IZW March Mayhem

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Mar 23, 2013 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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IZW March Mayhem

Full EventIZW March Mayhem

Event Description

March Mayhem was another grand slam for IZW as the wrestlers put it all on the line and in some cases crossed the line. Old rivalries were renewed, new champions were crowned and the Impact Arena was shaken down to its core with a turn of events that could never have been predicted!

To start the show off, Madam Commissioner Erica and The Convict were together backstage where Erica revealed that she was holding The Convict's very future in her hand, his parole papers. The Convict is up for review in six months and technically as The Convict's boss, the board is asking Erica for a letter of recommendation. Erica offered to write a glowing review for The Convict as long as he did everything, down to the smallest detail, of what Erica ordered him to do. The Convict was stuck between a rock and a hard place as his very freedom was now at stake. Erica's final remarks where chilling as she welcomed The Convict into Impact Elite!

Things started off at a blistering pace as the first bout was a Tables Match between "The Bronze Bull" Aaron Neil taking on his former disciple "The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr. Starr attacked Neil with furious aggression as he got a takedown on the bigger man and started to pummel away at Neil's face with right hand after right hand. Neil countered by bullying Starr into the corner where he dished out his own bolos. Starr fought back until Neil landed a release suplex that slowed down Starr's offense. Neil continued his physical dominance knocking Starr down to the mat as Neil made his way outside of the ring to grab a table. Once Neil returned to the ring, Starr was reinvigorated as he went on the attack but was met with a boot to the chest by Neil made worse by the fact that Starr was coming full speed off the ropes. Neil looked to toss Starr out of the ring, through the table via the Greetings From Mt. Olympus but Starr wiggled out of the hold. A series of shots to Neil's kidneys, followed by a running clothesline in the corner and a flying clothesline from the top rope followed by The Stroke from Starr humbled Neil. Later, the table was put in the ring corner as Starr unloaded 10 punches to Neil's head in the opposite corner. Starr went to whip Neil into the corner with the table, but was reversed by Neil. Starr then sidestepped Neil's bull rush as Neil went crashing through the table. This could have been it for Neil, but the ref ruled the only way to win was by physically throwing your opponent through the table which did not happen. Sensing he was making his last stand, Neil landed another suplex, this time a release belly to belly that skyrocketed Starr high into the air. Starr rolled out of the ring and seemingly under the ring, but as Neil started to stalk Starr, he came up empty handed as he pulled up the ring apron. Finally, Starr reappeared behind Neil and hit him full force in the head with the brass scepter. A couple more attacks with the brass scepter and Starr had more than enough time to place another table in the ring. Starr hoisted Neil up onto his shoulders looking to drive him through the table, but the bigger Neil quickly reversed the positioning only to have Starr skirt out the back door. Two low blows by Neil turned the tide once again in his favor. Neil then proceeded to land a series of looping right hands that caught Starr square in the jaw. As Starr crumbled to the mat, he did the only thing he could do and that was land a low blow of his own. This doubled over Neil, priming him for a Greetings From Mt. Olympus which Starr executed perfectly, followed by a suplex through the table for the win. The student conquered the master in this matchup of brahma bulls.

Next up was supposed to be the reunion of the Old School Suckas. Bryan Cruize has been MIA for weeks now, leaving tag team partner Randy Price in a pinch. In fact, it was Cruize no showing a tag title match that ultimately led to the OSS losing the titles. Price was hot at Cruize for not being in the building all day, and verbally lit into his partner. Cruize fired back with his own words as the two almost came to fisticuffs before "Bad" Brad Michaels made his return to IZW! Michaels played the role of peacemaker and even got the Suckas to shake hands and dance, but in the middle of Price's boogie woogie, Michaels connected flush with a super kick followed by a reverse slam by Cruize that dismantled Price. It looks like Michaels and Cruize are now a team, with Price the third man out. What this means for the future of the Suckas is anyone's guess.

Backstage an angered Aaron Neil let Erica and the rest of Impact Elite know that he was sick and tired of them never having his back anymore and officially quit Impact Elite! It was a bold move by Neil who is now a lone wolf in the battleground of IZW.

Next up was The Birds of Prey (Phoenix & Falcon) versus Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan) for the IZW Tag Team titles. The only problem for BB was it turned into a two on one handicap match as Morgan was sent presumably to the bathroom after ingesting some bogus juice that was concocted earlier in the day by Windsor. Falcon squared off with Windsor, who was already at a disadvantage numbers wise and now would we strength wise as well. Falcon pushed Windsor around the ring almost at will, proving that The Birds still possessed their superhuman strength. Phoenix tagged in next and hit Windsor with an uppercut that nearly took the big man out of his shoes. Then it was back to Falcon who landed a nice suplex on Windsor who was stumbling around by this point. Phoenix was back in and landed a leg drop bulldog. Falcon tagged back in to finish off Windsor with a top rope flying punch but missed badly as Windsor gave Falcon a sidewalk slam. A gorilla came down to the ring next, resembling Kevin Morgan and scared the hell out of Windsor giving Falcon time to hit a clothesline, followed by a twisting moonsault from Phoenix who covered Windsor for the pin. After the match, the Gorilla Morgan gave Windsor a detonator for presumably turning him into an ape with the fake juice.

There was a twist for the Impact Division Title Match as originally it was supposed to be a Fatal Four Way/Falls Count Anywhere Match, with Champion Johnny Z, Jermaine Johnson, Damien Morte and Copycat. But it was revealed that Johnny Z was laid out in the backstage area, by none other than the newest member of Impact Elite, The Convict. Erica was right there to switch the match to a Triple Threat/Falls Count Anywhere Match, stripping Z of the title. The numbers game paid dividends early on with Copycat and Morte cleaning Johnson's clock with punches and throttling him outside of the ring. Morte and Copycat battered Johnson all around the Impact Arena using anything and everything as a weapon. Johnson absorbed all kinds of punishment including, elbows, kicks, punches, knees and whatever else Morte and Copycat could think of to throw his way. But a wrestler the caliber of Johnson would not be denied forever. He started his comeback, by launching Copycat into a solid concrete wall and then clothesline Morte across the throat as Morte's body fell on the rock-hard concrete floor as the Hype Section was up close and personal to cheer Johnson on. Johnson exhibited tremendous strength by landing a double suplex that sent his opponents' spines crashing down hard on the unforgiving concrete floor. But the recuperative powers of Copycat and Morte proved to be astounding as they found a way to fight back brawling along the ramp and working their way up to the Lights Out Lounge where Morte added insult to injury as Johnson was now once again being double-teamed. Johnson's beating continued as he was tossed down the ramp and then smashed head first into each ring post by Copycat. Morte missed with a top rope summersault and instead landed on Copycat which gave Johnson time to get his bearings. Johnson tossed Morte into the ring and began softening up his Nemesis with a series of clotheslines followed by a facebuster. Johnson climbed up the ropes looking for the ES2, but Copycat came out of nowhere to land the doppelganger! Copycat went for the pin, but Morte threw Copy off and out of the ring and pinned Johnson getting the victory and becoming the new Impact Division Champion. After the match, Copycat seemed to take issue with Morte for a split second, but then raised the hand of the new Impact Division Champion and congratulated Morte. If and how this will effect Morte and Copycat's partnership going forward is anyone's guess as Copycat came within an inch of winning the title and it was his move that ultimately disabled Johnson enough to be pinned.

Next up in another heated feud it was "Lights Out" Jordan Jacobs taking on O'Malley who was hampered by a bad wheel. Jacobs started off fast getting the big man down and clubbing him with punches in bunches. Jacobs then secured a side neck crank looking for the submission, but O'Malley made it to his feet and broke the hold. O'Malley missed with a senton as Jacobs regained control. Later in the bout, O'Malley hoisted Jacobs up onto the top rope, looking to inflict serious damage but knocking the ref accidentally out of the picture while Jacobs managed to flip over O'Malley and land on his feet in a great show of athleticism. When Jacobs mugged for the cameras, O'Malley made him pay hitting a running crossbody that pancaked Jacobs. O'Malley went to check on the ref as Jacobs grabbed a pair of brass knuckles and clocked O'Malley square in the face, sending down the big man. The ref had come to by this point and he counted 1 -2-...O'Malley got a shoulder up! A huge backdrop by O'Malley followed by a senton that landed full force this time gave O'Malley the win against his rival.

In the main event, The Convict put his IZW Title on the line against "The Captain of the Force" Double D. D started off like a maniac as it was obvious he had extra motivation in this match as his brother in arms, Johnny Z, was taken out earlier in the night by The Convict. D landed everything he threw including a dropkick, flying elbows, kicks to the midsection, elbows to the skull and a dropkick to the knee of The Convict. Unfortunately, it had little impact on The Convict who tossed D around the ring and choked him in the corner. Double D tried to stick and move, landing more kicks to the midsection of The Convict, but he couldn't create the distance he needed as The Convict would just grab D and exert his physical superiority by any means necessary on the challenger. A couple fists and forearms to the spine and D was gasping for air. But he didn't give up. D managed to scale The Convict and dropped more elbows on the top of The Convict's skull before turning the position into a victory roll for a pinning attempt. The Convict kicked out at two. The Convict's recovery powers are astronomical as seconds later he gave D a Samoan drop and a clothesline. But the Force was strong in D as he too was invigorated and landed dropkicks, clotheslines and punches all with the hope of getting The Convict off his feet. A spinning heel kick knocked The Convict down but not out at he got back to his feet and catching Double D in midair, slammed him down to the mat. The plodding Convict again went on the attack but Double D's cardio was phenomenal as he was first to the punch scoring with more elbows and forearms to the face. It was impossible to tell, because The Convict wears a mask, but more than likely his face was sporting several new lacerations thanks to Double D's cumulative strikes. D landed a DDT and the "Captain of the Force" was now in control. D went to the top rope and flew across the ring landing perfectly on The Convict with a crossbody. As the ref started to count, Erica jumped into the ring and hit the ref causing the count to be stopped as well as an immediate disqualification. D won the match, but not the title as a title cannot change hands on a DQ.

Then a groggy Johnny Z came out and had the match restarted and turned into a No DQ Match! Z also ran Erica away from ringside. D took advantage of the situation and landed a series of knees in the corner followed by a crushing knee that popped The Convict's head back in a whiplash motion. A flying crossbody followed and The Convict looked done. But instead of going for the pin, Double D insisted Johnny Z get in the ring and get a piece of The Convict. As Z readied for a big boot with Double D cheering him on, Z changed his sights and hit Double D with a low blow! Z then had The Convict usher Double D to the corner where Z did hit the Big Boot. The Convict followed up with a 15 to 20 and pinned Double D to retain his championship! As Z barked at the stunned crowd, The Convict, per Erica's orders, wrapped the IZW Championship around Z's waist!

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