IZW Adrenaline: June 8, 2013

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Jun 08, 2013 1:45 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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IZW Adrenaline: June 8, 2013

Full EventIZW Adrenaline: June 8, 2013

Event Description

In a show of true character and honor, IZW announced that the month of June will be Moore Recovery Month with 100% of the revenue collected, which includes ticket sales, merchandise, and concession sales, being donated to the American Red Cross to ease the burden and help the people of Moore, Oklahoma who were devastated by the recent tornadoes. The charity work began with this week's episode of IZW Adrenaline.

IZW has been working closely with the Red Cross since the tornadoes hit and the Red Cross wanted to use the worldwide audience of IZW to deliver a message to wrestling fans everywhere. From Daniel Farrell, "The Red Cross has now taken an unprecedented leadership role in the tornado recovery effort. Ordinarily, the Red Cross provides assistance with relief, but now will stay in Moore to aid in the recovery effort. Since May 20th, every $10 donation text made will go to the Oklahoma Tornado Recovery." Now is the time to make an Impact! To find out what you can do to help the people of Moore, email IZW at moorerecoverymonth@izwrestling.com.

Week 2 of Moore Recovery Month kicked off as IZW Adrenaline on June 8 began with an in ring promo from Double D. D called out his tag team partner from last week, "Big Business" Damon Windsor. D wasn't too happy with the beat down he received last week from Impact Elite while Windsor tried to keep Double D focused on the bigger picture and that was a numbers game that Double D and Windsor were losing against a united Impact Elite. Madame Commissioner Erica came out to squash D and Windsor's dialogue and also let the audience know that IZW Champion Johnny Z was out of the country in Barcelona, Spain accepting a Humanitarian Award (what?) while Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale was in parts unknown, making Erica the highest ranking official in IZW. Erica used that power to book Double D in a match against The Convict for later in the night.

In the opening match, IZW Tag Team Champion "Lights Out" Jordan Jacobs took on Falcon in singles competition. Falcon took the lead early with a suplex and then hoisted Jacobs up in the suplex position again but dropped him against the ropes where Jacobs took a nasty spill on the top of his head. Falcon hit a body slam as Jacobs came back with a flying double-knee to the chest of Falcon that put the Bird down. Jacobs continued to grind away with a Fujiwara armbar looking to break the wing off of Falcon. Falcon got back to his feet on sheer strength alone but he was taken back down to the canvas with a reverse DDT. Jacobs missed with a spinning leg drop from the middle rope and Falcon followed up with a modified slam that had Jacobs' tailbone taking even more damage. Falcon hit a Tiger Driver, and a power bomb before going for a second power bomb where Jacobs reversed the move into a jumping leg drop bulldog. Later, Falcon laid into Jacobs with several Falcon punches before missing with a flying Falcon Punch. Jacobs launched himself from the top rope but was caught midair by Falcon and set down on the top turnbuckle. Falcon looked to hit a fallaway slam, but Jacobs reversed the positioning and overturned Falcon with a nice sunset flip from the top rope. The action moved outside of the ring when Jacobs went for a suicide dive onto Falcon but was instead caught in mid flight. Falcon then helicopter spun Jacobs into the steel steps and guard rail showing off tremendous strength. Jermaine Johnson, who was doing commentary, along with Mike Bytheway, left the announcer's booth and assaulted Falcon with his tag team belt causing the ref to disqualify Jacobs and give the win to Falcon. Johnson continued to put the boots to a fallen Falcon.

In other action, "The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr wrestled Bryan Cruize of the Old School Assassins. Starr pummeled away at Cruize in the corner as he landed nine unanswered punches to the face, but when Starr went for number ten, a running punch, Cruize put his boots up and Starr smashed face first into them. A clothesline and knee to the face by Cruize had Starr shook. Cruize continued to focus on Starr's knee with submission holds while also bending the knee in directions it's not supposed to bend. When the wrestlers finally made their way back to their feet, Starr ducked a clothesline and hit Cruize with a spear. But that didn't keep Cruize down for long as he sunk in a modified figure four leg lock only moments later. Starr hollered in pain into he got a rope break. Cruize missed a flipping neck breaker as Starr sunk in his sleeper hold. Both men fell to the mat as Cruize passed out seconds later.

Next up, Double D faced The Convict in a match that was booked earlier in the evening by Erica. Double D was light on his feet in the early going as he took a page from Muhammad Ali's book as he would float like a butterfly and sting like a bee against the bigger, slower Convict. D landed punches, kicks, elbows and knees, but could not get The Convict off of his feet. Finally, The Convict got his hands on D and gave him a Samoan Drop and everything D had worked for in the opening minutes was gone in an instant. The Convict clutched Double D in his vice grip hands and landed a series of knees before tossing D to the mat like a sack of potatoes. D finally made The Convict miss with a splash as the big man took a nasty fall, while D's cardio conditioning started to pay off. Double D hit a missile drop kick from the top rope that finally put Convict down. A hurricanrana followed by a 6-1-knee by Double D and The Convict was on the brink of defeat. But when D went for his patented finisher, a flying crossbody, The Convict ducked and D crashed into the referee instead. With the ref down, Double D fought out of a 15 to 20 and dropped Convict with another hurricanrana. As D attempted another flying crossbody, Erica gave him a low blow giving The Convict time to recover. This prompted The Bronze Bull to run down to the ring where he hit The Convict with a series of right hands that finally put the King of the Yard on his butt. Then Bull inadvertently hit Double D with an elbow and the confused referee called for a disqualification against The Convict thinking that The Bronze Bull was looking to do Double D harm. It was a situation of friendly fire and D and Bull both jawed at each other after the match.

In other singles action, IZW Tag Team Champion "What Wrestling Should Be" Jermaine Johnson battled Randy Price. Johnson and Price traded punches with Price landing the harder shots, knocking Johnson halfway across the ring and finally bouncing Johnson out of the ring with a modified belly to belly suplex. When the action resumed in the ring, Price got cocky and gave a little old school shake as he was landing more punches on Johnson, which backfired as Johnson dumped Price head first onto the top turnbuckle and took control. Johnson hit a snap-suplex but that was countered by a flapjack by Price seconds later. Both men were going for broke looking to end each other's night with one devastating move. Later, Price hoisted Johnson up on his shoulders for a fireman's carry neck breaker, when Johnson flipped out and landed a high kick to the back of Price's neck that dropped him like a sack of potatoes as his face bounced off the canvas. Johnson then hit a J-Effect but missed with an ES2, giving Price a glimmer of hope. Price leveled Johnson with a side slam before going for a piledriver. Johnson maneuvered out of the piledriver and hit the original Energy Shot, planting Price on the mat with great force. Johnson missed with another ES2 but managed to fling Price into the bottom turnbuckle where the back of his neck took another stiff shot. Johnson looked to finish Price's night by dragging him up to the top rope, when Price turned the tables at the last second, pushing Johnson back down to the mat and hitting the Splash from the Past out of nowhere for the 1-2-3. As Price celebrated, Bryan Cruize ambushed him from behind and went for a Cruizing for a Bruising, but instead got put in Price's Piledriver finisher and slammed on his head. It was an exclamation point for Price on the night.

"Big Business" Damon Windsor took on The Canadian Red Devil in a matchup of two wrestlers with something to prove. Windsor took charge early with elbows and big boots in the corner until the crafty Devil used the ropes to choke Windsor and run his face along the unforgiving cable. Windsor bounced back as he gave Devil a back body drop showing that his strength was on a different level from that of CRD. Windsor followed up with a suplex and leg drop that crushed the larynx of Canadian Red Devil. Windsor went for another slam, but had his knee taken out by CRD which led to the next series of moves going against "Big Business". CRD kept Windsor's base unstable with more leg attacks and dropped the big man with a flying axe handle to the head from the top rope. Later, CRD went for another flying axe handle but was caught mid-air by Windsor who planted Devil with a Detonator picking up the pinfall.

In the main event, The Bronze Bull took on "The Image of War" Kevin Morgan. Bull and Morgan locked up in a collar-and-elbow tie up and went back and forth with each man trying to impose his will. They were like two pit bulls as neither one would give up the hold. Finally, Morgan landed a knee to the midsection and body slam, but that only incited Bull who dropped Morgan on his back with three consecutive body slams of his own. The Bronze Bull then bounced Morgan's head off of every turnbuckle until Morgan landed a picture perfect uppercut that dropped Bull. Things only got worse for Bull as Morgan continued to brutalize Bull with kicks, punches and a submission attempt which looked like a reverse guillotine. Bull got back to his feet and fought off the submission move with a reverse atomic drop followed by a knee to the face, spinebuster and a Boston Crab attempt. Morgan spun out of the submission and later slipped out of a Greetings From Mt. Olympus. Erica tossed Morgan a steel chair and Morgan crushed it against Bull's back for an immediate disqualification. Morgan wasn't done as he grabbed another chair and looked to choke slam Bull through two chairs. A fearless Bobby Starr hit the ring and smashed Morgan in the head with his brass scepter, knocking the big man out of the ring. Starr looked to put the past behind him and Bull, by offering a handshake, but The Bronze Bull just walked out of the ring...

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