IZW Adrenaline: July 27, 2013

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Jul 27, 2013 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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IZW Adrenaline: July 27, 2013

Full EventIZW Adrenaline: July 27, 2013

Event Description

The July 27 episode of IZW TV on GFL.tv was the first show since "Evolution". Fans were treated to two title matches, one with the IZW Tag Titles up for grabs and the other a rematch of the famous Triple Threat Ladder Match between Drake Gallows, Copycat and Phoenix. Along with the title bouts, we got to witness all of the fallout from "Evolution" as everyone in IZW looks towards "Redemption" on September 14.

To kick off the show, Double D took on "The Image of War" Kevin Morgan. Morgan utilized his size advantage early on by giving D a back breaker and tossing him all over the ring while damaging his ribcage with kicks and stomps. Double D fought off Morgan's offense by planting kicks into Morgan's side moments later followed by elbows that landed flush on Morgan's jaw. D and Morgan traded shots around the whole ring with each man doubled over in pain, yet unwilling to give an inch. D hit a flying knee and two drop kicks but was wrecked by a Morgan clothesline. D countered with a spinning heel kick, but it still wasn't enough to get Morgan off of his feet as D was once again eating canvas after a big boot. Later, D made his move as he attacked with a jawbreaker using the crown of his own head to smash into Morgan's chin. D then hit 10 straight knees in the corner as Morgan finally fell to the ground. Morgan regained his composure and nearly choked the life out of D and even had the audacity at one point to try to pin D with a single finger. The amount of disrespect Morgan showed D came back to bite him in the rear as D hit a flying drop kick moments later followed by a springboard knee. Double D went for another springboard knee, but was caught midair by Morgan who tossed D over his head, dropping him nearly eight feet in the air as D crashed down to the canvas. Morgan stomped on D's midsection then twisted on D's leg trying to pop the hip socket out of joint. With Morgan now in full control and choking D, the only thing D could do was draw on the power of The Force. And he did. Morgan went for another jumping leg choke on the ropes, but D moved out of the way at the last second as Morgan crotched himself. D hit a knee to the midsection as he used the top rope to flip over in a full circle ending up with him standing on the ring apron outside of the ring. D connected with a brutal shin kick to Morgan's skull, then sprang from the top rope and hit a missile drop kick square on Morgan's jaw. It was a double dose of missile drop kicks as D connected with another one seconds later. D looked for his finish, the high crossbody, but Morgan showed off incredible strength and recuperative power as he caught Double D in mid-flight and smashed D down to the mat with a power slam. But D would not stay down. Instead, D got his second wind and began to pull away from Morgan in the cardio department as he sliced Morgan's chest to pieces with multiple chops culminating with a high crossbody that sent Morgan down for the 1-2-3 in a wild opener.

"Worst in the World" Copycat hit the ring with mic in hand and threw down the gauntlet in Rage Logan's direction. Logan returned to IZW at "Evolution" and that was enough for Copycat to be distracted and miss his opportunity to claim the Impact Division Championship. Copycat's blood was boiling on several fronts related to Rage Logan including his belief that Logan ran over former Impact Division Champion Damien Morte with a car. "Greatness" had heard enough and strolled down to the ring to the cheers of the crowd. Logan flipped the script and told Copycat that he was eyeing him as the perpetrator of the hit and run that has put Morte on the shelf for months. Logan also took great exception to Copycat using the name Nemesis and portraying himself as Morte's best friend. Copycat heard enough as he spit directly in Logan�¢??s face then made a bee line outside of the ring and up the ramp.

In the next match, IZW Tag Team Champions What Wrestling Should Be [Impact Elite] (Jermaine Johnson & Jordan Jacobs) took on rising tag team the East-West Playaz (Soto Miyagi & Midnite Rider) with the belts on the line. Both teams have squared off in singles competition in recent weeks, but this match was for all the marbles as it was team versus team. Jacobs and Rider locked up first with Rider bouncing Jacobs' head off a turnbuckle and looking for his often duplicated, but never replicated bionic elbow. Jacobs had scouted the move well because as soon as Rider pulled back his arm, Jacobs jumped out of the way. Johnson jumped in to assist Jacobs and was almost met with a bionic elbow for his troubles. With Rider focused on Johnson, Jacobs was able to attack Rider from behind, which caused Miyagi to jump into the ring ending with Johnson and Jacobs taking shots to the dome and ending up in a very compromising and unflattering position on the mat as they were face deep in each other's unmentionables! J&J rolled out of the ring as they tried to regroup which was nearly impossible after being disgraced in such a pubic, I mean public, manner only seconds earlier. Later, Rider and Jacobs locked up again as this time, Jacobs twisted Rider�¢??s arm into a hammerlock. Rider powered out and tagged in Miyagi who landed several bone-rattling karate chops to Jacobs' arms, chest and face. Jacobs finally dumped Miyagi face first on the turnbuckle, stopping the barrage. Johnson tagged in and leveled Miyagi with shots to the kidneys as Jacobs hit Miyagi with a running double kick to the face on the ring apron. After a running clothesline by Johnson, Jacobs was back in as he delivered a springboard leg drop right across Miyagi's throat. Miyagi countered with a tornado DDT only seconds later as both men writhed in pain on the ground. Jacobs made the tag to Johnson who pummeled away at the smaller Miyagi and whipped him into the corner with such force that Miyagi bounced off the turnbuckle and slumped over. Jacobs tagged back in and connected with a baseball running kick to Miyagi's unprotected face. Johnson hit a side suplex followed by Jacobs looking for a suplex of his own but Miyagi reversed the move and hit a facebuster suplex and finally tagged in the veteran of the team, the Midnite Rider. Rider connected with overhand rights, elbows and even bounced J&J's heads off one another. Miyagi joined in as the E-WPs hit double bionic elbows followed by double running bulldogs. Next, Rider hoisted Jacobs up and slammed him down face first as Miyagi added in a cutter at the same time for good measure. The move was enough for Rider to pin Jacobs' shoulders to the mat and score the win as the East-West Playaz claimed the IZW Tag Team Titles in impressive fashion! It was a historic night as these are the first titles in IZW for both Miyagi and Rider.

In the backstage area, Brandon Bishop and Double D almost came to blows before Shawn McHale got in the middle of their skirmish. Both Bishop and D were ready to scrap after their last encounter at "Evolution", while teammates on Team #1, they got chippy with one another ending in both of them being pinned and eliminated in the Impact Chamber Match. Stay tuned to this budding feud as they two juggernauts of wrestling will not back down from anything or anyone. "Big Business" Damon Windsor took on newcomer Shawn Sanders next. Windsor took Sanders to the learning tree quickly with huge overhand rights and a jumping leg drop that had Sanders second guessing why he ever became a wrestler in the first place. But Sanders quickly proved his mettle as he launched an attack against Windsor's knee, dropping him with chop blocks. Windsor hobbled to his feet and was able to connect with a flying clothesline, even with one bad wheel. Sanders countered with more attacks on Windsor�¢??s injured knee as he maneuvered Windsor into a half Boston crab. Sanders missed a splash in the corner and was greeted with a series of back elbows by Windsor. Later, Sanders wrapped Windsor's leg around the middle rope and pulled and tugged on the appendage as even more pressure was applied to Windsor's knee. Sanders hit Windsor with a DDT and climbed the top rope to deliver a high risk maneuver but it blew up in his face as Windsor used the positioning to hit a modified rolling cutter. Windsor sealed the deal with a sidewalk slam and Detonator as he put Sanders' lights out once and for all. It was a solid showing by Sanders even in defeat in taking on someone of Windsor's caliber in his debut match. After the match, when Windsor was addressing the fans of the Impact Arena, he was assaulted by Impact Elite (Johnny Z, Jermaine Johnson, Jordan Jacobs and Kevin Morgan). Among all the punches and kicks, Z also planted two belt shots right across Windsor's face. It was clear that IE was going to get their pound of flesh for losing in the Impact Chamber Match at "Evolution" and since Windsor was the one who picked up the pinfall in that match, he was public enemy #1 in the eyes of Impact Elite. Johnny Z offered Windsor the chance to become a follower of his, but it sounded more like a threat and the fact that Windsor was barely conscious from the aforementioned beating, it doesn't seem like that "offer" is going to be accepted.

In the main event, Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows put his newly won title on the line in a rematch as he battled Copycat and Phoenix in another epic Triple Threat Ladder Match! In the beginning, it was a free for all as punches, kicks and throws were firing off at a rapid pace. Gallows leveled Copy and Phoenix with punches and kicks that doubled over both challengers, but Copy returned the punishment with a power slam to Gallows but was dropped by a Phoenix punch seconds later. Phoenix next landed a perfect Phoenix-sault on both the fallen Gallows and Copy. Gallows recovered enough to smash Phoenix with a ladder, slowing down his momentum. Copycat, always the opportunist, attacked Gallows from behind and sling-shotted him right in a corner where Gallows face-planted onto another ladder. Copy used a drop toehold on Phoenix and jumped off Phoenix's back to hit Gallows with a Poetry in Motion. Copycat ascended up the ladder only to have another ladder come crashing into his skull, courtesy of Phoenix, as Copycat took a dive out of the ring.

Phoenix and Gallows fought outside of the ring with Phoenix whipping Gallows into a ladder next to a guardrail. Gallows hit the ladder with such force that the ladder twisted up like a pretzel upon impact. Later, Copycat tried to climb back up another ladder, but Gallows rammed a chair into the ribcage of Copycat causing him to crash and burn for a second time. Phoenix used that same chair to smash Gallows in the back as he climbed the ladder. Phoenix tried climbing the ladder next but was Russian leg swept to the mat by Copy. Gallows then connected with an electric chair on Copycat as all three men were once again pushing the limits of what a human body could withstand. Gallows gave Phoenix a low blow and slammed Copycat into a ladder in the corner as the Impact Division Champion was in clear control. But that didn't last long in this battle of attrition as Gallows connected with two more ladder shots one each to Copy and Phoenix, but then had the tables turned on him as the two challengers twisted Gallows' head in knots by bending a ladder over his neck. Later, Copycat and Gallows took a big spill off the top of the 15-foot ladder as Phoenix pushed them to their doom. Copycat managed to get Phoenix back as he gave Phoenix a bronco buster on a ladder moments later. All hell finally broke loose as all three men battered and destroyed one another with more ladder shots including a jack knife power bomb by Phoenix to Copycat on a ladder followed by the same move performed by Gallows on Phoenix! In one of the several moves of the night, Phoenix climbed the ladder as Copycat followed. Gallows planted his feet on the canvas and gave Copycat a power bomb as Copy held on to Phoenix and gave him a side suplex all in one fluid move!

Finally, Copycat and Phoenix raced up the ladder and Copycat even grabbed the belt at one point, but was head-butted off the ladder by Phoenix. Phoenix continued his ascent up the ladder until Gallows ripped him down to the mat. Gallows was bounced off the 15-foot ladder by Phoenix who torpedoed a smaller ladder right into Gallows' face. Moments later, Copycat and Phoenix once again battled at the top of the 15-foot ladder as Gallows followed next to them on another 15-foot ladder. You could tell something big and bad was coming and it was...on two counts. Phoenix and Copy managed to give Gallows a modified double hip toss off of his ladder onto another smaller ladder that was set up sideways down below! The ladder exploded upon contact and Gallows looked paralyzed. Copy connected with a doppelganger on Phoenix immediately after. Copy was the last man standing and as he made his final ascent up the ladder, Rage Logan rushed to the ring to finish what Copycat started earlier in the night by spitting on Logan's face. Copycat rushed out of the ring and was able to sidestep Logan's attacks as he rushed to the back with Logan quick on his trail. This left Phoenix and Gallows alone, with the Impact Division Championship still at stake and hanging from the ceiling.

Gallows connected first with a stunner as both men were as close to death as they had ever been in a wrestling match. Lastly, Gallows and Phoenix both climbed up the only ladder standing at this point and battled back and forth giving it everything they had. Haymakers were thrown and landed by each man as they were both high enough in the air to grab the title. But in a move nobody saw coming, Kevin Morgan returned to the ring and pushed over the ladder, sending Gallows outside of the ring where he crashed onto a waiting table that had been set up earlier in the bout, while Phoenix bounced off the ropes and ricocheted down to the mat. Morgan then climbed the ladder and snatched the Impact Division Title from the ceiling and walked out with the title as Gallows and Phoenix lied in a pool of their own destruction. Morgan showed everyone that he was a true follower of Johnny Z as earlier in the night Z lit a fire under Morgan after his loss to Double D. Z's message was clear. Everyone in IZW needed to fear Kevin Morgan. After his actions tonight, in taking out two of the top grapplers in the company with one move, Morgan turned Z's words of wisdom into reality.

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