IZW Adrenaline: Mar 9, 2013

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Mar 09, 2013 12:00 PM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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IZW Adrenaline: Mar 9, 2013

Full EventIZW Adrenaline: Mar 9, 2013

Event Description

March 9 marked a historic evening for the leading Independent wrestling promotion in the Southwest and Central States as not only did IZW Adrenaline debut on The Comcast Network (TCN), but the live edition of IZW Adrenaline on GFL.tv provided fans with tons of great wrestling and an unexpected title change! March Mayhem is less than two weeks away, but the action and drama is already ratcheted up to a 10 as the wrestlers of IZW put on another tremendous event for wrestling fans watching worldwide. It's a new day in IZW and the rough and tumble style of professional wrestling cultivated in the Sooner State is second to none. For hard hitting, relentless action, tune in to IZW every Saturday night at 8:00pm EST on GFL.tv to see wrestling's finest put it all on the line and always in HD.

To begin the show, Madam Commissioner Erica brought "Number 1" Shawn McHale down to the ring for his public discipline. McHale had been "disloyal" to Impact Elite in the past and it was now his turn to be verbally thrashed and humiliated. Erica browbeat McHale into the ground talking about STATUS and the fact that McHale had none of it. Then Big Business (Damon Windsor & Kevin Morgan) came down to the ring, garbage can in tow, and tried to toss McHale into the can. But The Natural Born Leaders of the Hype Section (Johnny Z & Jermaine Johnson) strolled to the ring and evened up the odds for McHale. Erica wasn't impressed with the scene and fired McHale on the spot. Not to be outdone, McHale was immediately hired by Z. That wasn't all, Z announced that McHale would now by Co-Commissioner of IZW! Backstage in McHale's first act as Co-Commissioner, he booked Damien Morte to defend the Impact Division Title against Johnny Z in the main event.

In the first bout of the evening "The Bronze Bull" Aaron Neil tussled with Jermaine Johnson. Johnson had the Hype Section on their feet as they were definitely into this bout. Johnson dropped Neil with a punch to the face that seemed a bit outside of the rules, but Neil should be the last person to complain about not following rules. Neil countered with right hands of his own, followed by a forearm to Johnson's spine and a head butt. Johnson responded by slamming Neil's face into three separate turnbuckles. Neil countered a J-Effect with a suplex but Johnson responded with a drop kick and several kicks to the midsection of Neil ending with a spinning kick that dropped Neil to the mat. Later a low blow from Neil halted Johnson's offense in the blink of an eye. Not to be outdone, Johnson followed that up with his own ball-buster that had Neil singing all of the high notes. The fight moved outside of the ring where Johnson smacked Neil around some more but when the two finally got back into the ring a steel chair also found its way into the squared circle. Johnson leveled Neil with a facebuster. Johnson climbed to the second rope looking to end Neil's night with an ES2, but Neil picked up the chair and crushed Johnson across the chest as Johnson flew through the air causing an automatic disqualification for Neil.

Next up Double D clashed with Copycat. Copy tore into D with forearms and really put the boots to the former IZW Champion showing that the "Worst in the World" is not just a catchy nickname but really speaks to just who Copycat is these days. But Double D fired back with elbows, rearranging Copycat's teeth in the process. A wrist look into a modified fisherman suplex by D got Copycat down to the mat where D wrenched Copy's arm and elbow with a kimura lock. An arm drag by Copycat momentarily freed him from D, but D was quick to grab an armbar and once again work over the left arm of Copycat until Copy broke free and rose to his feet grabbing D around the waist in some fantastic technical wrestling. But D executed a perfect flipping arm drag on Copy and once again synced up on the left arm. But the powerful Copycat escaped and this time he made D pay with brutal knees to D's spine. A snap suplex later and Copycat was in full control. Later, D tried to counter Copycat's offense with a Defacer, but Copy bulled through the attempt and slammed D down hard with another suplex. A flying knee by Double D hit Copy in the jaw and was the beginning of D's comeback. D grabbed ahold of Copy's injured arm and used it as leverage as he jumped up and walked across the top rope where he executed a perfect hurricanrana but then was stopped in his tracks as he went for the 6-1-Knee. Copy hit a rollover slam and again planted D down with ruthless precision. D was spurred on by the fans as he hit a spinning wheel kick and dropkick back to back that rattled Copycat. D went to the top rope for a flying crossbody when Copy managed to drop D the hard way on the turnbuckle and land a fallaway slam from the top rope! After that it turned into a bar brawl as chops and fisticuffs where flying from both men. A hurricanrana followed by a flying crossbody by Double D was enough to pin Copycat in an awesome match.

IZW Champion The Convict took on Randy Price next. Price landed solid right hands to The Convict's head that had no effect on the King of the Yard. The Convict picked Price up and knocked the air out of the 6X Tag Team Champion with one slam. Later, Price sidestepped a running splash by The Convict and went back to his right hand bolo punches but they still did not resonate with The Convict. A clothesline and another slam courtesy of The Convict and Price was in bad shape. A 15 to 20 by The Convict finally put an end to the valiant effort by Price.

In tag team action John O'Malley and "The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr wrestled Big Business accompanied by Jordan Jacobs. Early on, Starr has Windsor sucking air against the corner and hit Windsor with a flying clothesline followed by a violent head butt. But Windsor took the punishment and dished out some of his own by whipping Starr into the corner and destroying him with a clothesline. Chaos ensued shortly after when all four contestants were in the ring as O'Malley was bludgeoning Morgan while Starr did the same to Windsor. Starr sidestepped a running charge by Morgan who crashed into Windsor. Starr then speared Morgan down to the mat. As O'Malley chased after Jacobs outside of the ring, Starr went for a Greetings From Mt. Olympus on Morgan but Windsor was there to make the save as they put Starr's lights out with a Detonator picking up the victory.

In the main event, in an Impact Rules Match, Impact Division Champion Damien Morte took on "The Natural Born Leader" Johnny Z with the title at stake! Morte started off with a rake to the eyes, but that only fired up Z as he landed two stiff clotheslines, followed by a back body drop that sent Morte high in the air before crashing down on his back. Another clothesline, this time dumping Morte over the top rope and outside of the ring and Z was in full control. From there it only got worse for Morte as Z followed him to the outside and whipped him into the guardrail. Z then landed punches and blistering chops before he whipped Morte into the opposite guardrail to top off his path of violence. Morte was able to absorb the punishment and drop Z on the guardrail crushing Z's sternum and momentum in the process. Morte got his receipt with chops as he lit up Z's chest turning it fiery red. It was now Z's turn to go crashing into the guardrail as Morte had turned the tide in a big way. But the grizzled vet Johnny Z fought back with stinging uppercuts and overhand rights as this match turned into an all-out war. A reversal into the steel steps by Morte followed by a soccer kick to the head and Z was barely hanging onto consciousness. Morte moved the action back in to the ring where he executed a perfect swinging neckbreaker. Morte tossed the fallen Johnny Z outside of the ring once again and reached for a steel chair hidden underneath the ring. A big boot by Z crushed the chair into Morte's face sending the Champion down hard and giving Z a glimmer of hope to get back into the match. Both men struggled back into the ring where Z connected flush with a right hand on Morte's jaw and followed up with a clothesline in the corner. Two kicks to the face later and Z had Morte on the ropes, but Z went for Jermaine Johnson's finisher, the ES2 and Morte was able to capitalize on the misstep and undercut Z's feet, sending "The Natural Born Leader" crashing down to the mat. A modified rear naked choke and some stiff knees planted squarely in Z's back had Morte back in the driver's seat. A DDT by Morte and it looked like the match was just about finished. Morte drug Z's limp carcass over to the corner of the ring where Morte looked to execute a spinning maneuver from the top rope but Z moved out of the way at the last second. Morte was badly hurt by the miss and Z took advantage by landing a floatover DDT. Z revved up for the Big Boot, as Copycat came down to the ring and hit the Doppelganger (stunner) from out of nowhere. Jermaine Johnson then rushed to the ring and landed a double flying clothesline on both Morte and Copy. After tossing Copycat out of the ring, Johnson hit the ES2 on Morte. Z recovered enough to land his Big Boot in the corner on Morte, blasting a hole in Morte face. Morte crumbled to the mat where Z hooked a leg and got the cover and became the new Impact Division Champion! It was quite a brutal match and standing at the end of it all was the owner and founder of IZW, "The Natural Born Leader" Johnny Z.

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