IZW Adrenaline: Apr 27, 2013

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Apr 27, 2013 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Impact Arena

Lawton OK

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Event Videos and Bouts

IZW Adrenaline: Apr 27, 2013

Full EventIZW Adrenaline: Apr 27, 2013

Event Description

With less than a month before Coronation on May 11, IZW Adrenaline on April 27 dropped another bomb heading into the colossal May iPPV. The show featured all of the top superstars in action and was highlighted by the return of a once banned mega star!

The Convict took on The Midnite Rider in the opening match. This match was booked by Madam Commissioner Erica and intended to be a one-sided bout in favor of The Convict. The contest began with Rider throwing fists of fury at The Convict to no effect as The Convict dropped Rider with a pair of clotheslines and a body slam. Then things heated up as "The Bronze Bull" Aaron Neil, (who last week had his head shaved by Erica while The Convict handcuffed and beat on him), made his way to the ring. Neil throttled The Convict and had him up ready to deliver a Greetings From Mt Olympus when The Convict scooted out of the ring. An enraged Neil then grabbed a mic and challenged The Convict to a match at Coronation. Erica accepted on The Convict's behalf as this feud between these two titans has only just begun.

Backstage, "The Worst in the World" Copycat was cutting a commercial promo from the local Mexican food restaurant, Julio's, when he was ambushed by Damien Morte ending with Morte slinging Copy into a barrel.

Jordan Jacobs then returned with the "Lights Out Lounge" and his guest was also his opponent for Coronation, "The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr. Both Jacobs and Starr traded barbs as things got heated between the two who will meet in a Ladder Match to crown the 2013 Impact Player of the Year. Starr pulled double duty as he next had a match with Damon Windsor. Windsor lit into Starr with punches and kicks in the corner until he went for a high risk move by jumping off the second rope and missed. Starr then hit a running clothesline, modified back breaker and neck breaker. Starr missed on a running spear in the corner and crashed into the ring post. Windsor was back in control and locked in a shoulder stretch submission in the middle of the ring. Starr fought off the hold and locked in a half Boston Crab of his own but Windsor made it to the ropes for a break. Windsor then hit a sidewalk slam and whipped an injured Starr into the ropes. Starr ducked a clothesline as Windsor grabbed a handful of Starr's wig as Starr hit a spear. Windsor found a way to get back to his feet, and when he did, Starr locked in a sleeper hold and choked Windsor unconsciousness as he picked up the win.

Randy Price looked for some retribution as he took on Bryan Cruize. Price beat the hell out of Cruize around the ring before the match every officially started. Once the bout started, it didn't get any better as Price pulled Cruize outside of the ring once again and hit him with several chops and tossed Cruize head first into the steel steps. The action finally made its way back to the ring with more punches and chops by Price. Cruize was able to reverse Price and hit a DDT. A kick to the balls by Cruize evened the playing field and Cruize was in complete control. A neck breaker and a near fall followed. Cruize then began to isolate the neck of Price with a knee on the base of the neck followed by a snap mare and flipping neck breaker. This was smart of Cruize as Price's neck still has to have some residual effect of the spike piledriver he took weeks ago. Cruize set Price up for the Cruizing for a Bruising, but Price slipped out of the hold and landed a side suplex. Price then went up to the top rope and hit the Splash from the Past onto a broken Cruize to pick up the pinfall. One down and one to go for Price against the Old School Assassins.

It was power versus power next as Aaron Neil returned to the ring to take on "The Image of War" Kevin Morgan. Neil bounced Morgan off of every turnbuckle then took the match outside of the ring where he continued to dominate by smashing Morgan's face into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Neil hit a flying forearm from the second rope. Damon Windsor came down to the ring to aide Morgan as Morgan was able to hit Neil with his back turned to change the flow of the bout. Neil took a beating in the middle of the ring by Morgan until he was tossed through the ropes where Windsor began to work him over. For all intents and purposes this was now a handicap match. Just as Neil was on the brink of losing the match, he hit a spear that nearly sawed Morgan in half. Windsor, trying to help Morgan got into the ring and came at Neil with the timekeeper bell, but Neil ducked and the bell rung Morgan's clock instead. With Morgan out on his feet, Neil hit the Greetings From Mt. Olympus for the pinfall. This match shows just how motivated Neil is. Shaving his head was the worst thing Impact Elite could have done as now they have one-pissed off wrestling god to deal with.

IZW Impact Division Champion Damien Morte took on IZW veteran Striker in a non-title match. Striker hit some flesh-ripping chops that nearly caved in Morte's chest followed up with a monkey flip that sent Morte high in the air, before crashing down on his back. A flipping neck breaker by Striker had Morte seeing stars. Morte turned the tables by attacking Striker's left leg with kicks and holds that incapacitated Striker's ability to offer up any defense to Morte's attacks. Just as Morte was hitting his stride, Copycat's music hit and Morte turned his attention away from Striker. Copycat never came out and seizing on the moment, Striker limped over to Morte and landed The Stroke, planting Morte face first into the mat and getting the pinfall.

Double D made his way to the ring next with Johnny Z's IZW Championship belt in his hands. Double D vowed to hold onto the belt until Coronation. Double D's blood was boiling as he promised to hit Z with a Force Chop, a knee that would break Z's jaw and a crossbody that would be the finishing sequence of Double D regaining the world title. Z came down to the ring, with Erica, Big Business and Jordan Jacobs in tow. As Z and company entered the ring looking to do damage on Double D, Co-Commissioner Shawn McHale stood on top of the ramp and let everyone know that there would be a tag team match with Z and Jacobs versus Double D and the returning Jermaine Johnson who had entered the ring as Impact Elite's backs were turned. Johnson crushed Big Business with the chair shots as Double D hit Jacobs with a flying knee. Johnny Z was livid as he had fired Johnson two weeks earlier and wanted him out of the building. But McHale put a halt to that as McHale learned from Z's brother, Jeff Wolfenbarger, that in order to terminate Johnson's contract, you would need to have just cause. And that criteria was not met when Johnson was fired, so Johnson was reinstated to IZW. Big Business walked back to the locker rooms as the tag team match began.

Johnson and Jacobs squared off first with Johnson not losing a step during his time away from the Impact Arena as he manhandled Jacobs all over the ring. Johnson and D took turns systematically breaking down Jacobs. Jacobs looked for the tag from Z several times, but Z would always move away from the corner so as to not be tagged in. It was clear, Johnny Z wanted no part of Johnson or D. While Z was arguing with the crowd Jacobs managed to scramble away from Johnson and tagged in Z. Johnson brought Z in the hard way, flipping him over the top rope and was ready to light into Z's ass, but Jacobs ran back into the ring knocking Johnson and the ref over. Z and Jacobs then hit a double suplex on Johnson. Z tagged back in Jacobs and Jacobs landed stiff kicks to Johnson before Johnson countered with a running power slam. Johnson tagged in Double D who continued the beating of Jacobs with 10 knees to the face. As D went up to the top rope to hit a crossbody, Z distracted the referee, giving Erica time to pull D's legs out from under him as D crotched himself on the top rope. Z then tagged in and hit D with punches and chops as D sat lifeless on the top rope. Z hoisted D up for a superplex but Double D pushed Z down to the mat. D took off from the top rope and hit a crossbody, but Johnny Z used the momentum to his advantage as he rolled out of the pinfall attempt and clutched D in his arms giving him a modified, swinging cutter. Later, Double D hit a hurricanrana from the top rope followed by a 6-1-knee. But as Double D again went to the top rope for another aerial assault Johnny Z reversed the move giving Double D a DDT! With both men on the brink of defeat, Johnny Z was able to tag in a fresh Jacobs who kept Double D grounded with punches, knees and a camel clutch submission. Z tagged back in and brutalized D in the corner with a series of chops. D finally countered Z's offense with a DDT of his own as a wobbled Z tagged Jacobs back in while D tagged in Johnson. Johnson was on a war path as he hit Jacobs with several clotheslines followed by a vertical suplex where he paused for several seconds letting all the blood rush to Jacobs head before dumping him on his back. Johnny Z was able to toss Johnson out of the ring and as Jacobs and Z looked to double team Double D, they got a double knee facebuster for their trouble. Double D climbed to the top rope with Johnson now on the other turnbuckle and both executed their flying finishers, a crossbody and ES2 respectively, to get the simultaneous pin on Jacobs and Z!