IZW Adrenaline: Aug 3, 2013

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Aug 03, 2013 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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IZW Adrenaline: Aug 3, 2013

Full EventIZW Adrenaline: Aug 3, 2013

Event Description

The August 3 episode of IZW TV on GFL.tv was chalk full of great wrestling with future title implications at stake, as the rabid fans in the Impact Arena saw another full-throttle episode of "IZW Adrenaline".

To kick off the show, "Big Business" Damon Windsor came down to the ring to give his response to IZW Champion Johnny Z's proposition about re-joining Impact Elite. Windsor let Z know just what he could do with his offer (sticking it where the sun doesn't shine) and demanded that Z show himself. Z strolled down to the ring and stood face to face with Windsor. Windsor was looking for a one on one match with Johnny Z, which Z scoffed at. Brandon Bishop interjected himself into Z and Windsor's in ring squabble by also issuing a challenge to Z for the IZW Championship. Next up, former IZW Champion Double D came down to the ring and threw down the same challenge to Z! Shawn McHale came on the Impact Tron and sorted things out. McHale booked Johnny Z in a match with Double D as the night's main event, and also booked Windsor and Bishop in a #1 Contender Match with the winner facing the IZW Champion at "Redemption" on September 14.

In the opening match of the night, What Wrestling Should Be ("Larger Than Life" Jermaine Johnson & "Lights Out" Jordan Jacobs) took on the KC Wolves (Luke Langley & Graham Bell) who were making their IZW debut, in tag team action. Johnson and Bell squared off first with Johnson throttling Bell all over the ring with punches and knees until Bell slipped out of a suplex attempt and unleashed a barrage of kicks to Johnson's head and body. Bell hit a jumping side kick, tagged in Langley and the Wolves landed a double Japanese arm drag-drop kick combo to Johnson and did the same Japanese arm drag to Jacobs who jumped in the ring. Once action resumed, Langley and Bell tussled with Bell securing a nice shoulder lock that had Jacobs on his back and unable to mount any offense. Jacobs scrambled to his feet and secured a side headlock takedown that saw him now in the dominant position on the canvas. Jacobs and Langley had some solid back and forth wrestling until Johnson intervened on a pin attempt by Langley. This caused Bell to jump in the ring as all hell broke loose. Once order was restored, Johnson was now the legal man as he pummeled away at Langley. Johnson body slammed Langley then Jacobs landed a flying leg drop. Langley went through the ringer as he was stuck in WWSB's corner and got used and abused. At one point, Jacobs landed a twisting brain buster as Langley's head bounced off the canvas. Johnson continued the onslaught with a reverse bear hug and a clothesline that almost took Langley's head off. Johnson tore Langley's chest to shreds with multiple chops and locking in a modified cross face chicken wing. Langley fought out and tagged in Bell who hit Johnson and Jacobs with a variety of kicks before succumbing to the Minority Cutter by Johnson and Jacobs. Johnson grabbed a leg and got the pin as WWSB picked up a solid victory against a young, hungry team in the KC Wolves who had a great showing, even in defeat.

"The Image of War" Kevin Morgan (holding the Impact Division Title that he stole from Drake Gallows) took on the surging Angel Camacho next. It was a heavyweight showdown of epic proportions as these two locked up. Morgan came out hot as connected with multiple punches, but Camacho countered by whipping Morgan into the ropes only to get a big boot in the face. Next, Morgan put a dent in Camacho's chest with a chop heard around the world. Morgan gave Camacho multiple head butts in the corner. Camacho broke free from the corner and went for one of his patented suplexes but was reversed as Morgan hit a belly to belly suplex that sent Camacho crashing down to the canvas. Later, Morgan crushed Camacho with a clothesline and then another, as he was turning Camacho, who is known for his strength, into a rag doll. Morgan then landed a double arm choke slam as Camacho's lifeless body bounced off the mat. But Camacho fought back! He unleashed a jaw breaker, followed by numerous clotheslines of his own that had Morgan wobbled. A running clothesline sent Morgan into the ropes where Camacho worked over the body of Morgan with punches and kicks. A big splash in the corner, followed by a belly to belly side suplex and a running senton by Camacho had Morgan writhing in pain on the canvas. Camacho went to the top rope, but Morgan managed to recover and belly flop Camacho off the top rope where he crashed and burned. Morgan then followed up with a Detonator-spinebuster combo, showing off tremendous strength. Morgan then grabbed the Impact Division Title and put a beating on Camacho with the belt causing an immediate disqualification. Camacho took tons of belt shots until Morgan finally had enough. It was a sick display of brutality by Morgan.

In the #1 Contender's Match, "Big Business" Damon Windsor and Brandon Bishop went to war. Windsor and Bishop locked up early but Windsor proved to be the stronger wrestler as he shoulder blocked Bishop into the corner. Bishop landed a nice single leg takedown and reversed Windsor on his back and went for a quick pin while bridging but Windsor kicked out. Bishop then isolated Windsor's shoulder and flipped him around into a crucifix, showing off some brilliant mat wrestling. Windsor was able to fight to his feet and hip tossed Bishop off. Bishop scored another takedown and this time twisted Windsor's legs up into a pretzel as Windsor's size and strength advantage were once again negated. Windsor managed to roll through the move and kicked Bishop out of the ring creating the space needed to rise to his feet once again. Bishop connected with a swinging neck breaker once the action resumed but Windsor retaliated with a sidewalk slam. Bishop countered with a neck breaker onto his knee as Windsor twisted in pain. Bishop went up to the top rope looking for another high-risk move, but was clubbed off by Windsor and fell outside of the ring landing on the concrete floor below with his back taking the brunt of the impact. Bishop managed to crawl back into the ring before the 10-count but was then summarily beaten on by Windsor which included punches and a big boot that nearly tore a hole through Bishop's chest. Bishop would not give up as he had several near falls as he looked to put Windsor's shoulders on the mat for three seconds. But Windsor was just too big and had too much in the gas tank, especially after Bishop hurt his back, and connected with a Detonator that put Bishop's lights out as Windsor punched his ticket to "Redemption" as the #1 Contender for the IZW Title!

Up next, with the Queen's Crown on the line, Champion Madame Commissioner Erica took on her archrival Angel Blue in another hotly contested bout. Erica and Blue locked up in a test of strength and a battle of wills and neither woman gave an inch. It was a stalemate until Blue monkey flipped Erica right out of the ring. Another quick tie up and Blue went for a quick pin with an Oklahoma roll up but only managed a two-count. Erica struck back with an anaconda choke with multiple gator rolls, followed by a modified cross face all with the intent to put tremendous pressure on Blue's neck. Later, Blue hit a butt bump in the corner and a running cutter variation. Blue countered with a back breaker-neck breaker combo. It was Blue's turn again as she locked on a turnaround figure four leg lock that Erica was able to finally thwart with a rope break. The women then brawled outside of the ring with Blue slamming Erica's back into the steel guardrail. Once action resumed in the ring, Erica showed her resilience by kicking out of a backpack chin breaker by Blue. Erica then fell outside of the ring once again and let herself be purposely counted out. Blue won the match, but the Queen's Crown remained with Erica. As Erica gleefully walked up the ramp, she was tossed back into the ring by the IZW Tag Team Champions, the East-West Playaz (Soto Miyagi & Midnite Rider) and suffered a one-sided beatdown from Blue who was fit to be tied at the outcome of the match. Blue hit another backpack chin breaker followed by a chicken wing pedigree. Erica was out cold.

In the main event, IZW Champion Johnny Z took on Double D in a great main event. Double D got off to a rip roaring start by planting Z in the corner and connecting with several big knees to Z's face. D then connected with an enziguri kick as Z was seeing stars. The action moved to the outside where D wrecked Johnny Z's chest with multiple chops. D then connected with a hurricanrana as Z's head bounced off the concrete floor. Once the action finally returned to the ring, Z showed some life as he connected with a float over DDT that halted Double D dead in his tracks. Z whipped D into the ropes and gave him an axe handle right to the chest. Z then cinched up on his patented cravat neck crank as Double D's neck twisted and turned in directions a neck is not supposed to move. Johnny Z then landed a knee in D's bread basket and tossed him outside of the ring like a rag doll as Z continued to jaw with the crowd. Z dropped D, throat first, into the guard rail and then swung him hard against the steel steps. It was a brutal display of what the IZW Champion is capable of. "The Natural Born Leader" has his share of detractors in IZW, but even his most ardent critics have to concede that he is a formidable opponent for anyone in the business. The instant Double D managed to pull his body back into the ring, Johnny Z was on him destroying D's already weakened back with knee after knee directly to the spine. After a whip into the ropes, D managed to connect twice with knees to Z's face, followed by drop kick and another springboard knee. D went for another springboard knee but got a knee to the gut for his trouble. Later, Z hit a second rope bulldog that drove Double D's face into the canvas. Johnny Z went for a Big Boot in the corner but missed and was the recipient of a springboard DDT. D looked for a high crossbody but was crotched on the top rope by Johnny Z. Z met D on the top rope looking to deliver a superplex, but instead was pushed back down to the mat where he took the full force of a high crossbody from Double D. But Z kicked out! Double D looked to add insult to injury by giving Johnny Z his own finisher, the Big Boot in the corner, but D missed and instead hit the ref square in the face. D was still able to hit Z with a rolling facebuster but as D went to awaken the ref, What Wrestling Should Be (Jermaine Johnson & Jordan Jacobs) rushed down to the ring and gave D a Minority Cutter. Brandon Bishop also ran down to the ring and tore into Johnson and Jacobs hitting them with everything but the kitchen sink as he cleared the ring of WWSB. Then as Double D and Bishop where backing up, they bumped into each other and came to blows with one another. Bishop was knocked out of the ring while Johnny Z gave Double D a neckbreaker and picked up the win. It was an ironic end to the match as Bishop came down to help Double D, but because of Bishop and D's past history, Johnny Z was once again able to squeak out another victory and hold onto the IZW gold.