IZW: Evolution

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Jul 20, 2013 1:18 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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IZW: Evolution

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Event Description

Stacked from top to bottom, "Evolution" was full of twists and turns all the way through and the Impact Chamber lived up to all the hype as PAIN was the name of the game. Team Erica and Team #1 destroyed each other, but in the end, one team stood supreme. But before the main event, plenty of jaw-dropping memories were made.

To start things off, "The Worst in the World" Copycat, Drake Gallows and Phoenix competed in a Triple Threat Ladder Match for the vacant Impact Division Title. Immediately, Copycat and Gallows brawled outside of the ring, falling through the ropes as Phoenix set up the ladder in hopes of climbing up to the top and grabbing the title that hung from the roof. Copy and Gallows momentarily put their scuffle on hold as they rushed to the ring to stop Phoenix and were hit with a double drop kick. Phoenix landed a corkscrew plancha on Copycat as he looked to regroup and make his ascent up the ladder again. But it was Copycat who really got the violence started as he picked up a ladder and crashed it into Phoenix, knocking the Bird of Prey for a loop as he crashed to the ground. Copy then whipped Phoenix face-first into another ladder followed by dropping four ladders on Phoenix, burying him in a sea of twisted metal. Copy then gave Gallows a receipt for last week as he connected with a scoop slam on a ladder, destroying the lower back of Gallows. Gallows responded by whipping Copy head first into a ladder in the corner as the force of the throw summersaulted Copycat upon impact. Gallows used that same ladder to suplex Phoenix on to.

Later, with ladders splattered everywhere, Copycat recovered enough to hit Gallows with a DDT and give Phoenix a modified splash on a ladder. The next series of moves included Phoenix hip tossing Copy on another ladder and later, Phoenix knocking Copycat off the 15-foot ladder by swinging an 8-foot ladder like a baseball bat and connecting full force with Copy's ribcage. But Phoenix's luck was short lived as he crumbled under the weight of a ladder thrown his way by Gallows. Later in the move of the match, Copycat rose to the top of the tallest ladder and gave Phoenix and Gallows a simultaneous swanton bomb! Copy followed that up with a steamroller on a ladder to Gallows, but was taken out by a corkscrew plancha by Phoenix. In another jaw-dropping move, Copy and Phoenix teamed up this time to deliver a back body drop on Gallows that tossed him outside of the ring and onto an awaiting ladder that busted to pieces upon contact! With Gallows down and out, Phoenix leveled Copycat inside the ring with short elbows followed by whipping him into a ladder-ridden corner. Phoenix went for another high risk move as he hoisted Copy up onto a ladder that was sandwiched between the top and middle rope. Copy countered Phoenix as he hit a Doppelganger (stunner) from the spot smashing Phoenix's face into the canvas but missed on a moonsault. Gallows finally made his way back inside the ring as he hit Phoenix with a release German suplex and tossed him outside of the ring where Phoenix took a nasty spill and landed full force on another ladder.

Gallows and Copycat brawled outside the ring near the entrance ramp until they made their way up another 15-foot ladder and plummeted to the ground as Copy gave Gallows a modified suplex-neck breaker. Both men looked paralyzed from the move. Copycat recovered first and made his way back into the ring and climbed the only ladder left that could stand. Just as Copy was about to snatch the Impact Division Title from the rafters, none other than Rage Logan returned to the Impact Arena! Logan stared a hole in Copy's direction and you could cut the tension with a knife. With Copycat distracted, Phoenix thumped Copycat face first onto a ladder on the canvas and made his ascent up the ladder towards the belt. Gallows was back in the ring by this point and clubbed Phoenix off the ladder as he climbed the ladder and grabbed the Impact Division belt making him the new Champion! It was a gutsy performance by Gallows, Copycat and Phoenix, but it was Gallows' night as he walked away with the strap.

Next up, Angel Camacho battled Soto Miyagi in singles competition. Miyagi was quick on his feet as he hit Camacho with an assortment of strikes, but none seemed to do any damage. Camacho then snatched Miyagi out of the air and landed one of his patented T-bone suplexes followed by clubbing forearms that bounced Miyagi's head from left to right. Miyagi wouldn't stay down as he was back on his feet moments later and hit Camacho with everything but the kitchen sink, but once again fell like a ton of bricks as Camacho connected with a chest bump. Camacho then gave Miyagi a seated senton as all of the air was taken out of the wrestler from the Orient. A big splash followed but Miyagi kicked out at two. Later, Camacho missed with a running splash as Miyagi countered with a tornado DDT. Miyagi went to the tope rope looking for a flying crossbody but missed as Camacho countered by dropping Miyagi face-first from atop his shoulders. Camacho rose to the top rope and destroyed Miyagi with a frog splash, picking up the victory.

Teacher versus student was next in a battle of Old School as Randy Price wrestled "Bad" Brad Michaels. Price and Michaels' hatred for one another was so intense that they tore into each other before ever entering the ring. They brawled around the ring several times, delivering chops, punches, kicks, head butts and more in a back and forth struggle until Michaels was able to rake the eyes of Price and get the upper hand. Finally more than eight minutes into the match, Price and Michaels entered the ring. Price fought out of a tight chin lock-neck crank combo as he bulled Michaels into the corner where he unloaded ten unanswered punches, followed by a swinging neck breaker and a jumping elbow. Price went for a piledriver but was back body dropped by Michaels. Later, Michaels sunk in a dragon sleeper softening up Price's neck. Michaels was unable to deliver a superplex from the top rope but Price missed on the ensuing Splash from the Past as both men were pulling out all of the stops early and often looking to end one another's career. Later, Michaels connected with a super kick and looked for his version of the piledriver, but was catapulted up and over the top rope, falling to the cement floor below. Price and Michaels beat on each other some more outside of the ring before finally resuming their grudge match inside the ring as they traded fisticuffs until Price landed a clothesline, forearm to the chin and axe handle in succession. Price connected with a side suplex and Michaels looked done. Price then landed his finisher the Piledriver 1-2-3 and got the pinfall. As Price celebrated while standing on the second rope, Michaels took a cheap shot and pushed him off the ropes where he crashed down to the padded cement floor area around the ring. Michaels removed the padding and gave Price his Piledriver directly onto the cold, hard cement floor. If that wasn't bad enough, Michaels hit a second Piledriver on the cement floor as Price remained motionless and unconscious for several minutes. Price has already recovered from one serious neck injury caused by Michaels. As of press time, his condition is still unknown.

For the Women's Crown (tiara), Madam Commissioner Erica looked to defend her crown against Angel Blue. Erica was slow to tie up with Blue as she kept dodging contact and jumping out of the ring. Finally, Blue flipped Erica over the top rope and began to work Erica over with a headlock. Erica broke the move but was dropped with a reverse splash in the corner. Erica battled back as her amateur background came into play early as she hoisted Blue up with a gut wrench, then planted her on the mat with a sit down power bomb. Erica followed up with a sit down spinebuster, but could only get a count of two from the ref. Erica continued her onslaught with a clothesline and then sunk in a body triangle as she squeezed away at Blue's torso with her legs while embarrassing and degrading Blue with slaps to the head. Erica and Blue then traded pinning attempts from this position with neither wrestler getting a pinfall, but showing off some great transitions and pin attempts. Blue broke free, hit a running neck breaker that sent Erica outside of the ring where Blue met her with a running dive off the apron. While still brawling outside the ring, Erica hoisted Blue up and swung her around multiple times as Blue's head crashed into the guard rail making a sickening sound. Once the action returned to the ring, Erica snatched Blue up into a torture rack position and spun her around for an inverted cutter. Blue countered with a roll through facebuster as Erica tasted canvas. Blue continued with a running butt bump, bicycle kick, reverse jaw breaker and a modified pedigree. Erica bounced out of the ring as Blue followed her out. Erica held onto the guardrail as Blue tried in vain to drag her back into the ring. With Blue now exhausted, Erica scurried back to the ring to beat the count out as she won the bout with a sneaky and underhanded move. Erica retained her tiara via count out proving not only is she the top female grappler in IZW, but also the most cerebral.

In the main event, in an Impact Chamber Match, Team Erica (Johnny Z, Jermaine Johnson, Jordan Jacobs, Kevin Morgan and The Convict, with Erica) battled Team #1 (The Bronze Bull, Double D, Brandon Bishop, Damon Windsor, Bobby Starr, with Shawn McHale) in an epic, tortuous match that lasted over 60 minutes. The Bronze Bull and Jermaine Johnson were the first two entrants into the ring (with a new wrestler joining every five minutes), which was now encased in over 12-feet high of fortified steel. Bull knocked Johnson all over the ring with punches, a power slam, and even choked him with the ropes at one point. Johnson was able to turn the tide with an eye rake followed by a series of elbows to Bull's skull, momentarily disorienting him. Johnson then hit a trifecta of Russian leg sweeps. Not to be outdone, Bull countered with three atomic drops the last of which sent Johnson bouncing into the cage face first. Johnson recovered enough to launch a drop kick that connected full force as it took down Bull.

With Johnson beating away on a downed Bull, Brandon Bishop was the next entrant into the match. Bishop scaled the top of the cage and once inside, hit Johnson with a leg drop from the top rope after a spinebuster by Bull. Instead of pinning Johnson, Bishop and Bull started to argue back and forth. But every time Johnson would attack Bishop and Bull, he would be met with a double attack; either a clothesline, back body drop or toss into the cage. Finally, Bull exited the ring as Bishop chopped away at Johnson until his chest was covered with welts. Bishop then applied a modified clover leaf submission where he also wrenched away at Johnson's shoulder. Bull tagged himself in and continued the submissions with a Boston Crab on Johnson. Bishop then tagged himself in and applied a Boston Crab of his own. Instead of attacking Johnson with a single mind, Bishop and Bull continued to try and one up each other giving Johnson breathers that could have been avoided. Bishop drop kicked Johnson face first into the cage, but Johnson somehow managed to kick out of the pin attempt.

Later, Bull landed a snap suplex on Johnson just as another competitor entered the ring. It was none other than Kevin Morgan, which couldn't have been better news to Johnson who was now no longer outnumbered. Johnson quickly tagged in Morgan who connected with overhand rights that crumbled Bull to the canvas. Morgan body slammed Bull in the center of the ring and killed Team #1's momentum with the move. Johnson and Morgan kept a fresh man on the attack as they stomped a mud hole in The Bronze Bull. Bishop was finally able to make a tag and flattened Johnson with punches, drop kicks and a series of forearms smashes to the chest.

IZW Champion Johnny Z was the next to enter the Impact Chamber. Once Z entered, Bishop was in the corner of Team Erica (Impact Elite) and Z wanted a piece of his old nemesis. Z began by choking Bishop with a shirt, and then continued to attack Bishop's neck and throat with knees to the windpipe and choking Bishop with the ropes. Johnny Z hit a DDT in the middle of the ring that made Bishop see even more stars. It was Morgan's turn again as he connected with a running power slam as Bishop's body was bounced off the mat once again. Z was back in and delivered knife-edge chops to Bishop before being back body dropped. This was Bishop's best chance in some time to tag in his partner The Bronze Bull. Bishop struggled to reach for the tag, but was cut off by Johnny Z who had regrouped. Z dragged Bishop back over to Impact Elite's corner when the next competitor made his way to the ring.

Jordan Jacobs of Team Erica was now in the mix. It was now four wrestlers for Team Erica to only two for Team #1. Bishop finally tagged in Bull after fighting off Morgan and Bull lit into Morgan like a bat out of hell. Bull was so mad that he bit Morgan in the face at one point after clubbing him with multiple right hands. Morgan somehow found his way to IE's corner and tagged in Johnson who was mistakenly drop kicked by Jacobs as the two set up a double team move against Bull. Bull then fired punches into Jacobs' head, gave him a huge throw and finished with head butts that rattled the skull of Mr. Young Talent. Later, Bull and Morgan went blow for blow as the next contestant entered.

Double D made his presence known early on as the newest entry into the match as he entered the ring by giving Morgan a missile drop kick that Bull used as momentum to roll up Morgan for the first pinfall of the match. With Morgan gone, the odds evened up to three on three. Jacobs wasted no time in attacking Bull and softened him up for Johnny Z. Z chopped away at Bull, but lost his concentration for a split second while running the ropes as Bull connected with a spinebuster. Even with the move, Z was still the fresher of the two and was back to his feet first where he planted Bull in the center of the ring with a neck breaker. Z locked in his patented neck crank that twisted Bull's head at almost a 90 degree angle. Bull attempted to break the hold but Z, along with his cronies, kept Bull on the defensive with assorted cheap shots as Jacobs tagged in next. Jacobs made a tactical error as he traded elbows with Bull. Jacobs persevered and landed a double knee-jaw breaker moments later that put Bull on his backside once again. Later, Johnny Z and Bull traded haymakers until Z went for a floatover DDT when Bull reversed the move into a suplex just as "The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr made his way down to the ring as the next competitor. The Bronze Bull tagged in Starr as Z tagged in Johnson. Starr trounced Johnson from pillar to post just as "the gods" had preordained centuries ago. Starr hit a DDT next and tagged in Double D who made his first official appearance into the match.

D chopped the hell out of Johnson culminating with a Force chop that sent Johnson in a 360 degree tail spin. The tension in the match was so high by this point that everyone jumped in the ring and found somebody to hit. Team #1 took the advantage as Team Erica collapsed in a heap of their own destruction with Johnny Z taking the worst of it with a Thesz press from Bishop and a Force chop from Double D. Just as it looked like the tide was turning for Team #1, The Convict entered the cage. But Team #1 didn't miss a step as The Bronze Bull smashed punches into Convict's face, followed by Double D landing his famous knees, Starr's flying clothesline and Bishop's missile drop kick that knocked The Convict off his feet for a split second. As soon as The Convict rose to his feet, The Bronze Bull hit a picture perfect Greetings From Mt. Olympus that destroyed The Convict as Bull made the pin! The most devastating man in IZW, The Convict, was eliminated from the match less than a minute and a half after entering the cage! Team #1 continued their momentum as Bishop gave Z a back breaker. But that abruptly changed when Bishop was knocked off the top rope by teammate Double D after they had exchanged heated words. D, now the legal man, hit Jordan Jacobs with a crossbody and went for a pin, but had it broken up by his teammate Bishop! As Bishop and Double D shoved each other, Jacobs rolled D up and pinned him! Jacobs who was dripping blood at this point worked in conjunction with Johnson to hit Bishop with a Minority Cutter and pinned Bishop seconds later. Luckily for Team #1, Damon Windsor made his entrance shortly thereafter as the final combatant in the Impact Chamber.

Windsor wasted no time as The Bronze Bull made the tag and Windsor hit Johnson with a sidewalk slam, and body slam, and an elbow drop from the top rope. Windsor is not known as a high flyer but sensing the urgency of what the match called for, he pulled out all of the stops. But Johnson, a man that had been in the match for nearly an hour at this point, would not allow himself to be pinned. Later, Bishop tagged in Starr who tagged in Bull as Team #1 always kept a fresh man on the attack against Johnson. Jacobs tagged in once again as now Bull, who had been in the match as long as Johnson was on the wrong side of a stomping. Bull battled back even getting Jacobs in a Boston Crab submission, but was kicked in the face for his trouble by Johnny Z who was now the legal man in for Team Erica. Z hit his floatover DDT this time and went for the pinfall, but Bull kicked out at two. Z missed with a splash in the corner and Bull followed with a power slam. Bull tagged in Starr who put Z, Johnson and Jacobs down with successive clotheslines as the match broke down once again to a street fight. Z had the last laugh as he hit Starr with a Big Boot in the corner and scored the pin, eliminating "The Brass Bull". In the unparalleled strength move of the evening, The Bronze Bull got both, Jacobs and Johnson up on his shoulders for a Greetings of Mt. Olympus, but when Johnson weaseled out of the move, Jacobs took the full force of the impact and was pinned and sent packing from the Impact Chamber. Johnson hit an ES2 seconds later on Bull to eliminate him as it was now down to Johnson and Z from Team Erica against Windsor from Team #1. Z and Johnson worked over Windsor, attacking his legs and taking out his power base. As Windsor writhed in pain from a possible ACL injury, Johnson continued to kick him in the face as Z taunted the crowd. But that was short lived as Z and Johnson were reversed when they tried a double suplex and instead got tossed on their heads by Windsor who have them a double suplex! Johnson reached back to his old bag of tricks as he hit Windsor with an original Energy Shot that halted Windsor's push. McHale who was standing outside of the cage tried to slide Windsor a steel chair into the ring to even up the odds, but Johnson intercepted the chair. When Johnson, turned around, he was met with a Big Boot to the face which did even more damage because the chair also crashed into his head. Windsor immediately hit a Detonator and pinned Johnson making it a one on one match between himself and Johnny Z for all the marbles.

Z picked up the chair and absolutely demolished Windsor's face with it as he connected full force and split Windsor wide open. Z cracked Windsor a second time with the chair across the head for good measure. But with blood, sweat and tears scattered across the ring, Windsor would not stay down! Windsor rallied the strength needed to throttle Z, head first, into three sides of the Impact Chamber. But was met with a boot to the face by Johnny Z as he went for a splash in the corner. Z popped up to the second rope and buried Windsor head first into the canvas with a diving bulldog. Johnny Z went for his finisher, the Big Boot in the corner, but missed as Windsor dodged a bullet at the last possible second, leaving Z hung up in the ropes, helpless. When Z untangled himself, he was met with a Detonator in the center of the ring. But Windsor could only get to a count of two with his pin! Windsor went up to the top rope once again but Z managed to push the ref into the ropes which made Windsor lose his balance and crotch himself on the top rope. Z bounced Windsor's head off the cage a couple times for good measure and then looked to superplex Windsor from the top rope. Instead, Windsor fought off the move and landed a flying Detonator from the top rope! Both men crashed and burned as they landed with tremendous force. Z took the brunt of the force though and Windsor covered the IZW Champion and got the 1-2-3 in a mesmerizing, jaw dropping match. Windsor was the lone wolf standing atop the Impact Chamber as he brought home the victory for Team #1 but it was truly a team effort as all five men had to go to hell and back to defeat the strongest stable in IZW history, Impact Elite (Team Erica).