IZW Redemption

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Sep 14, 2013 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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IZW Redemption

Full EventIZW Redemptio

Event Description

"Redemption" is in the record books and it was one for the ages. Every IZW title was on the line and new champions were crowned. Watch this 3+ hour wrestling extravaganza as IZW brings down the house once again at the Impact Arena from Lawton, Oklahoma.

To kick off the show, Brandon Bishop (@BISHOPACW) took on "The Captain of the Force" Double D (@IZWDoubleD) in what promised to be the nail in the coffin to these two gladiators ongoing feud. After a quick collar and elbow tie up, Bishop scored a takedown but D was back to his feet in no time as they wrestled for positional dominance. D snagged a side head lock until Bishop broke free. D shot Bishop into the corner where he sliced and diced Bishop's chest with chops until Bishop countered with a clothesline that jarred Double D down to his core. Bishop also retaliated with an overhand chop and looked for a neck breaker, but was monkey flipped into the corner by the agile Double D. Bishop rolled out of the ring as Double D flew from the top rope looking to do more damage but got a chop to the chest for his troubles that sent D down to the concrete floor in a heap of rubble. Bishop and Double D continued to go hold for hold on the outside using the guard rail as a target to toss one another against while also trading strikes until D hit a hurricanrana that bounced Bishop's head off the ground. When action returned to the ring, Bishop hit a ferocious swinging neck breaker and got a two-count. D countered with knees in the corner until Bishop grabbed a leg and suplexed Double D onto his head. Bishop missed with a second rope leg drop and took a knee to the face. Later Bishop connected with a back breaker and got another two-count. Bishop again went to the second rope as this time D sidestepped Bishop's axe handle and grabbed both of Bishop's arms to give him a modified double chicken wing face plant. Bishop counted with a Pedigree. Bishop then continued to show off his mat skills with an innovative submission attempt that looked like a Texas Cloverleaf and shoulder/neck crank combo. Double D broke free and went for several small package pinfall attempts, while Bishop fended them off and looked for more pinfall variations of his own. Once the wrestlers returned to their feet, D connected with a spinning heel kick and a high cross body, but Bishop flipped the pin attempt so D's shoulders were on the mat, but could only get another two-count. Bishop looked for the 9-Mile Drive but Double D countered with a Defacer. D connected with another high cross body and scored the pinfall in this blistering match where each man's full wrestling repertoire was on display. After the match, Bishop offered an olive branch to D and shook his hand. These two might have buried the hatchet with one another, but they both still have unfinished business in IZW.

In the first title match of the night, IZW Tag Team Champions, What Wrestling Should Be: "Larger Than Life" Jermaine Johnson (@JermaineAboutME) & "Lights Out" Jordan Jacobs (@JacobsLightsOut) took on Team Bull: The Bronze Bull (@BronzeBull_AN) and "The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr (@thegods_bs). Bull and Johnson squared off first with Bull using a methodical arm ringer to slow the faster Johnson down right out of the gate. Johnson countered with an athletic reverse and mocked Bull as he cinched up on an arm lock of his own. It was Bull's turn to reverse the move this time showing off his power and driving Johnson down to the mat. Johnson broke free for a split second and tagged in a fresh Jacobs who stomped Bull down in the corner. Jacobs got hung up in the ropes from a missed leg lariat and was knocked for a 360 degree loop as Bull wrecked him with a short clothesline. Starr tagged in and hit Jacobs with a series of moves including 10 right hands to the head, a spinebuster and a single leg Boston crab. Johnson tried to interfere but got leveraged into a Boston crab by The Bronze Bull as both members of WWSB were screaming in pain. Johnson broke free and when the ref was escorting Bull out of the ring, Johnson knocked Starr for a loop to give Jacobs the advantage. After isolating Starr in WWSB's corner, they went back and forth keeping a fresh man on the attack at all times. Johnson hit a body slam, Jacobs connected with a springboard leg drop and threw Starr face first into the second turnbuckle in what resembled a modified reverse face blaster. A snap mare got Starr in the right position for a chin lock and a devastating kick but Jacobs could only get a two-count. Johnson tagged back in and hit a suplex where he held Starr up in the air forever until finally dropping him to the canvas. Johnson trapped Starr upside down in the corner and then Jacobs tagged in and hit a mushroom stomp press. Johnson was back in and grabbed a sleeper hold. Starr hit a side suplex that broke the hold but Jacobs and Johnson hit a leg lariat cutter-power slam combo as Starr crashed to the ground. Johnson connected with another slam but missed on a moonsault giving Starr time to finally tag in The Bronze Bull. Bull hit Johnson with a spinebuster and maneuvered Johnson into a Boston crab before eating a flying double knee from Jacobs. Starr joined the fray and hit Jacobs with a spear full force. The Bronze Bull managed to hit his finisher, a Greetings From Mt. Olympus, on Johnson but only got a two-count as WWSB would not give up their titles that easy. Bull and Starr dug down even deeper and gave WWSB a series of right hands followed by a double discus punch as Starr bounced Jacobs out of the ring with a Greetings From Mt. Olympus and then Bull hoisted Johnson up into the air while Starr finished Johnson off with a cutter as Bull made the pin and Team Bull picked up the win to become the new IZW Tag Team Champions.

History was made with the next bout as Madame Commissioner Erica (@Lady_Of_Impact) put her Queen's Crown on the line against "Megastar" Angel Blue (@AngelBlue0830) in the first ever Women's Dog Collar Chain Match in the state of Oklahoma. Erica did her best to avoid contact in the beginning as she jumped out of the ring, but Blue used the dog collar to hoist Erica up to the ring apron and then released the chain, causing Erica to fall back to the ground. Blue dragged Erica back into the ring but missed with a butt bump in the corner as Erica followed up with a bulldog that changed the momentum of the match in an instant. Erica then wrenched the chain across the face of Blue looing to break her nose. Moments later, Blue countered with a hurricanrana, a clothesline and a pinfall attempt that Erica broke at two. Erica turned the tables later as she pulled Blue off the top rope using the chain and hauled her outside of the ring where Erica connected with forearms to the back, before hog tying Blue to the corner post and whipping her with the chain. Erica pulled Blue back into the ring, but lost her concentration for a split second and that was all Blue needed to gain the advantage as she clubbed Erica with the chain and planted a bicycle kick right on Erica's jaw. Blue and Erica traded a host of pinning attempts until Erica clobbered Blue with a clothesline as she used the chain for extra effect and followed up with throwing Blue over the top rope onto the floor below. Erica was hitting on all cylinders at this point as she tightened the slack on the chain and choked Blue, who was still on the outside and then brought Blue back into the ring with a suplex. Blue was finally able to get some relief as she tossed Erica off the top rope moments later. Blue connected with a butt bump in the corner as Erica bounced out of the ring. Blue followed her outside and pulled on the chain causing Erica to run head first into the steel ring post. The Convict, who accompanied Erica to the ring, decided to stick his nose in the match by climbing up to the ring apron after Blue and Erica had made their way back inside the ropes. Blue used the opportunity to launch herself from the top rope at Convict with a high cross body where she was caught midair. Miss Diss Lexia (@missdiss_lexia), who was the special guest referee, executed another high cross body from the opposite turnbuckle and slammed into Blue and The Convict, causing the big man to fall on his back side. Blue made her way back into the ring where she hit Erica with a modified jaw breaker as Erica's jaw slammed down on Blue's shoulder and the steel dog chain at the same time. Blue hooked a leg and went for the pin, only to have WWSB stop MDL's pinfall count. WWSB then proceeded to give Blue and MDL a double clothesline. (I guess after losing their IZW Tag Team titles to Team Bull earlier in the night they needed to beat up on women to make themselves feel better.) WWSB then followed that display up with a Minority Cutter on Blue. WWSB then intimidated Miss Diss Lexia into counting the pinfall for Erica as Blue lay motionless on the mat. After the match, Erica ordered The Convict to get into the ring and destroy Blue even more. He did just that by connecting with his finisher, the 15 to 20. Not only did Blue lose the match, she most certainly had years taken off of her career and probably life by the attacks of Impact Elite. In the end, Erica once again defeated another opponent to her Crown and did so in brutal and effective fashion.

The much anticipated 6-Pack Challenge Match for the IZW Impact Division Title was in the pressure cooker next. Champion Drake Gallows (@DrakeBmbulmer), "Worst in the World" Copycat (@CopycatWrestler), "The Image of Fear" Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofWar), Angel Camacho, Montego Seeka (@montegoseeka) and "All Star" Adam Young all took to the ring. The rules of the match are as follows; no DQs, no count outs, anyone scoring a pinfall or submission would be the current champion and the man who scored the final pinfall or submission of the 20 minute bout would be the winner and Impact Division Champion. The match was a freefall from the very beginning with every wrestler looking for someone to hit. Gallows, Copycat and Camacho all got the upper hand in their exchanges with Morgan, Seeka and Young until Morgan started bludgeoning his opponents with right hands leaving a pile of battered bodies in his wake. Morgan was also dishing out head butts left and right as he used his thick skull to scramble the brains of the other competitors. Copycat grounded Young with some punches to the face then followed up with a double arm DDT on Seeka, a Thesz press on Gallows and a spinning heel kick on Camacho. Morgan locked on a bear hug that temporarily slowed down Copycat's assault until Copy took a bite out of Morgan's forehead. With Copy's back turned, Seeka landed a perfect high kick to the back of Copycat's head. Copy fell like a ton of bricks and Seeka picked up the first pinfall, making him the champion for the time being. Seeka was a wanted man as Morgan tossed him into the corner where Camacho followed up with a splash. Camacho followed Seeka out of the ring as Morgan paired off with Gallows and Copycat went back to work on Young. In some of the highlights, Copycat superplexed Young off the top rope, Morgan gave Copy a release power bomb and gave Young a power bomb while standing on the first rope. Camacho got into the action by power bombing Gallows outside of the ring. Gallows regrouped and made his way back to the ring where Morgan suplexed him back out. Morgan was destroying anyone in his line of sight! Copy hit a spinning DDT on Camacho outside of the ring as this match broke down to an all-out clash for survival. Seeka, the man currently holding the pinfall that would lead to becoming the new champion, was back in the ring and proceeded to launch himself out of the ring with a suicide dive hitting Camacho, Copycat and Gallows and knocking them down like bowling pins. Young followed that up by jumping off the top rope with a cross body and taking out the four down below who were just recovering from Seeka's move. Everyone had crashed and burned outside except for Morgan who was alone in the ring. And then, in the move of the night, Morgan took flight over the top rope and twisted his body into a spinning torpedo as he destroyed the other five wrestlers who felt the full force of the "Image of Fear". The melee continued outside of the ring with the six grapplers making their way to the broadcasters' booth. Morgan actually tossed Gallows up and over the booth behind the top deck of the stage. Young summersaulted off a barricade and destroyed Copycat, Camacho and Seeka showing he was every bit as capable as anyone else of being in this wild match. Gallows clawed his way back to the top of the stage where he upped the ante and pulled off another move of the night, maybe even the year, as he ran full speed, launched himself off the stage, which was a good 20 feet in the air, over the announcers booth and onto the other five wrestlers who had been brawling on the concrete down below. Amidst all the destruction and pain, Gallows was the first man out of the pit as he showed off his indestructible coat of armor that is his body. Morgan was quick to show Gallows that he wasn't the only one who could take a licking and keep on ticking as he dropped Gallows with a big boot. Eventually, every wrestler made their way back to the ring and Morgan cleaned house as he gave Copycat a Detonator and scored the pinfall putting him in the driver's seat at that moment. Morgan didn't stop there as he gave everyone a Detonator and thoroughly increased his chances of holding the last pinfall when the 20-minute time limit expired. Morgan wanted more blood as he grabbed the Impact Division Title and was about to crush Seeka in the head with it when Young snatched the belt from Morgan. Young crashed the belt into Morgan's face, then tossed it to Seeka who did the same, followed by Gallows, Copycat and Camacho. Morgan was bloodied from the belt shots as the other five continued to whip him like a rented mule with the belt. After the lashings, the five tossed Morgan up and over the top rope. But with less than 3:00 minutes left in the bout, Morgan was still the man holding the most recent pinfall. Gallows hit an Emo Killer on Young but was then smashed by Camacho with a frog splash from the top rope. Camacho scored the pinfall and it looked like he would walk out with the gold until Seeka hit a face breaker and scored the pin! Copycat hit Seeka with a Doppelganger but Seeka fell out of the ring and could not be pinned. Copy was desperate to score the final pinfall, but Camacho and Young both kicked out. In Copy's rage he didn't see Gallows who had climbed to the top rope. From there, Gallows connected with a moonsault and pinned Copy with less than 20 seconds remaining! Gallows kicked everyone else out of the ring and goaded Morgan to come back in and when Morgan did, Gallows jumped out of the ring himself leaving Morgan alone with nobody to pin. The time hit 0:00 and Gallows walked out of this thrilling match retaining his crown!

Up next was the Old School Unsanctioned Street Fight, between "The Old School Sucka" Randy Price and "Bad" Brad Michaels. Both Price and Michaels came out in street clothes as this was anything but a regular wrestling match. Price and Michaels had their fists' taped up and went to work on one another kicking, punching and all-around hammering away at each other. The fight broke outside the ring shortly after the opening bell and Price continued to batter Michaels from guardrail to guardrail with good old fashioned haymakers and chops. They brawled up the ramp until Michaels turned the tide and connected with a combo of his own as the action returned to the ring. Michaels went for the first piledriver attempt of the bout but Price fought out and countered with a piledriver try of his own that Michaels maneuvered out of. Later, Michaels tossed Price off the top rope where he fell down to the concrete below. Michaels followed Price and they resumed their fist fight only inches away from the front row of fans. Michaels dug his cowboy boots into the throat of Price, which was totally legal in this Street Fight. They continued to brawl up the ramp where Michaels slammed head first into a wall then retaliated with a kick to the family jewels of Price that stopped the Sucka dead in his tracks. Michaels hit a DDT on top of the stage, damaging Price's already fragile neck. Michaels connected with a suplex on the mat, just outside of the ring before pulling away the protective padding and going for a piledriver on the concrete. Price wiggled out of the move and sling shot Michaels right into the ring post. Price pulled Michaels back into the ring where he gave him a superplex from the top rope. Price then hit a frog splash from the top rope but only got a two-count as Michaels lifted a shoulder. Michaels did more than that as seconds later he connected flush with a super kick that dropped Price in his tracks. Michaels added a frog splash of his own before he took off his belt and started to whip Price across the back. Michaels then choked Price with the belt and at one point tossed him over the top rope where Price dangled helplessly. Michaels continued his onslaught outside of the ring until Price tossed Michaels into the steel steps and dragged him back into the ring. Price hit his finisher, the Piledriver 1-2-3! Somehow, someway, Michaels got a shoulder up at two! Price missed badly with a frog splash attempt as he took a nasty fall to the mat. Price rose to his feet gingerly and was met with a Hall of Fame Piledriver from Michaels. But like Michaels had just done, Price kicked out at two! Michaels hit a second Hall of Fame Piledriver followed by a third! The third time was the charm as Price was down and stayed down. Michaels picked up the victory and proved that when it comes to being ornery, there are very few in the same league as the CEO of the OSA.

In the main event, IZW Champion "The Natural Born Leader" Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) took on #1 Challenger "Big Business" Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor). After a couple initial tie ups, Z wanted nothing to do with Windsor as he continually stuck his body through the ropes, signifying a rope break and keeping Windsor at bay. After another tie up, Z took the advantage with a poke to Windsor's eyes and blinded the big man even more by raking his eyes and face across the top rope from turnbuckle to turnbuckle. Z proceeded to argue about some minor detail in the rules with the referee and that was all the time Windsor needed to swing the momentum in his direction. Windsor flung Z into the corner and unloaded with his patented back elbows that had Johnny Z's head resembling a bobble head. Windsor put the Champ down with a big boot next. Windsor looked for a Detonator but Z being the cagey veteran he is shucked the move off. Windsor continued to punish Z with punches that bounced the Champ from one corner of the ring to the next and had Z taking flight with a huge throw that knocked Z for a loop. Z bought himself some time with a jaw breaker before two clothesline and a back body drop by Windsor sent Z crashing to the mat once again. Windsor whipped Z into the ropes, but upon impact Z was able to reverse Windsor's motion with a float over DDT. Z softened Windsor up some more before tossing him over the top rope. While Z rested in the ring, Erica made herself useful as she landed a couple strikes to Windsor as he tried to regroup. Once Windsor crawled back into the ring Z attacked with pinpoint precision with knees to Windsor's head keeping the big man in a continual fog. Z showed off his grappling expertise by tightening on a text book rear chin lock that kept Windsor grounded to the mat followed by a knee to the gut when Windsor rose to his feet. Z jawed with the audience as Windsor managed to rise to his feet and was once again whipped into the ropes, where this time Windsor connected with a side slam in a move that he desperately needed. It was Z's turn to be whipped into the ropes and it was a crucial mistake by Windsor as Z connected full force with a big boot that dropped both men upon impact. Z went back to kneeing Windsor in the head. Windsor dug deep as he would not let this be the lasting memory of his championship match. Windsor rose to his feet where he connected with a huge forearm and a spinning side slam. But Z kicked out at two! Windsor hit a second spinning side slam and went up to the top rope looking to land the BFE (big freaking elbow) onto Z�¢??s chest. Z crawled out of the way at the last second. As both men rose to their feet distraught and injured, Z planted a Big Boot in the corner as Windsor's face ricocheted off of Z's size 14 boots. It was all over but the shouting as all Z needed to do was cover Windsor. Hold on a second! Windsor kicked out! Z looked for the Final Impact, but had it reversed in a Detonator attempt from Windsor but that too was broken up by Z who connected with another boot to Windsor's face. Z measured Windsor and hit a bulldog from the second rope on the Challenger. Johnny Z smelled blood and set Windsor up for one more Big Boot in the corner, but just before contact Windsor moved out of the way causing Z to smash his baby maker into the top turnbuckle. As Windsor readied to destroy Z with his finisher, the Detonator, Z let Windsor in on the same pain he was feeling at the moment with a kick to Windsor's package. At this point the ref was unwilling to call a DQ finish to the match, something Johnny Z had wanted, so Z did what any evil genius would do...yep, he kicked referee Mark Wilson in his twig and berries too. Windsor made his way back to his feet and was ready to finish Z off with a Detonator but then the bell rang and Z got just what he wanted. A loss via disqualification. And as any good student of professional wrestling knows, you can't lose a title on a DQ so while Windsor did pick up the W, Z went home with the title and is still IZW Champion.

This bout was only the cherry on top of a wild iPPV where every match showed the heart and true grit of all the wrestlers on the IZW roster. If you didn't see this one live, make sure to order the event on video on demand at GFL.tv.