IZW Adrenaline: May 4, 2013

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: May 04, 2013 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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IZW Adrenaline: May 4, 2013

Full EventIZW Adrenaline: May 4, 2013

Event Description

With less than a week before Coronation on May 11, IZW Adrenaline on May 4 was the final show heading into the biggest iPPV of the year. The superstars of IZW didn't disappoint as this was their final opportunity to gain an advantage heading into Coronation. And that's exactly what happened.

In the opening match, "The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr wrestled Bryan Cruize of the Old School Assassins. Cruize was in charge most of the match and hit Starr with some big moves including an uppercut, modified pump handle slam, several stiff forearms to the spine and multiple clotheslines. Yet Cruize could not get the pin. Starr finally turned the tide and hit Cruize with his flying clothesline in the corner followed by a spear. A springboard spinning heel kick by Cruize had Starr down once again. Cruize went for his Cruizing for a Bruising, when Starr wiggled out and slapped on a sleeper hold and choked Cruize out in second to pick up the victory. After the match, Jordan Jacobs came out to the match and destroyed Starr with a ladder. These two will face each other at Coronation in a Ladder Match to determine the Impact Player of the Year and Jacobs got the festivities started a little early.

"The Bronze Bull" Aaron Neil and The Convict were at one another's throat and ready to get their match at Coronation started a little early. Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale and Madame Commissioner Erica both had to pull apart the two mega powers and instead booked matches for these two later with The Convict facing Jermaine Johnson and Neil taking on Jordan Jacobs immediately. Neil took control by unleashing a series of brutal chops followed by a shoulder block that sent the smaller Jacobs down to his back. Jacobs was crafty and hit Neil with a poke to the eyes that temporarily blinded Neil as Jacobs went to work with kicks and knees to Neil's face and head. Jacobs locked in a leg submission that put a great deal of pressure on the knee of Neil, hobbling the bigger man. Jacobs started to choke Neil right in front of the ref, but broke the hold before the count of five. Jacobs missed with a flying crossbody and got speared in midair. Neil looked for a Boston Crab as Jacobs blocked the move and powered out hitting Neil with a kick to the face and twisting springboard leg drop. Neil found the strength to sidestep a running double knee by Jacobs who was leveled by a discus punch and a Greetings From Mt. Olympus for the 1-2-3.

Damien Morte was preparing for a tattoo at Impact Ink when he was ambushed by Copycat. Morte was knocked out cold with a belt shot by Copy as this feud has reached nuclear heights. These two are sure to tear the house down at Coronation in an Impact X Match!

Randy Price came down to the ring to announce that at next week's match with "Bad" Brad Michaels, Price would have backup in the form of "Coach" Gary Tool who would be in Price's corner to offset Michaels having Cruize watch his back. With Price and Tool once again reunited, there looks to be nothing standing in the way for Price getting his revenge against Michaels for the spike piledriver that sent Price to the hospital on a stretcher. Or not. Michaels was again at an undisclosed location while Cruize was in the Impact Arena and leveled Price with a Cruizing for a Bruising, softening up Price for Michaels at Coronation.

Jermaine Johnson and The Convict locked horns next. The Convict was in complete control as he leveled Johnson with forearms and whipped him into the corners causing damage to Johnson's spine. The Convict then suplexed Johnson outside of the ring in the move of the night. A double axe handle off the ring apron by The Convict caused even more damage to Johnson's back area. Back in the ring, two drop kicks by Johnson still couldn�¢??t knock The Convict off of his feet and when Johnson went for a springboard clothesline he was hit by a clothesline by The Convict that stopped him dead in his tracks. The Convict put Johnson down moments later with a 15 to 20 and pinned Johnson's lifeless body to the mat. The Convict looks like a beast going into Coronation.

Striker looked to get his revenge against The Canadian Red Devil as they wrestled next in singles competition. Striker took charge with chops and punches. A jawbreaker by Devil followed by a choke on the ring apron and he was now in charge. Devil went after Striker's left leg and pulled and torqued away as Striker screamed in pain. Devil climbed to the top rope, but a hobbled Striker was able to slam Devil from on high. Striker went for the Stroke but was countered by Devil into a pinning attempt in a nice reversal. From here, both men fought on the outside, trading punches and whips into the guardrail until the referee reached a ten count as both wrestlers were eliminated do to a double count out.

In the main event, an under manned and outmatched team of Double D and The East-West Playaz (Soto Miyagi & The Midnite Rider) wrestled Impact Elite (Johnny Z, Kevin Morgan and Damon Windsor) in a 6-man tag match. Miyagi and Z tied up and Miyagi hit two drop kicks plus chops then tagged in Rider. Rider and Miyagi double teamed Z, prompting Big Business to run into the ring. Windsor got bounced outside by Rider and Miyagi hit Morgan with a hurricanrana that sent the big man through the ropes and out of the ring followed by a clothesline on Z by Double D as all members of Impact Elite were now on the outside. Once the in ring action resumed Double D worked over Windsor in the corner with chops culminating in a Force chop. Somehow Windsor got back to his feet and tagged in Johnny Z and Z went to work on Double D, stretching him and putting excruciating pressure on D's shoulder sockets. Z then kept D grounded by digging knees into his lower back. As Z whipped Double D into the ropes, D used the extra time to jump up to the top and land a perfect springboard missile drop kick on Z's jaw. With both men down, it was a race to who could get to their feet first. It was Johnny Z who planted D back on the ground with a Final Impact. Z then tagged in the fresh Windsor hoping to add more damage to Double D. Windsor hit a nice suplex but then D was able to flip the script and hit Windsor with a series of knees to the face. Z tagged back in to finish Double D off, and with the ref distracted by Erica, Morgan joined Windsor in the ring and looked to end Double D's night with a Detonator, but Miyagi hit Windsor with the mist to the face while Rider threw powder in Morgan's eyes, incapacitating both members of Big Business in a split second. The blinded Windsor and Morgan grabbed Johnny Z instead and delivered the Detonator as Double D climbed to the top rope and landed a flying crossbody on Z getting the pinfall for the unlikely trio of Double D, Soto Miyagi and The Midnite Rider.

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