Impact Zone Wrestling: Apr 7, 2012

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Apr 07, 2012 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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Impact Zone Wrestling: Apr 7, 2012

Full EventImpact Zone Wrestling: Apr 7, 2012

Event Description

In the main event of the April 7 IZW free broadcast on it was a tag team match with Nemesis (Damien Morte and Rage Logan) wrestling Double D and Jermaine Johnson with Bobby Starr as referee. Double D and Johnson lit into Nemesis and about chopped a whole in the chest of Damien Morte. Nemesis was able to turn the tables on D and Johnson with some smooth double teaming as the match looked neck and neck coming down to the end. The finale came when Logan accidentally hit Morte with a moonsault off the top rope as Double D was able to reverse his position and give Morte a Defacer throwing off the placement of where Double D should have been. Double D followed up the miscue by Nemesis with a pin giving him and Johnson the victory. After the match, Jordan Jacobs and Damon Windsor came down to the ring and assaulted Double D and Johnson and when Nemesis jumped back in to the fray it was four against two. Randy Price tried to intervene on behalf of Double D and Johnson but the numbers were against him as he suffered the same fate as D and Johnson which was a beatdown. To add more salt to the wounds of Johnson, Aaron "The Bronze Bull" Neil also came down to the ring and locked in a Boston Crab submission hold, stretching the back muscles, vertebral column and ligaments of Johnson as IZW TV went off the air.

The 2012 Impact Player of the Year Tournament continued as Jordan Jacobs defeated Bryan Cruize in one semifinal match. Jacobs got the assist from Kevin Morgan who delivered a Nuclear Explosion (chokeslam) on Cruize leaving his lifeless body an easy target for a Jacobs pin. Jacobs is now in the finals and will face the winner of Double D and Rage Logan, scheduled for next week, at "Coronation" on May 12.

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