IZW Adrenaline: Sep 7, 2013

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Sep 07, 2013 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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IZW Adrenaline: Sep 7, 2013

Full EventIZW Adrenaline: Sep 7, 2013

Event Description

IZW brought another stellar event to wrestling fans worldwide on GFL.tv as the go-home show before "Redemption" was capped off by tremendous wrestling and several gripping feud inched everyone closer to September 14 where destinies will be realized and careers changed forever. Tune in to see what went down on "IZW Adrenaline" as these Superstars came out of the gates on fire!

Crowd favorite Brandon Bishop (@BISHOPACW) and The Convict got the show started when Bishop used his years of experience and knowing every trick in the book and short cut in the game combined with pinpoint attacks to keep The Convict on the defensive for the early part of the bout. Bishop grabbed a body lock and flung The Convict into the turnbuckle where Bishop connected with several right hands before grabbing a side headlock and being tossed across the ring by The Convict where Bishop's body slammed hard against the canvas. Moments later, Bishop kicked the middle rope just as The Convict was crossing the threshold knocking the steel cable directly into The Convict's package. This bent over The Convict who was then double kneed to the floor outside the ring and senton bombed by Bishop from the top rope. Bishop was hitting on all cylinders until he went for a splash from the ring apron and was caught midair and slammed into the steel ring post spine first. Convict dragged Bishop back into the ring where they traded blows with the Convict almost breaking Bishop in half with forearms to his already injured spine, while Bishop did anything and everything to stave off Convict's brutal onslaught including head butting Convict in the bread basket and giving him a drop kick from the second rope. Convict bounced back to his feet and connected with a clothesline then a vice grip to Bishop's head. Bishop broke free with multiple ax handles to Convict's jaw and continued by attacking Convict's knee trying to weaken the King of the Yard's base. Bishop got Convict down with an assortment of moves all blended together perfectly and then dropped the hammer with a flying leg drop from the second rope. Once again, Convict showed off his uncanny recuperative strength as he was back on his feet in seconds where he gave Bishop two full force splashes in the corner effectively turning the tide of the match with two moves. Convict looked for the 15 to 20 but Bishop landed multiple well placed elbows behind the ear of The Convict discombobulating his attack and the two men fell down to the mat where Bishop looked for a straight armbar. Madame Commissioner Erica (@Lady_Of_Impact) distracted the ref from the in ring action and when Bishop turned his attention to her, he was pancaked with a slam by The Convict. As Bishop writhed on the mat, Double D (@IZWDoubleD) flew on to the scene as he climbed up to the top rope and hit The Convict with a huge drop kick that knocked Convict backwards where he tripped over Bishop's body. Bishop then seized the moment and rolled Convict up as the ref's attention resumed to the ring where he counted 1-2-3 for Bishop! This was an intense match from start to finish and Bishop and Convict both went to war. Bishop was hot afterwards and stormed to the back, presumably looking for Double D.

Up next in the ring, Team Bull: The Bronze Bull (@BronzeBull_AN) and "The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr (@thegods_bs) took on the returning K. C. Wolves (Graham Bell & Luke Langley) in tag team action. Bull and Langley locked up first. Langley didn't hesitate to go right after Bull as he sunk in a head lock and when Bull broke free, Langley locked up a go-behind and went right back to a side head lock trying to wear down Bull's neck. The Bronze Bull powered out this time with a body slam as Langley tagged in Bell. Bell snatched Bull in a hammer lock but then was reversed and worse for wear as the big man cranked down on the hold. Bull walked Bell back to his corner guiding his every move with an arm ringer as Starr tagged in. Starr seized the advantage right away by bouncing Bell off of opposite turnbuckles while planting several stiff right hands to Bell's face. Starr executed a clothesline and tagged The Bronze Bull back in. The pair clobbered Bell in the corner with a running clothesline and splash and Bull hit a suplex shortly thereafter. Starr tagged back in and after a body slam got destroyed when he came off the second rope and was kicked in the face by Bell. Bell tagged in Langley as the K.C. Wolves hit a drop toe hold-drop kick combo to Starr as the Wolves turned the tide. Langley connected with a suplex but when Bell tagged in he was bombarded with a spinning heel kick followed by two atomic drops. Bell battled back with a drop kick and got the fresh Langley back in the ring where he secured a reverse chin lock. Starr broke free but was immediately hit with an enziguri kick that dropped him back to the mat. Bell tagged back in and after giving Starr three clotheslines full force with Starr being no worse for the wear, Starr connected with a spinebuster. Bull and Langley were now in and Bull nearly sawed Langley in half with a spear that flipped Langley around 360 degrees in the air. After a brief interference from Bell, Bull and Starr connected with their finisher as Bull hoisted Bell up into the air as Starr hit him with a cutter for the 1-2-3. After the match, IZW Tag Team Champions, What Wrestling Should Be: "Larger Than Life" Jermaine Johnson (@JermaineAboutME) & "Lights Out" Jordan Jacobs (@JacobsLightsOut) came to the ring and destroyed Team Bull with belt shots and WWSB's finisher the Minority Cutter.

"The Captain of the Force" Double D took on Jacobs next as these two wizards of the ring locked up in multiple collar and elbow tie ups looking for an advantage when Jacobs snuck in a side head lock until the crafty Double D hip tossed Jacobs to the mat where he sunk in a head lock of his own. When action returned to the feet, D added a shoulder block, forearms in the corner and a spinning heel kick that dropped Jacobs. Later, Jacobs took control as he choked D against the ropes and planted D on the canvas with a picture perfect suplex. A big boot followed by a jumping leg drop and Jacobs continued to be in the driver's seat. Jacobs pulled and twisted away on D until Double D planted Jacobs on the mat with an innovative upside down cutter. D lit up Jacobs with a series of chops then Jacobs sidestepped a Force chop and slung D face first into the second turnbuckle. D and JJ then bounced off the ropes and collided in the center of the ring with a double splash. The impact of the collision had both men recoiling in pain. Later, Jacobs missed with a flying double knees in the corner and D connected with a missile drop kick from the top rope. D followed up with a splash in the corner, but Jacobs pushed the ref in the line of fire as the zebra took the brunt of the move. With the ref down, Jermaine Johnson came in to bludgeon Double D but Brandon Bishop rushed to the ring and gave Johnson as taste of his own medicine. With WWSB down and out, D and Bishop stood in the ring face to face. D shoved Bishop a couple times and that was enough for Bishop to retaliate with his finisher, the 9 Mile Drive. With D laid out on the canvas, Jacobs made the easy cover and picked up the pinfall.

Johnson remained in the ring as he took on former BLK-OUT partner Montego Seeka (@montegoseeka) next. Seeka landed the first strike, a kick in the midsection of Johnson, but that only seemed to incite Johnson who stomped Seeka into the mat moments later. Johnson missed with a splash as Seeka unloaded with a drop kick right to Johnson's face. Seeka blistered Johnson with chops and left hands until he was reverse atomic dropped and suplexed. Johnson whipped Seeka into the ropes but missed with a high kick as Seeka connected with a spinning heel kick as Johnson fell like a sack of potatoes. Seeka dropped another series of left hands on Johnson's dome and ended with an enziguri showing off his educated feet once again. Johnson got a shoulder up at two and when they returned to their feet Johnson was able to sneak in a sleeper hold. Seeka broke free but missed with a running drop kick in the corner and was power bombed by Johnson. Seeka somehow managed to find the inner strength to get a shoulder up on the pinfall attempt. Out of nowhere, Seeka pulled off another drop kick that blasted Johnson in the jaw. Both men were spent at this point with Johnson able to connect with a clothesline. But Seeka was as resilient as ever and delivered one more high risk move as he collided with Johnson's face with a top rope drop kick. The extra height of the ropes made this drop kick the most devastating move of the match. Up until that point. Seeka measured Johnson for one final move, but that turned out to be his downfall as Johnson reversed Seeka and hit another power bomb, this time getting the pinfall.

IZW rookie "All Star" Adam Young was inserted into the co-main event. The stakes were extremely high in this match as earlier in the show, Young went to Madame Commissioner Erica looking to fill the open slot in the 6-Pack Challenge Match for the IZW Impact Division Title at "Redemption" as Phoenix, a former entrant into the match, is recovering from a broken back at the hands of Kevin Morgan. Erica's challenge to Young was simple. If he beat an opponent that was already entered in the match at "Redemption" then he would get the final slot in the 6-Pack Challenge Match. His opponent on this night was the always ferocious and dangerous Angel Camacho. Young was quicker in the beginning and secured a go-behind lock on Camacho but when Camacho pushed out his posterior Young went flying like a Frisbee. Young wasn't dissuaded by the move as he went right back on the attack hitting a hurricanrana that launched Camacho face first into the corner then followed up with a sky high drop kick and running drop kick as Camacho did a face plant on the canvas. Soon after, Young's confidence was quickly destroyed as Camacho connected with a standing belly bump that bounced Young's entire body to the mat. Camacho delivered some of his patented forearm to the downed Young next. Camacho hit a running leg splash on the ropes as Young's neck took the full weight of the move. Camacho then hit a splash in the corner followed by a high kick to Young's head that got everyone out of their seats because of how graceful Camacho was in pulling off the aerial move. Camacho hit a running splash into a pin attempt seconds later, but Young got a shoulder up at two. Camacho leveled Young with a huge clothesline as things went from bad to worse for Young. Camacho bullied Young into the corner where he dropped a pair of searing overhand chops followed by a butt bump to Young's face. Young had too much on the line to go out at this point as he battled back giving Camacho a modified neck breaker. Young and Camacho rose to their feet at the same time and Camacho seized Young and raised him up to his shoulders looking to end Young's night with a Samoan drop. Young shimmied out of the move and got a quick rollup pin to win the match. It was a stunning turn of events after Camacho had dominated most of the bout. With the win, Young secured his spot at "Redemption" and a shot at the Impact Division Title in the 6-Pack Challenge.

In the main event, #1 Challenger "Big Business" Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor) took on former tag team partner and newly dubbed "Image of Fear" Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofWar). These two giants of the ring stood nose to nose until a slobber knocker broke out with both behemoths landing haymaker after haymaker. It was a back and forth battle until Windsor hit a running clothesline in the corner as Morgan stumbled around. Windsor flap jacked Morgan into the turnbuckle then connected with several patented back elbows and finally knocked Morgan out of the ring with an overhand right. Windsor followed Morgan out of the ring and bull rushed him into the steel guardrail. Morgan turned the tide as he reversed Windsor into the guardrail. With Windsor holding his ribs, Morgan dragged him back into the ring where he immediately attacked Windsor's injured torso with kicks. Windsor got to his feet and countered Morgan with a Big Boot, but that was short lived as Windsor launched himself from the second rope only to be clotheslined in midair by Morgan. Morgan was in complete control as he connected with a Big Boot of his own that nearly severed Windsor's jaw in half. Morgan took his focus off of Windsor and began to jaw back and forth with the crowd giving Windsor time to recover. Windsor hit a shoulder block and then a flying shoulder block from the second rope that put Morgan down. When Morgan rose to his feet he was dropped immediately with a spinning side slam. But the monster that is Morgan, he was able to stand up shortly after and closed the distance on Windsor and tried for the Detonator. Windsor countered with an elbow to the top of the head as these men were both pulling out their full arsenal of moves. Windsor was able to connect with his version of the Detonator but before Windsor could secure a pin attempt, WWSB charged the ring and administered a beat down to Windsor. Windsor was dazed and walked right into a Detonator by Morgan. Johnson and Jacobs then hit a Minority Cutter on Windsor. With Windsor left for dead, Impact Elite celebrated until Team Bull charged to the ring and tossed WWSB out of the ring where TB commenced to summarily stomp a mud hole in Johnson and Jacobs. Adam Young and Angel Camacho also hurried to the ring where Morgan put a quick kibosh on their attempts at attacking him. Montego Seeka sprinted to the ring next as Morgan decimated him and finally IZW Impact Division Champion, Drake Gallows (@DrakeBmbulmer) who had been on commentary all night, dashed to the ring only to be Detonated by Morgan. Young, Camacho, Seeka and Gallows once again all took successive Detonators. Morgan made good on his new nickname, "The Image of Fear" as he was the last man standing as the show went off the air. "Redemption" is less than a week away and everyone in the 6-Pack Challenge Match (excluding Copycat who was not in the building) got an up close and personal illustration of what it truly means to fear Kevin Morgan.

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