IZW Adrenaline: May 25, 2013

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: May 25, 2013 1:10 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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IZW Adrenaline: May 25, 2013

Full EventIZW Adrenaline: May 25, 2013

Event Description

In a show of true character and honor, IZW announced that the month of June will be Moore Recovery Month with 100% of the revenue collected, which includes ticket sales, merchandise, and concession sales, being donated to the American Red Cross to ease the burden and help the people of Moore, Oklahoma who were devastated by the recent tornadoes.

IZW Adrenaline on March 25 began with IZW Champion Johnny Z and Commissioner Erica going back and forth about mirrors, championship belts and other hollow chatter until Erica let Z know that Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale would not be in the Impact Arena tonight as he was overseas working on a deal to distribute IZW content in Greece. Z took the opportunity to let Erica know that he had previously made a deal with Poland to distribute IZW's video library. (Whether fans appreciate Johnny Z's in ring actions, you can't deny that he has truly promoted IZW Worldwide). Anyways, Erica informed Johnny that McHale would be staying over in Greece for a few extra days, thereby side-stepping McHale's promise from last week that he had a big surprise in store for Impact Elite. It looks like IE dodged a bullet.

To start things off, "The Big Picture" Damon Windsor strolled down to the ring and recapped last week's beating he endured at the hands of former comrades Impact Elite. Windsor ran down the list of people from IE he couldn't trust and mentioned almost everyone. But the one person who Windsor felt like he could trust was...Before Windsor could continue, Erica came out to interrupt. Windsor and Erica traded verbal barbs until finally Windsor demanded to see Kevin Morgan so Windsor could deliver a message to his former tag team partner face to face. Instead, Erica brought out The Convict! Windsor and The Convict squared off with The Convict punishing Windsor early on giving him two running splashes in the corner. The Convict went for a third splash but Windsor planted a boot right in Convict's face. Windsor followed up with punches and elbows in the corner. The Convict stumbled forward and as Windsor went off the ropes to gain extra momentum, somehow The Convict found the strength to slam Windsor down on the mat. The Convict missed a splash from the second rope and Windsor fired back with right hands to The Convict's dome. A short clothesline by The Convict stopped Windsor dead in his tracks. The Convict softened Windsor up even more with a series of strikes and a Samoan Drop. The Convict landed the second rope splash this time as Windsor's midsection took 100% of the force. Later, from out of nowhere, Windsor hit a sidewalk slam. But with the ref distracted by Erica, Windsor could not get the pinfall. Instead, when Windsor turned his attention to Erica he got a 15 to 20 from The Convict as the King of the Yard picked up the win. If that wasn't enough, The Convict hit another 15 to 20 as Impact Elite surrounded the ring. Two choke slams by Morgan, a double choke slam by Morgan and Jermaine Johnson, another double choke slam by Morgan and Jordan Jacobs, a splash in the corner by The Convict and a Big Boot in the corner by Johnny Z ended Windsor's night and possibly his career.

In the Lights Out Lounge, Jordan Jacobs announced that he would be challenging The Birds of Prey for the IZW Tag Team Titles as is his right as the 2013 Impact Player of the Year. Jacobs also announced that his partner would be "What Wrestling Should Be" Jermaine Johnson. Jacobs and Johnson's back patting was interrupted by the East-West Playaz (Soto Miyagi & The Midnite Rider) which led to an immediate singles match between Miyagi and Jacobs. Jacobs worked over Miyagi until several quick pinfall attempts by Miyagi were followed by a running karate chop to Jacobs' forehead that sent Mr. Young Talent down to the canvas. Later, Miyagi got Jacobs to crotch himself on the ropes and followed up with more karate chops, until Jacobs reversed an Irish whip and hit a running double knees to Miyagi's chest. Miyagi countered with a tornado DDT moments later. A snap mare and kicks to the back gave Jacobs enough time to climb to the top rope where he missed a flying leg drop and opened the door for Miyagi to get back into the match. Miyagi took advantage of the situation by leveling Jacobs with more karate chops and a small package roll up pin attempt. But with the ref distracted on the outside, Johnson switched the positioning and it was now Jacobs with the pin. Rider jumped into the ring and changed things once again, restoring Miyagi and Jacobs to their original position as Miyagi finally got the ref to count and picked up the 1-2-3 on Jacobs.

Up next, "The Worst in the World" Copycat emphatically denied injuring Damien Morte by hit and run. Copycat said that if he was going to do it, he would do it in a ring, through wrestling. Copy then revealed the security cam footage of the hit and run on the Impact Tron. The footage clearly showed Morte being hit at a high speed in the parking lot of the Impact Arena by a four door sedan. Morte's body bounced off the bumper and hood of the car and then crashed down hard to the unforgiving asphalt below. Morte was left lying in the fetal position barely moving. This accident would have killed most mortal men. Even still, it did a number on Morte who is still in intensive care at a nearby hospital. Copy continued to make his case to the unruly fans and Bobby Starr, (who accused him earlier in the night of having a hand in Morte's current predicament), but Copy could not win anyone over. The stalemate between Copy and the crowd was interrupted by The Bronze Bull who was Copycat's opponent for the night.

The Bronze Bull caught the arm of Copycat and controlled the match with some punishing leverage that drove Copy down to the mat and had him howling from pain. Copycat looked to escape as he made his way to the outside, but all he got for his troubles where a few forearms to the spine and lower discs before Bull threw him back into the ring. Bull missed with a splash in the corner that enabled Copycat to get back in to the match. Copy took out the vertical base of Bull and worked on an ankle lock submission. Bull broke the hold, but Copy was still in control even using the ropes to choke Bull at one point. The Bronze Bull responded by hitting a short spear on Copycat that nearly sawed "The Worst in the World" in half. But Copy's previous work on Bull's leg paid dividends as Copycat was able to sweep the bigger Bull off his feet once again and crank away, this time with a knee submission. From the position, Copy was also able to land several body shots with his right hand. After another valiant attempt to fight back by the gritty Bull, Copy once again had The Bronze Bull back on the canvas, working over Bull's already injured leg. Finally, The Bronze Bull rose to his feet and hit a spinebuster as Copycat came off the ropes. Bull looked for a Greetings From Mt. Olympus but Copy slipped out and attacked Bull's leg again followed by a DDT and a running knee to Bull's head in a solid series of attacks. Copy looked for a kick to the midsection to set up his finisher, the Doppelganger, but Bull reversed the move into a Greetings From Mt. Olympus and planted Copy down with authority as Copy's body bounced off the canvas and Bull picked up the win.

After the match, Bobby Starr ambushed Copycat, giving Copy a spinebuster, jumping clothesline and trying to put Copy's lights out with a sleeper hold. Copy slipped through the ropes and escaped Starr's clutches.

The Midnite Rider took on Jermaine Johnson next. Johnson riled the crowd up in the beginning, but then things got serious as Rider smashed Johnson's arm against the ring post several times wrenching his left shoulder out of socket. Rider continued on the arm by twisting it behind Johnson's back and doing even more damage. Later, Johnson countered a bionic elbow by Rider with a J Effect. This was the first real offense by Johnson in the whole match. Johnson was favoring his left arm but continued to make Rider pay with overhand rights and a drop kick to the face. Jordan Jacobs got involved as he climbed to the top rope and looked to hit Rider but Miyagi threw powder in Jacobs face at the last second, knocking Jacobs off the top rope and making Johnson turn his attention away from Rider. Rider used the opportunity to roll up Johnson for a pin in an unexpected outcome to their match. The East-West Playaz went 2-0 in their singles matchups with Impact Elite's new tag team of Johnson and Jacobs. Expect more from these four as their feud is just heating up.

In the main event, Double D squared off against "The Image of War" Kevin Morgan. Double D and Morgan went at it from the get go with D catching Morgan with stiff punches while Morgan slowed D down with a shoulder block in the corner followed by tossing D halfway across the ring like a rag doll. D's attempt to chop Morgan down with leg kicks was futile as Morgan is built like a Sequoia tree and all that did was put D in Morgan's range for another beating. After a clothesline by Morgan, D tried another form of attack as he climbed to the top rope and planted a missile drop kick smack dab on Morgan's jaw. The move buckled Morgan, but did not get him off of his feet. D went for two flying knees and the second one backfired as Morgan was able to get his boot up and destroy D's midsection. Two back breakers later and Morgan looked to finish off D with another high impact move, but D reversed it into a hurricanrana once again showing off his aerial superiority. This was the first time Morgan was off his feet in the entire match. D rose first and with Morgan only on one knee, he was in the perfect position to take D's series of knees right to the face. And he did. But D's patented running knee plant was countered as Morgan dropped D on his back with a modified power bomb! Later, Morgan looked to bull rush D, but D pulled the top rope down at the last second and Morgan flew over the top landing next to the guardrail outside of the ring. D flew over the top rope hitting a crossbody as he smashed into Morgan and the two fell to the ground. Morgan responded with tossing Double D into the steel chairs and dropping him throat first onto the guardrail. Morgan finally tossed the broken Double D back into the ring. Because the match was so grueling, even though Morgan was winning the battle of power moves, D was winning the war of attrition as he was the better conditioned athlete. Morgan was winded when he climbed back into the ring and D hit a running splash in the corner that doubled Morgan over. D next hit a flying drop kick from the top rope right onto Morgan's head. But Morgan would not stay down and when D went to Irish whip Morgan into the corner, Morgan reversed it. A leg drop and more strikes by Morgan had Double D near unconsciousness. Morgan missed with another leg drop and D seized the moment. An enziguri followed by a series of chops culminating with a Force chop dropped "The Image of War". D leaped to the top rope and hit a flying crossbody. As the ref counted, Johnson and Jacobs hit the ring and bombarded Double D with kicks to the head. The ref called for an immediate disqualification, awarding the win to Double D but that was an afterthought at this point. As J & J continued to assault D, the rest of Impact Elite slowly made their way down to the ring. D was able to momentarily offset the numbers game with Johnson, Jacobs and Morgan and rush out of the ring before Johnny Z and The Convict could get their hands on him. Double D made it out of the Impact Arena in one piece but how long will his luck last?

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