IZW Adrenaline: June 1, 2013

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Jun 01, 2013 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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IZW Adrenaline: June 1, 2013

Full EventIZW Adrenaline: June 1, 2013

Event Description

In a show of true character and honor, IZW announced that the month of June will be Moore Recovery Month with 100% of the revenue collected, which includes ticket sales, merchandise, and concession sales, being donated to the American Red Cross to ease the burden and help the people of Moore, Oklahoma who were devastated by the recent tornadoes. The charity work began with this week's episode of IZW Adrenaline.

IZW has been working closely with the Red Cross since the tornadoes hit and the Red Cross wanted to use the worldwide audience of IZW to deliver a message to wrestling fans everywhere. From Daniel Farrell, "The Red Cross has now taken an unprecedented leadership role in the tornado recovery effort. Ordinarily, the Red Cross provides assistance with relief, but now will stay in Moore to aid in the recovery effort. Since May 20th, every $10 donation text made will go to the Oklahoma Tornado Recovery." There are plenty of ways to help the victims of Oklahoma and as we witnessed on May 31, the tornado season is still not over. Now is the time to make an Impact! To find out what you can do to help the people of Moore, email IZW at moorerecoverymonth@izwrestling.com.

IZW Adrenaline on June 1 began with IZW Champion Johnny Z and Commissioner Erica talking about Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale's continued overseas traveling keeping him away from the Impact Arena. Last week, McHale was in Greece and this week he is in Latin America, working on broadcast and distribution deals for over 100 hours of IZW television. With distribution deals in Greece, Poland and now Latin America, IZW truly is worldwide. This was music to Z's ears as he has been spared the wrath of McHale for two weeks in a row. Z also promised a huge announcement forthcoming.

Impact Elite made their way to the ring and proclaimed that the team of Jermaine Johnson and Jordan Jacobs would be getting a match for the IZW Tag Team Titles later in the evening. Impact Elite then announced that Impact Elite (dubbed Team Erica for this proclamation) would be victorious in their upcoming Impact Chamber Match with an as yet unnamed opposing team at Evolution on July 20. The way IE saw it, there wouldn't even be a match because IZW couldn't muster a 5-man team to face Z, Johnson, Jacobs, The Convict and Kevin Morgan. Double D came out to the stage and went back and forth with Z culminating with Z issuing D a challenge for the main event. It would be Z and Morgan against D and a partner. The Bronze Bull came out to accept the open spot, but that was shot down by Erica who put Bull in an opening match against the man he has been waiting to get revenge on, The Convict.

This was the match Bull has been asking for and he came out like a bat out of hell at The Convict. Bull grabbed Convict in a Muay Thai clinch and unloaded with knees to the midsection and then one to the face, as a flying clothesline in the corner followed. Bull hit a body slam, but The Convict popped right back up. The bout spilled out of the ring as Bull landed forearms and bounced Convict's head off the guardrail. Back in the ring, the Convict dropped The Bronze Bull for the first time with a clothesline. Convict tossed Bull outside of the ring, where Erica kneed Bull in the face as The Convict stalked his prey. After tossing Bull into the steel stairs, the Convict moved the action back into the ring. A splash and pin attempt came next by The Convict. Bull hit a spear after an Irish whip but that only seemed to enrage The Convict even more. Another splash and pin attempt by Convict. Bull crashed Convict to the mat breaking a head vice submission. With both men lying on the mat, Bull was up first and delivered a spinebuster and locked in the Throne of Olympus. Erica distracted the ref which caused Bull to break the hold. As Bull grabbed Erica looking to put her lights out, The Convict rose to his feet but it was short lived as Bull dropped him with a series of right hands and a discus punch. Bull hit a Greetings From Mt Olympus but the pinning attempt was interrupted by Erica who pulled Bull off The Convict. With Erica now in the ring, Bull's attention turned once again to Madame Commissioner. This gave The Convict his opening as he clobbered Bull with a clothesline and then hit the 15 to 20 getting the pinfall. This was a brutal match as both men took some stiff shots and will be feeling the effects of this match for days.

In other news, Randy Price and Brad Michaels squared off in the middle of the ring once again. This time Michaels was sporting a neck brace. Michaels served Price with legal papers stating that Price was now being sued! Three counts of bodily harm, four counts of lost wages and Michaels' promised there was more to come. He was intent on taking everything from Price. The feud of Old School is far from over as Michaels threw Price a curveball by going the legal rout and taking up a lawsuit instead of settling their rivalry like men in the ring. This was the last thing Price needed as he was taking on Angel Camacho next. Camacho landed several shoulder blocks in the corner but missed on a running splash. Camacho regrouped and charged Price again, but Price got the bigger Camacho down with a drop toe hold. Price then cinched up on a headlock trying to keep Camacho grounded and level out Camacho's power advantage. It didn't work as Camacho rose to his feet and hit a side suplex to break the hold. Camacho then bounced Price around the ring with punches to the face and body ending with a bear hug. Price finally broke free from the crushing bear hug, ducked a clothesline and hit one of his own dropping Camacho. Price then went for a suplex but hurt his back with the weight of Camacho and was plopped on his head and back via a Samoan Drop by Camacho for good measure. Very few wrestlers possess the raw strength and explosiveness of Camacho inside the squared circle. Camacho missed with a flying splash from the top rope giving Price an opportunity to get to the top rope himself where he landed a Splash from the Past getting the 1-2-3 in impressive fashion. Even in victory, this was not a good moment for Price who had to have Michaels' impending lawsuit on his mind.

In the backstage area, Canadian Red Devil gave Striker a dose of reality as he laid out Striker who was comatose on the cold floor. To add insult to injury, CRD draped the Canadian flag over Striker who looked like he might be out for weeks with this unforgiving beat down. You can bet that when Striker recovers, his feud with CRD will be far from over.

Next up, in IZW Tag Team action, The Birds of Prey (Falcon & Phoenix) battled "Lights Out" Jordan Jacobs and "What Wrestling Should Be" Jermaine Johnson. Johnson got out of the gates early by taking the fight to Falcon with punches and forearms, but as the two locked up they went back and forth grappling with one another for positional dominance until Falcon knocked Johnson outside of the ropes. Jacobs stormed the ring and got the same fate as Johnson. With both members of Impact Elite on the outside, Falcon landed a perfect suicide dive through the ropes that took out both Johnson and Jacobs. Phoenix tagged in and hit Johnson with a springboard side kick. Jacobs tagged in and it was his turn as Phoenix hit a face suplex followed by a body twisting surfboard that bent Jacobs' spine backwards causing excruciating pain. Phoenix hoisted Jacobs up for a press slam as Johnson looked to intervene. Falcon jumped into the ring and tossed Johnson over his head and outside the ring. Then in another feat of strength, Phoenix flung Jacobs over to Falcon who tossed Jacobs over his head and down onto Johnson! Phoenix then hit a twisting moonsault on Jacobs who was still on the outside. Later, Johnson became the object of aggression for the Birds as Johnson took blistering chops from both members of the BoP. The crafty Johnson found a way to tag Jacobs back in after he had put a chink in the armor of Phoenix. Jacobs bounced Phoenix off the ring apron and down onto the floor with a running double kick/slide variation. Jacobs tagged in Johnson who looked to damage Phoenix even more with a choke hold. Phoenix broke the move and tagged in Falcon as Falcon and Johnson continued to go move for move until Falcon caught a high kick of Johnson's and used the position to give Johnson another suplex. Phoenix was back in and hit Johnson with more elbows. Impact Elite both missed with springboard leg drops as the Birds could smell blood. Moments later, the Birds maneuvered Johnson up into an electric chair where Phoenix landed a top rope leg kick. A double back body drop on Jacobs and both members of IE were thriving in pain. Johnson was met with a double super kick. A clothesline by Falcon followed by a springboard Phoenix-sault looked to be the end of Johnson's night but Jacobs broke up the pin. With the ref distracted by Jacobs, Johnson hit Phoenix with a low blow. Johnson and Jacobs followed up with a Sky High (sit-down spinebuster) & cutter variation that was enough to finally defeat the Birds of Prey. Impact Elite continues to grow in strength as now they control the IZW Tag Team titles! It was a solid win for Jacobs and Johnson who once again have gold wrapped around their waists.

"The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr took on newcomer Drake Gallows in singles competition. The debuting Gallows hit a nice side suplex, a body slam and a leg drop on Starr in the early going. Gallows missed with a splash in the corner and Starr followed up with a running clotheslines through the ropes. Later, Gallows suplexed Starr back into the ring and went back to work, this time focusing on Starr's jaw. Starr turned the tables and got Gallows in the corner where he unloaded a series of punches to Gallows' face. Gallows ducked a clothesline and planted one right on Starr's already injured jaw, knocking "The Brass Bull" down. A short spear by Starr temporarily stopped the momentum of Gallows. Gallows recovered and went right back to Starr's jaw, trying to dislocate or break the bone with a tight chin lock. Starr was able to break the hold with a modified back drop and returned fire in Gallows' direction. Starr snatched a sleeper hold on Gallows and pulled Gallows down to the mat like a python where Starr sunk the hooks in and choked Gallows out in seconds. Starr has been using this sleeper for weeks now and so far, nobody has been able to fight out of it once Starr locks it on. Even in defeat, Gallows put on a great showing in front of the Impact Arena and worldwide on GFL.tv. His suplexes and tenacity did not go unnoticed.

In the main event, Double D and "Big Business" Damon Windsor took on IZW Champion "The Natural Born Leader" Johnny Z and "The Image of War" Kevin Morgan in tag team action. You could cut the tension with a knife when D and Z locked eyes and the same can be said for Windsor and Morgan. Double D planted a spinning heel kick square on Morgan's face, but that only buckled the giant as Morgan retaliated with a power bomb as he lifted D high above his head and threw him to the mat like a rag doll. Z tagged in to pick apart the injured Double D as Z went to work in the corner with thunderous right hands. Z then cut off D's oxygen by putting a boot across his neck, while D's throat was tight against the rope. Z was meticulous in his offense as he next put the boots to D's chest, weakening D's lungs and doing it all the while in the corner of IE, far away from Damon Windsor who was itching to get into the match. Double D got his opportunity moments later as Johnny Z whipped D into the ropes and D was able to reverse his momentum and come back at Johnny Z full force landing a bulldog in the center of the ring. D maneuvered the IZW Champion over to his own corner as Windsor made the tag and kicked Z square in the ribcage. Windsor missed with a running clothesline in the corner and Z took advantage hitting a second rope bulldog that deposited Windsor face first into the canvas. Z dragged Windsor over to his corner as Morgan tagged in. Morgan picked up where Z left off, pummeling Windsor at every turn. Z tagged back in and grabbed a tight neck crank as Windsor yelled in pain. Later, Windsor evened the odds by planting a running elbow to the side of Z's head as both men fell down as if shot by a rifle. Windsor was up first and tagged in Double D who hit an enziguri on a groggy Johnny Z. Z stumbled to his feet and on pure instinct shocked Double D with a float over DDT. A fresh Morgan tagged in as Double D clung to life. Morgan whipped Double D into the corner and the split second it took for Morgan to follow up with a running clothesline attempt was all Double D needed to lift his leg up as Morgan slammed right into it, full force. Morgan tried again, but with the same result as it looked like a bull being sent to his doom by a seasoned matador. D then jumped to the top rope and planted a missile drop kick directly onto Morgan's face. But the behemoth Morgan would not be overtaken and he grabbed Double D and dragged him back to his own corner where Johnny Z now waited. Knife edge chops were the move du jour as Z blistered D's chest. But once again, D's cardio came into play as Z whipped Double D into the corner and D used the occasion to back flip over the ropes, catch his bearings and unload with another flying missile kick that hit Z square in the jaw. Double D tagged in Windsor and the big man took over knocking Z, and the interfering Morgan, down with single punches to the head. A sidewalk slam planted Johnny Z square in the middle of the ring as Windsor tagged in Double D for the finish. Double D climbed the top rope ready to deliver his flying crossbody, but Morgan made his way to the ring apron and when Windsor went to push Morgan off, he inadvertently hit the ropes, causing Double D to crotch himself. A prone Double D hung helpless, entangled in the ropes as Johnny Z got his wits about him and crushed Double D with a Big Boot in the corner. A lifeless Double D crumbled to the mat as Johnny Z picked up the pinfall victory for him and Morgan. If that wasn't enough, Jacobs and Johnson came down to the ring and assisted Z and Morgan who were engaged in extracurricular actives by continuing to pummel away at Double D and Windsor after the match. IE has proven to be unbeatable when using the numbers game. With an Impact Chamber Match happening at Evolution on July 20, is there any hope for Double D and his yet to be determined teammates?