The Old School Suckas delivered the Old School Driver and got the pinfall on Johnson while Barry, Price and Wolfenbarger continued to argue outside of the ring.

Kevin Morgan defeated Soto Miyagi. This match was like a lamb being led to slaughter as Morgan destroyed Miyagi inside of the ring and would not cover him for the explicit purpose of being able to continue his punishment. Finally, Morgan covered Miyagi and ended the cruelty.

Kyra Maya defeated Ms. Dyslexia after a brutal belly to back suplex that folded Ms. Dyslexia up like an accordion. Maya showed some great strength inside of the ring as none of the other females on the IZW roster can match her strength wise. Ms. Dyslexia and Erica will have to use their speed at Chaotic Christmas if they are going to have a shot at beating Starr and Maya.

In the main event, John O'Malley defeated IZW Impact Division Champion Michael Barry by disqualification. It was a great back and forth match between O'Malley and Barry with each grappler taking it to his opponent. The ending came when Future Hall of Famer, Brad Michaels, came out to the ring and decided to get an early jump on his match on December 17. Michaels grabbed O'Malley's foot, causing him to trip and Barry was immediately disqualified. Eric Rose and Wage then came down to assist Michaels in a 3 on 1 beating of O'Malley. The Old School Suckas came out to even the odds and were able to fend off the Future Hall of Famers. This score will finally be settled between these two factions in a 6-Man Tag Match at Chaotic Christmas next Saturday.

After the main event, Jermaine Johnson issued one final challenge to Aaron Neil...a hotdog eating contest. As Johnson stuffed his face with juicy wieners, Neil loaded up a single dog with ketchup. Tons and tons of ketchup. Neil then threw the ketchup grenade right at Johnson's face for a direct hit. Neil followed it up with squirting more ketchup in the face of the IZW Champ and ending things with a Real Drill for good measure. Johnson was 0-3 in challenges leading up to Chaotic Christmas, but the only contest that really matters is what happens inside of the ring on December 17, live on iPPV.