IZW Adrenaline: Dec 28, 2013

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Dec 28, 2013 12:00 PM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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IZW Adrenaline: Dec 28, 2013

Full EventIZW Adrenaline: Dec 28, 2013

Event Description

"IZW Adrenaline" closed out 2013 on December 28 with some fantastic wrestling, a title change and an exclamation point! "Chaotic Christmas" is over and 2014 is still a few days away but there was still plenty of big moments and fireworks as the roster delivered in and out of the ring.

In the opening bout of the night, IZW Impact Division Champion "The Urban Legend" Drake Gallows (@DrakeBmbulmer) battled "Big, Bad and Sexy" Angel Camacho (@A_Camacho0986) in an Impact Rules Match with the title on the line. Gallows became a 2X Champion at "Chaotic Christmas" and looked to finish out 2013 with one more victory. Gallows got a quick go-behind but was taken down with a wristlock-judo throw combo by Camacho. Camacho continued to work over the wrist of Gallows until Gallows broke free and drop kicked Camacho out of the ring. Gallows then hit a suicide dive on Camacho and Roberto Camacho who was cornering Angel. Gallows took a nasty spill that gave Camacho the opening he was looking for. Camacho dropped Gallows chest-first on the steel guard rail and the two battled back and forth outside of the ring with the match getting more and more violent with each punch, kick, head butt, flying axe handle and more. Gallows got Camacho back into the ring with a few stiff right hands. Gallows then went for a crossbody but was caught and pancaked down to the mat with ease showing off Camacho's ridiculous strength. Camacho looked for his BBS Splash, but before he could launch himself off the top rope, Gallows recovered and connected with a hurricanrana that sent Camacho flying across the ring. Gallows would have gotten the sure pinfall, but Roberto Camacho interfered with the count and also hit Gallows with a huge back splash in the corner that took the air right out of the Champ. Angel Camacho added a power bomb but could not get the pinfall. In fact, Gallows countered with a flying clothesline to even the score. Camacho offset that with a Samoan drop. Camacho looked for another slam, but Gallows side stepped the move and hit a spinning side kick to the midsection that dropped Camacho. Gallows then missed big with a moonsault from the top rope as the tide turned once again. Camacho hit a splash and grabbed a rear chin lock. Eventually, Gallows broke the hold, and after kicking Roberto Camacho in the face and knocking him off the ring apron, Gallows and Angel battled atop the top turnbuckle. As Gallows readied for another high risk move, Roberto inserted himself into the match one final time by giving Gallows a low blow. Gallows fell atop Angel Camachoâ??s shoulders and Camacho flung Gallows to the mat in a type of modified crucifix power bomb. It was enough to get the pinfall as Angel Camacho won his first IZW Championship by defeating Drake Gallows for the Impact Division Title!

In shocking news, The Bronze Bull (@BronzeBull_AN) walked away from his tag team partner "The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr (@thegods_bs), effectively breaking up Team Bull. Bull explained to Starr that he was tired of chasing the titles and reliving the same story time and time again of Impact Elite always coming out on top. Not only did The Bronze Bull appear to leave Team Bull, but it looked like he walked away from IZW too. There are tons of unanswered questions concerning The Bronze Bull, but it appears he is done with IZW, at least for now.

IZW Champion, "The Natural Born Leader & Savior of Wrestling" Johnny Z (@NBL_JohnnyZ) entered the ring to give a State of the IZW Championship Address. Z spoke about his disappoint in what his brother, Jeff Wolfenbarger, did at "Chaotic Christmas" in setting up the main event for "Coronation" on March 15. As 50% owner of IZW, Wolfenbarger booked an Impact Rules Match for the IZW Championship with Johnny Z as the #1 entrant. Z promised to beat "Bad" Brad Michaels (@OldSchool_Brad) at "Violent Valentine" on February 1 and then set his sights on winning the Impact Rules Match at "Coronation" and proving that he defines what IZW was, is and will be in the future. Z's rant brought Double D (@IZWDoubleD) down to the ring. As D was celebrating in the corner of the ring, he got a Big Boot in the corner for his troubles from the IZW Champion as "The Captain of the Force" Double D was knocked out cold! You never turn your back on Johnny Z. Never.

Double D didn't have much time to recover as he took on Roberto Camacho next. Camacho splashed D in the corner two times in a row putting D down on the canvas seconds into the bout. D dodged two more splashes in the corner but was then dropped with a German suplex by Camacho. Camacho followed up with a body slam and choked D against the ropes. Camacho was in full control as he connected with a power bomb next. D battled back with a knee to the face followed by an enziguri kick that finally put Camacho down. D added several knees in the corner followed by a high crossbody and took out Camacho with lightning quick precision.

What Wrestling Should Be addressed the IZW World next as they had no problem celebrating and patting themselves on the back while letting everyone know they were and are the greatest tag team in IZW history. It was finally too much to stand for "The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr as he unceremoniously interrupted WWSB. Starr said he heard nothing but divas crying in the ring and after going back and forth for a bit, this confrontation spurred on a one on one match with "Larger Than Life" Jermaine Johnson (@JermaineAboutME).

Starr took Johnson down immediately landing punch after punch and followed up with a reverse atomic drop. Starr took the fight outside as he put a beating on Johnson outside of the ring as Starr was looking to injure Johnson. Back in the ring, Johnson got the horns from a crazed Starr. Finally, Johnson got some offense in by dropping Starr with forearms. Starr battled back with head butts using his giant melon to cave in Johnson's skull. The intensity continued as Johnson and Starr's fight spilled outside of the ring again, where Starr knocked Jordan Jacobs down but then was pummeled by Johnson across the chest with forearm smashes. Johnson hung Starr up on the ropes and then delivered a baseball slide kick to Starr's face. Johnson then showed off his mat skills by taking Starr down and locking on a reverse bear hug as he squeezed out the oxygen from Starr's lungs. Starr was able to break the hold and hit a swinging neck breaker. But Johnson had done the damage to Starr's breathing as Johnson was first up and chopped the hell out of Starr while Starr sat motionless atop the ropes. Somehow, Starr connected with a sunset flip from the top rope! But Johnson got a shoulder up at two! Seconds later, Starr connected with a spear and spinebuster as the momentum had now swung 100% into Starr's corner. Starr hoisted Johnson up for a Greetings From Mt. Olympus but then Jacobs clipped Starr in the knees causing an immediate disqualification. But it didn't matter to WWSB as they beat down Starr in the center of the ring culminating with two ES2s from Johnson. After the match, Johnson grabbed the mic and was deadly serious. He belittled Team Bull and promised that WWSB would be the IZW Tag Team Champions forever. With Team Bull now disintegrated and no other challengers in the waiting, Johnson might be telling the truth.

The big men took center stage as "The Image of Fear" Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofFear) took on O'Malley (@IZWHateMachine) next. This match was not for the faint of heart as they destroyed one another. After a quick tie up, Morgan was able to get O'Malley off of his feet with running forearms. Morgan connected with everything he threw in the early going, including punches to the face and kicks to the body. But O'Malley has one of the hardest heads in the sport and an iron cast midsection so he was able to rise to his feet and land haymakers of his own as these two went back and forth like two heavyweights in a prize fight. Morgan went after O'Malley's eyes to gain the advantage once again. But like any great battle, O'Malley seized the moment once again and sidestepped an elbow from Morgan then connected with a big running splash in the corner. O'Malley then hit a running summersault bomb in the corner but missed a senton bomb in middle of the ring. As Morgan regained his composure, he took the top position by throwing knee after knee into the face of a seated O'Malley. Morgan then locked on an arm breaker-crossface variant. Morgan then connected with a Moment of Fear (one-handed spinebuster) and got the pin on a very game O'Malley. Morgan once again put everyone on notice that he isn't going anywhere.

Madam Co-Commissioner Erica (@Lady_Of_Impact) gave a State of the Union Address on IZW next. It was typical Erica as she heaped praise after praise on herself for IZW's success. She then singled out fellow Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale as a constant aggravation and added "The Old School Sucka" Randy Price (@RandyPrice_OSS) to the list as another annoyance to her as Price was recently appointed by Jeff Wolfenbarger to be the right hand man on Wolfenbarger's behalf to add a bit of consistency to the dueling Co-Commissioners. Price and Erica traded verbal barbs with Price continuing to go after Erica's less than fresh breath. Price did a great job of getting Erica out of the ring and continuing the show as the headliner was next.

In the main event, "Big Business" Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor) took on the "The Resurrecter of Reality" Striker (@strikerokb) who has recently turned into a complete psycho/overly protective father of AnnaLynn Storm (AnnaLynnIZW). Windsor and Striker wasted no time in going after one another as they traded punches all over the ring. Windsor put Striker down hard with a clothesline and slapped on a chin lock before Striker broke free with a jaw breaker. Striker dropped Windsor with a snap mare and choked Windsor with his shinbone across Windsor's wind pipe. Striker continued to break down Windsor with a knee to the spine as well as more punches and kicks to a weakened Windsor. Striker tried for The Stroke but Windsor countered with a nice backslide. Moments later, Striker countered with a nice leg drop. Windsor returned fire with two huge clotheslines and a back elbow followed by a spinning side slam. Striker countered a choke slam attempt with a DDT, but then had The Stroke countered with another choke slam that Windsor connected with as he planted Striker on the mat for a count of three. As Windsor celebrated, Striker rose to his feet and began to cheap shot Windsor from behind with forearms to the back of the neck and head. Storm tried to intervene but got shoved down by an enraged Striker who then grabbed a steel chair looking to do even more damage to Windsor. Striker then gave The Stroke to Windsor on the steel chair which no doubt loosened some of Windsor's teeth. Striker then grabbed Storm and walked her up the ramp shouting to the world, "Nobody touches my daughter!"