Fazoo Crew - Colossal Tussle

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Apr 09, 2011 12:30 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: 3-2count Athletic Facility

Freehold, NJ

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Event Videos and Bouts

Fazoo Crew - Colossal Tussle

Full EventFazoo Crew - Colossal Tussle: Full Event Replay
Full EventFazoo Crew - Colossal Tussle: Dan Severn has a message for GFL

Event Description

Are you tired of Sports Entertainment? Do you miss the world or professional wrestling? Well Fazoo Crew Productions brings to you "No Called Finishes" and how about complex unbelievable spots? Then "no called spots" either!

A Revolution has begun and supporters are coming out of the woodwork like "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka, "The Beast" Dan Severan, and Danny Doring. Also Great talent like Josh Daniels, and Mo Sexton and many More! If you haven't seen it yet, check out the Colossal Tussle, the premire of Fazoo Crew on iPPV!

Fazoo Crew: Colassal Tussle Review

Introduction "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka as Master of Ceremonies

Match #1 Justin Corino vs Eric Andretti Winner: Eric Andretti via Flying Cross Body Pin

Match #2 Jimmy Neemis vs Judis Young Winner: Judis Young via Camel Clutch submission

Match #3 TJ Marconi vs Damien Darling Winner: Darling retrieves $10k in Ladder Match

Match #4 Pat Buck & Matt Borne vs Danny Doring & Smith James Winner: Danny Doring via Pinfall

Match #5 Mo Sexton vs Josh Daniels Winner: Mo Sexton vs Frog Splash