IZW Adrenaline: Aug 10, 2013

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Aug 10, 2013 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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IZW Adrenaline: Aug 10, 2013

Full EventIZW Adrenaline: Aug 10, 2013

Event Description

The August 10 episode of "IZW Adrenaline" on GFL.tv was stacked with championship wrestling as feuds and rivalries continued to build towards "Redemption" on September 14. The Impact Arena was also graced with the long-awaited return of more than one former IZW Superstar. Tune in for another stacked 2-hour broadcast of the premier Independent wrestling in North America as IZW turns up the heat.

To kick off the show, "The Image of War" Kevin Morgan (@TheImageofWar), with the Impact Division Championship still in his possession that he stole from Drake Gallows a couple weeks ago, took on the returning Montego Seeka (@montegoseeka). Previously, Seeka had a huge run in the IZW tag team division with Jermaine Johnson as BLK-OUT where they captured Tag Team gold on four occasions. Seeka looked to make an immediate impact on his return as he took on the heavy hitter of Impact Elite, Morgan. Seeka started off fast, as he whipped kicks into Morgan's midsection while also dodging Morgan's huge over hand rights. Seeka followed up with two drop kicks that knocked Morgan out of the ring completely. Seeka continued his onslaught as he landed another head kick to Morgan and dove onto Morgan with a splash that saw Morgan slam against the guardrail. Morgan turned the tide seconds later by throttling Seeka into the steel steps and getting Seeka back into the ring. Morgan landed some well-placed kicks to Seeka's midsection as well as a few haymakers to Seeka's jaw. Morgan continued his assault until Seeka dodged another big right hand and then drop kicked Morgan against a turnbuckle and followed with a flying punch. Seeka's offense was short lived as Morgan countered with a running clothesline that put Seeka back on the canvas. Seconds later, a big boot in the middle of the ring dropped Seeka once again followed by another hard clothesline. Somehow Seeka managed to keep coming back and hit a jaw breaker followed by a drop kick that smashed into the back of Morgan as he was tangled up in the ropes. Seeka dropped Morgan with an array of kicks that chopped down the big man strike by strike. Ten punches in the corner mixed with another flying splash and Morgan was out on his feet. But Morgan's size and recovery power is off the charts and he soon connected with a clothesline and a slam where he tossed Seeka to the ground like a rag doll. But Seeka's determination was second to none as he bounced back once again with a huge top rope drop kick that knocked Morgan to the canvas with authority. Seeka looked to be going for his finishing move, but Morgan slammed him back to the ground with another modified power bomb. Morgan then grabbed his ill-gotten Impact Division Title and started destroying Seeka with it. Morgan landed numerous belt shots to Seeka's head and was immediately disqualified by the ref. Morgan's destruction was curtailed when Angel Camacho came down to the ring as the two engaged in fisticuffs. Reigning Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows also ran down to the ring where he unloaded with punches in bunches on Morgan. Camacho and Gallows double clotheslined Morgan out of the ring and Gallows picked up his rightful Impact Division belt as the title was now back in the hands of the man who earned it in the ring.

Up next, in the backstage area, Brandon Bishop (@BISHOPACW) and Double D (@IZWDoubleD) were at each other's throats once again. Bishop began his interview by saying he wanted a conversation not a confrontation, but once D was on the scene he didn't have the stomach to talk much. After a few heated words, BB and DD came to blows as Bishop got a takedown and put D on the concrete floor where they continued to battle until security they were broken up by several wrestlers. Madame Commissioner Erica was so disgusted with their behavior that she banned them from the Impact Arena for the rest of the evening. Expect more fireworks next week when these two confront each other in the middle of the ring.

In the ring, two grizzled vets went to battle as "Worst in the World" Copycat (@CopycatWrestler) took on Phoenix of the Birds of Prey. Copycat cinched up a tight headlock but was reversed into a hammer lock by Phoenix and then a headlock in some nice counter wrestling. Phoenix secured a go-behind and then connected with a German suplex. A deep arm drag by Phoenix and Copy was back on the mat screaming in pain. Once Copycat got back to his feet he nullified another suplex attempt by Phoenix and grabbed a neck crank as he brought the match back down to the canvas. Phoenix's strength was too much as he powered out and planted two more arm drags on Copycat in quick order. Moments later, Copy was back to his feet and delivering kicks to Phoenix's hamstring muscle try to cripple the BoP. Copycat increased the pain on Phoenix's leg by securing a standing-modified kneebar. Copy then sunk in a figure four that put Phoenix's knee to the test. Phoenix proved he still had a lot of fight left in him as he reversed the figure four and put all that pressure onto Copycat's knee! But because of earlier damage, Phoenix couldn't keep the submission on for very long and Copy fought out. Copy hit Phoenix with his own move, the Phoenix Punch as Phoenix crumbled to the ground once again but Copy crashed and burned when he went for the Phoenix-sault. Phoenix rose up and crushed Copycat square in the jaw with the original Phoenix Punch followed by a Phoenix-sault. Copy got his foot on the bottom rope to save him from a pinfall. Copycat then went for a Doppleganger, but was shot into the ropes where Phoenix rolled him up in another pinning attempt, this time with a rollover. Copycat, to his credit, used the momentum to roll Phoenix over and scored the pinfall while holding onto the ropes in a clearly illegal move, but one the ref did not see.

What Wrestling Should Be (Jermaine Johnson [@JermaineAboutME] & Jordan Jacobs [@JacobsLightsOut]) strolled down to the ring and were hot over their recent title loss to the East-West Playaz (Soto Miyagi & Midnite Rider). They went on and on about "evidence" they had on their side. But instead of calling out the E-WP's they demanded Team Bull (The Bronze Bull [@BronzeBull_AN]& The Brass Bull[@thegods_bs]) come down to the ring. Once all four men stood in the ring face to face, WWSB put on a pair of glasses with mustaches. They then proceeded to tell TB that they were "disguises". Jacobs then had the IZW production team roll footage of Soto Miyagi and Midnite Rider in the back unmaking. It was none other than The Bronze Bull and The Brass Bull! The Bronze Bull didn�?�¢??t deny any of it, but did manage to change the subject very quickly by having the IZW production team play some new unedited footage. It showed Johnson and Jacobs having a bit too much fun rubbing each other down with baby oil. It was hard to tell what was glistening more, their upper bodies or their smiles from having another man's hands all over their chests. The Bronze Bull then showed another clip of him and Starr going to the world-renowned Maverick Pawn Shop and pawning the IZW Tag Team Titles! Bull had a pawn ticket in his hand for the IZW Tag Team Titles and made a proposition that he would give the ticket to WWSB if Team Bull got a non-title match against WWSB next week. If Team Bull was victorious in the non-title match, then at "Redemption", the titles would be on the line. WWSB gladly accepted and the feud between these four grapplers just got deadly serious.

The Queen's Crown was back on the line as reigning and defending Champion Erica (@Lady_Of_Impact) took on the returning Miss Diss Lexia (@missdiss_lexia). Erica snatched a side head lock right off the bat but was reversed by MDL who really had her head lock sunk in. Erica broke free and bounced out of the ring to compose herself. Upon re-entering, Erica lost a battle of strength in a tie up. MDL then hit a deep arm drag and even went for a rollup pin which Erica quickly kicked out of. MDL was on fire hitting Erica with a body slam and then a back breaker. Erica is usually the bully in the ring, but in the early going, MDL used her size and strength advantage to twist Erica up into knots. But Erica would not stay down for long as when the women rose to their feet, she kneed Miss Diss Lexia in the ribcage several times concluding with a face buster. Moments later, after another exchange, Erica connected with a sit down power bomb but could only get a count of two by the ref. As these women continued to batter one another, MDL hit a side suplex followed by an arm trap suplex where Erica's neck and head took the brunt of the impact as she took a nasty spill outside of the ring. Then in an unforeseen turn of events, The Convict came down to the ring and gave MDL a 15 to 20. This was grounds for an immediate disqualification of Erica but when the match was over, Erica was gloating while Miss Diss Lexia was on the mat barely conscious. It was a solid showing by MDL who returned to the Women's Division in IZW to add another layer of top-rate competition.

Next, IZW Impact Division Champion Drake Gallows (@DrakeBmbulmer) took on Angel Camacho in a title match. Earlier in the show the two worked as a cohesive unit to bounce Kevin Morgan out of the ring as Gallows grabbed his title that Morgan stole a few weeks ago, but that was then and this was now. Camacho wailed away at Gallows and dropped him in the middle of the ring with a flying splash. Camacho followed up seconds later with a huge butt bump in the corner as Gallows had the wind knocked out of him. Later, Gallows took away the base of Camacho with vicious kicks that had the big man thrashing around on the floor unable to get to his feet. When Camacho did rise to his feet, he was chop blocked and taken down once again where Gallows went back to work on Camacho's injured leg, most notably his hamstring. Gallows landed a sweet top rope hurricanrana where he climbed the ropes and walked halfway across the top rope before hitting the move. But Camacho would not stay down. Camacho rose to his feet and decimated Gallows with a clothesline that preceded another running splash. Camacho used the rulebook to his advantage as he choked Gallows for four seconds but then released the hold before the count of five. A brutal head butt was next as Gallows once again was eating canvas. It was Gallows' turn to come back from the brink of defeat as he connected with a swinging neck breaker and delivered a flying clothesline from the top rope that knocked Camacho down to the mat. When Gallows went for another high risk move he was stopped dead in his tracks as Camacho seized him and gave him a brutal belly to belly suplex. With both men down and exhausted, Kevin Morgan returned and kicked Camacho in the stomach while upper cutting Gallows. The ref stopped the match ruling it a no contest as Morgan continued to pound away at Gallows and Camacho. But Morgan should have left well enough alone as Gallows kicked him in the gut giving Camacho the opportunity to hit another one of his patented suplexes on Morgan. Gallows followed up with a diving elbow drop that connected full force.

In the main event, it was a 6-man tag match as Impact Elite (IZW Champion "The Natural Born Leader" Johnny Z [@NBL_JohnnyZ], "Larger Than Life" Jermaine Johnson and "Lights Out" Jordan Jacobs) took on Team Bull (The Bronze Bull & "The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr) and "Big Business" Damon Windsor (@DamonWindsor). Starr and Z went at it first with Starr thumping Z with punches and kicks in the corner followed by a running-jumping clothesline and a butt bump that had Z seeing stars less than a minute into the match. Later, Z regrouped and connected with a second rope bulldog then planted several hard knees onto Starr's head. Next, after a small comeback by Starr, Z flapjacked him onto the top rope as Starr's head whipped off the unforgiving cable. Z tagged in Jacobs next who wasted no time in continuing to attack Starr. But before Jacobs could mount any real offense, Starr hit a back breaker and neck breaker in back to back moves. Starr made the tag to Windsor who bounced Jacobs all over the ring with over hand rights and a hip toss culminating in a series of back elbows in the corner that had Jacobs in a fog. Windsor next landed a vertical suplex and tagged in The Bronze Bull. But as Bull was jawing with Johnny Z, Jacobs raked Bull's eyes and tagged in Johnson. Johnson roughed up Bull with stomps, chokes and forearms and then tagged Z back in and with the ref distracted, Z and Johnson connected with a double suplex. But The Bronze Bull would not be denied as he planted a clothesline onto Johnny Z that sent him up and over the top rope. Jacobs and Johnson then looked to double team Bull, but where sent packing as they too flew over the top rope and landed on the cement below. On the outside, Windsor, Starr, Z, Johnson and Jacobs continued their battle as The Bronze Bull made his ascent up to the top rope. Bull flew a good 12-feet in the air as he launched himself onto the sea of wrestlers below, knocking down each one with Johnny Z getting the worst of the collision. Bull was the first to rise of the six bodies and he dragged Z back into the ring where Bull continued to wail away. But in a move of desperation, Johnny Z hit a floatover DDT followed by a cravat as he twisted away at Bull's vulnerable neck. Johnson was back in as he connected with forearm smashes to Bull's face and body shots. But as Johnson gloated, Bull recovered and his strength was enough that he was able to belly to belly throw Johnson out of the ring, over the top rope. But before Johnson took flight, he tagged in Jacobs who climbed to the top rope and connected with a missile drop kick. Z tagged back in as Bull was in serious trouble as he was trapped in Impact Elite's corner and taking a great deal of punishment. As Z traded verbal barbs with the crowd, The Bronze Bull gained his senses enough to land a spinebuster. With both men down Z got the upper hand thanks to Jacobs and Johnson distracting the ref and was able to get in a few more knees to Bull's face. Jacobs tagged in next and hit a springboard leg drop right across Bull's throat. But Bull would not stay down as shortly after he connected with a Northern Lights suplex. Windsor and Z both tagged in for their fallen teammates and Windsor hit sidewalk slams on all three members of IE. Windsor then connected with a Detonator on Johnny Z as Team Bull landed simultaneous Greetings From Mt. Olympus's on Jacobs and Johnson. Windsor pinned Z and if he is able to land that Detonator at "Redemption" he will walk out of the Impact Arena as the new IZW Champion.