ECWA 15th Anniversary Super 8

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Apr 30, 2011 8:45 AM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Flyers Skate Zone

Voorhees NJ

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Event Videos and Bouts

ECWA 15th Anniversary Super 8

Full EventECWA 15th Anniversary Super 8: Shockwave Upgrades for The Tournam
Full EventECWA 15th Anniversary Super 8: This years WWE Hall of Fame Inductee Sunny comes to host the 15th annual ECWA Super 8 Tournam
Full EventECWA 15th Anniversary Super 8: Adam Cole is ready to make his mark on pro wrestling at the 15th Annual ECWA Super 8 Tournam
Full EventECWA 15th Anniversary Super 8: Bobby Shields along with his manager Magnum vows to win the 15th Annual ECWA Super 8 Tournam
Full EventECWA 15th Anniversary Super 8: The scariest and possibly strangest man in wrestling today has something to say! Already winning the 2010 FIP Jeff Peterson Cup, and the 2011 WXW 16 Carat Gold Tournament. Callihan is now ready to win one of the biggest wrestling tournaments in the entir
Full EventECWA 15th Anniversary Super 8

Event Description

ECWA is back with the 15th annual Super 8 featuring some of the top independent wrestlers in North America. This prestigious tournament has been a launching pad for many of today's superstars and household names including past Super 8 Winners Jerry Lynn, Davey Richards, Christopher Daniels and finalists AJ Styles and Bryan Danielson to name a few. Who would break out of the pack at this year's event?

The 8 wrestlers chosen to compete were Sami Callihan, Adam Cole, "Beautiful" Bobby Shields, Austin Aries, Tommaso Ciampa, Rich Swann, Shiima Xion and Shockwave the Robot. All 8 entrants lived up to the storied history of the Super 8 and showcased their individual style while displaying solid in-ring work including wild high flying, strong mat wrestling, and the more realistic-style grappling that has continued to thrive on the indy scene.

The tournament had a solid opening round with the bruising Sami Callihan displaying his physical style landing head-butts, stiff kicks, hard chops and decapitating clotheslines to Adam Cole. But Cole was able to absorb the punishment and turn the tide winning by a flip piledriver and advancing to the second round.

In other first round action, favorite Austin Aries defeated "Beautiful" Bobby Shields with a bone-crunching brain buster. The underdog Shields didn't wrestle like it, giving Aries all he could handle in a tough back and forth match between the #1 and #8 seeded wrestlers.

Tommaso Ciampa executed a perfect "Project Ciampa" to beat Rich Swann for the 1-2-3. Ciampa used his size and strength to his advantage overpowering the smaller Swann in almost every tie up.

In the final quarter final match of the evening, Shiima Xion defeated Shockwave the Robot when Xion landed a 450 Splash. The match had the most aerial assaults of all the matches in the opening round as both wrestlers pulled out all the stops for the enthusiastic crowd. Even in defeat, Shockwave proved he was deserving of his slot in the Super 8.

Advancing to the second round were Adam Cole, Austin Aries, Tommaso Ciampa and Shiima Xion. Who would be left standing and win the trophy at the 15th annual Super 8? WWE Legend and Original Diva Sunny was on hand to witness history. The only way for you to watch this momentous FIVE STAR event and find out what happened in the semifinals and barn-burning final matchup of this classic wrestling tournament is to order Super 8, presented by ECWA on video on demand exclusively at