IZW Adrenaline: Oct 19, 2013

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Oct 19, 2013 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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IZW Adrenaline: Oct 19, 2013

Full EventIZW Adrenaline: Oct 19, 2013

Event Description

October 19 marked another stellar show from the undisputed king of Independent wrestling as "IZW Adrenaline" returned to GFL.tv with enough fireworks to light up the Lawton, Oklahoma sky like it was the Fourth of July. If you missed the show live, no problem as "IZW Adrenaline" is now FREE on GFL.tv every Saturday night and can also be watched on GFL On Demand in the days and weeks following the event!

To open the show, in the backstage area, IZW Champion, "The Natural Born Leader" Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) stacked the deck for a match later in the evening, as he let What Wrestling Should Be: "Larger Than Life" Jermaine Johnson (@JermaineAboutME) & "Lights Out" Jordan Jacobs (@JacobsLightsOut) know that they were in a tag match against "Bad" Brad Michaels (@OldSchool_Brad) & "The Captain of the Force" Double D (@IZWDoubleD), with the unspoken idea that this would be a glorified 3 on 1 match.

The in ring action began with a #1 Challenger Match between Miss Diss Lexia (@missdiss_lexia) and "The Megastar" Angel Blue (@AngelBlue0830) with Madame Co-Commissioner Erica (@Lady_Of_Impact) as the special guest referee. The winner would go on to face Erica at "Halloween Hangover" on November 2 in a bout for the Queen's Crown. After a side headlock by MDL to cut the distance between herself and Blue, MDL worked over Blue's shoulder joint with an arm ringer until a nice rollout by Blue turned the tables as she clamped down on an arm ringer of her own. Blue tossed Miss Diss Lexia around the ring with multiple arm drags until MDL fired back with a side headlock takedown getting the match back on the mat. Blue worked out of MDL's clutches with a leg scissors, transitioned to her feet and got a side headlock takedown of her own as these two women went hold for hold in a very technical mat-based wrestling match. Blue slapped on what looked like a reverse-modified Texas Cloverleaf as MDL hollered in pain. MDL finally broke free and hit a drop kick, clothesline and hip toss for a pinfall attempt that Erica refused to even count for. MDL then locked in a modified double chicken wing submission with her legs. Blue stacked MDL and broke free then hit a cutter moments later. The two traded chops and forearms until Blue connected with a hurricanrana, running clothesline and running splash. Erica counted to one this time, but was so slow on the count that it was obvious she was just letting Blue and MDL beat the hell out of each other with no end in sight. Blue whipped MDL into the corner where she connected with a butt bump. MDL turned the tide and hit a modified Death Valley Driver for the sure pin, but Erica would not count to three. An infuriated MDL got right in Erica's face but was hit with a customized jumping reverse bulldog. The same fate met Blue when she finally rose to her feet. Erica mocked the crowd as MDL and Blue laid on the canvas in a daze. Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale appeared on the ImpactTron and booked a Triple Threat Match for the Queen's Crown as Erica would now defend her title against both Miss Diss Lexia and Angel Blue. When McHale finished, MDL and Blue had recovered and gave Erica a 2 on 1 beat down with MDL hitting a double arm suplex and Blue connecting with a modified pedigree.

Impact Elite's "The Image of Fear" Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofFear) took on Striker (@strikerokb) in the next match. Morgan manhandled Striker in the early going with forearms, chops and stomps. Striker countered with a few chops of his own and got Morgan in a compromising position and with the ref's head turned, unloaded a soccer kick to Morgan's nether region. Striker hit a sunset flip pin attempt as Morgan grabbed a rope for a break and proceeded to stomp a mud hole in Striker in the corner followed by more kicks to Strikerâ??s ribcage. Striker countered with two jawbreakers but his momentum was quickly stopped with another forearm across the back from Morgan. Several measured knees to the face had Striker in a world of trouble. After being whipped into the ropes, Striker came back at Morgan with an uppercut to the throat followed by a famouser that planted Morgan face first on the mat. The ref was taken out after being caught by friendly fire by Striker and as Morgan waited for Striker to rise to his feet, Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows (@DrakeBmbulmer) smashed a steel chair into Morganâ??s back. Morgan dropped like a ton of bricks and Striker rolled up Morgan for the 1-2-3 just as the ref finally came to and counted the pinfall. What Wrestling Should Be ("Larger Than Life" Jermaine Johnson & "Lights Out" Jordan Jacobs) took on the team of Double D and "Bad" Brad Michaels next. WWSB and Michaels traded a facade of moves with each other that clearly weren't fooling D or anyone in the Impact Arena. Things didn't get serious until Double D tagged in and went to work on Jacobs culminating in some vicious chops. Jacobs managed to escape D's clutches and tag in Johnson who missed with a splash in the corner and got monkey-flipped across the ring by D. D connected with more chops to Johnson ending with a Force chop. But moments later, Johnson hit a belly to belly suplex from the top rope ending D's momentum with one crazy move. Jacobs tagged back in and grounded D with a front face lock. Johnson tagged in and went for another high risk move on the top rope but D managed to fend him off and hit a missile drop kick. Double D looked to tag in Michaels, but Michaels conveniently walked away giving Johnson time to recover and hit a side suplex followed by a springboard leg drop from Jacobs as WWSB was back in charge. After a leg submission attempt by Jacobs, Johnson tagged back in as WWSB kept a fresh body on the attack. Johnson applied an abdominal stretch grabbing onto Jacobs' hand for extra leverage. D finally broke free with a high drop kick that sent Johnson down to his back. D managed to tag in Michaels this time who continued the charade until D clobbered him in the face. Johnson tried to help Michaels by holding Double D, but that turned out to be a mistake as Michaels missed with a super kick meant for D and instead hit Johnson square in the jaw. D followed up with a high crossbody from the top rope and got the pin on Johnson in what amounted to a 3 on 1 handicap match.

"Worst in the World" Copycat (@CopycatWrestler) battled Angel Camacho (@A_Camacho0986) in an Over the Top Rope Challenge. Copycat was the quicker of the two in the early going as he landed a couple stiff shots on Camacho. But when Copy went to lift Camacho over the top rope he injured his back and Camacho went to work by overpowering Copycat and slowing him down with forearms and other explosive moves that were meant to maim. Copycat closed the distance with a side headlock but Camacho was too strong and broke the hold and went back to clawing at Copy's eyes and using his strength advantage. Both men tried to whip the other over the top rope but to no avail as this match was a stalemate. Camacho leveled Copycat moments later with a standing splash in the middle of the ring, made worse because Copycat had used the ropes to build up his momentum but that turned out to bite him on the backside because all he did was run in to a brick wall. A big, bad, sexy brick wall. Camacho then pancaked Copycat with a splash on the mat. Camacho hoisted Copycat up onto his shoulders but that's when Copycat showed why he is called Copycat as he hit Camacho with a series of his own moves including a reverse splash in the corner and an enziguri kick. But Camacho might have gotten the last laugh as he gave Copycat multiple stink faces in the same corner moments later. Camacho tried to leverage Copycat over the top rope but couldnâ??t do it. As Camacho backed up to deliver a running splash or some other high impact move, Copycat climbed to the top rope and connected with a frog splash as he followed up with several punches on the ground. Copy hit a Face Mob knee drop but even that was not enough to get the injured Camacho over the top rope as Camacho crashed several elbows into Copycat's spine followed by a nice release belly to belly suplex. Later, Copycat pulled down the top rope as Camacho dangled back and forth but was able to land on the ring apron with both feet. Camacho grabbed Copycat and dragged him to the same side as him as both wrestlers struggled on the ring apron inches away from falling to the floor. After trading haymakers, Copycat went for his finisher, the Doppelganger, but Camacho powered out of the move and pushed Copy face first into the steel ring post where he fell to the floor giving Camacho the victory.

In the main event, "Big Business" Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor) took on The Convict. Convict slapped Windsor in the face and looked for the 15 to 20 immediately but Windsor landed several hard elbows to The Convict's head that allowed him to break free. Convict retaliated with elbows of his own, forearms to the kidneys, choking Windsor on the ropes and sticking a boot in the throat of the #1 Challenger to Johnny Z's IZW Title. Convict didn't let up as he connected with a clothesline that shook Windsor to his core and followed up with more left hand torpedoes mixed with razor sharp elbows that did a number on Windsorâ??s nose and eyes. The Convict continued to maul Windsor, this time with his black combat boots as he sunk in the heels of the shoes into Windsor's windpipe while kicking him in the face with the steel toe. Convict attempted another 15 to 20 but once again Windsor managed to escape and returned fire with a big boot, four huge elbows and a running shoulder block that dropped The Convict for the first time in the match. Convict was right back to his feet in no time and picked up where he left off by tossing Windsor across the ring. Windsor was hurled outside of the ring where The Convict smashed his face into the ring apron and flung him head first into the steel ring post. Windsor turned the tide when he gave Convict a little bit of his own medicine as he whipped Convict into another ring post. As the two behemoths battled tooth and nail outside of the ring, The Convict was finally able to toss Windsor back into the ring where he locked on a vice grip on Windsor's head. Windsor broke free and hit Convict with his patented back elbows in the corner, but when Windsor went for number four, he was met with an overhand left by Convict which buckled Windsor at the knees. Convict missed with a splash in the corner moments later and Windsor dug down deep and mustered up the strength to body slam The Convict in the middle of the ring. Windsor then hit a spinning side slam but when he attempted a Detonator, The Convict seized Windsor and delivered a crushing modified body slam that nearly folded Windsor in half. Convict then delivered a 15 to 20 as Windsor's body took a nasty spill. Convict went to make the cover but at the count of two, Johnny Z's music hit and The Convict stopped his pinning attempt. Z ordered Convict to give Windsor another 15 to 20, this time on the ramp. The Convict did as he was told and dragged Windsor outside of the ring where he hit a full force 15 to 20 on the unforgiving ramp. The same exact move that he destroyed Brandon Bishop with a few weeks ago. If that wasn't enough, The Convict executed one final 15 to 20 on the ramp as Windsor was now almost comatose from the series of finishers. The bout ended in a count out but that was beside the point. Most men in the wrestling business, even the toughest of the toughest, could not stand three 15 to 20s in a row. It will be a miracle if Windsor is able to recover from this and face Johnny Z at "Halloween Hangover" in a Casket Match on November 2. At this point, the odds are slim to none.