Death Match Tournament: - Ignition

Event Type: Wrestling
Event Time: Jun 26, 2011 1:00 PM EDT
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Casa Del Mexico

Los Angeles CA

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Event Videos and Bouts

Death Match Tournament: - Ignition

Full EventDeath Match Tournament: - Ignition: Josh Daniels vs. Scorpio Sky
Full EventDeath Match Tournament: - Ignition: Amanda vs. Knuckles, Lil Cholo, Javi Air, Famous B, Pinkie Sanchez
Full EventDeath Match Tournament: - Ignition: Corporal Robinson vs. B.C. Killer
Full EventDeath Match Tournament: - Ignition: Carnage vs. Youth Suicid
Full EventDeath Match Tournament: - Ignition: Mad Man Pondo vs. Mosh Pit Mik
Full EventDeath Match Tournament: - Ignition: Necro Butcher vs. Balls Mahoney

Event Description

Death Match Tournament (DMT) - Ignition brought down the house at the Casa Del Mexico in Los Angeles, California with a hardcore, violent and brutal display of action inside the squared circle. With "The Franchise" Shane Douglas doing color commentary, this event was a wild ride down memory lane and also a look forward at the future of hardcore wrestling as DMT set itself apart from its hardcore counterparts. The wrestlers performed many high risk stunts and took a great amount of punishment to the delight of the vocal and highly charged crowd. Nobody does hardcore wrestling like the Death Match Tournament!

In the main event, Balls Mahoney defeated Necro Butcher with a body slam after a culmination of a bloody gore fest that can only be described as measured brutality. The match had all the pieces of what you would come to expect from the ECW veteran Mahoney and the Independent maniac, Butcher. When these two deranged individuals get into the ring there is only one thing that can happen, VIOLENCE. There were blunt objects, sharp objects, barbed wire, chairs, and bloodâ?¦ lots of blood. Before all was said and done, Mahoney was cut deep on the forehead and arm, but it was Necro Butcher who wore a crimson mask for most of the battle. The ECW Original showed that he was still too hardcore and after the final bell got a rousing round of applause from the rabid crowd.

In the co-main event, Mad Man Pondo defeated Mosh Pit Mike in a Light Tubes Match. Mad Man Pondo with light tubes in his grip is like Van Gogh with a paint brush, pure artistry. The creativity of aggression was something to behold, as Mad Man delivered shot after shot on Mosh Pit's head and body. But to his credit, Mosh Pit Mike gave almost as good as he got, bloodying up Pondo's head and cutting him so deep that he had a piece of glass stuck in his head throughout the whole match. With broken glass everywhere, so much in fact that many fans left their glass riddled seats for cover, it was a vicious headshot from a STOP sign that ended Mosh Pit Mike's night.

In other action, Carnage battled Youth Suicide in a 4-Corner Barbwire Board with 10,000 Thumbtacks Match. Corporal Robinson took on B.C. Killer in a Tai Pai Psychopathic Death Match, while Amanda fought Mickie Knuckles in a Rat Traps Match. All this and even MORE!

DMT has cornered the market on over the top, extreme pro wrestling. Witness all the bloodshed and carnage in this unique pay-per-view where only the violent survive. Order Death Match Tournament - Ignition exclusively on the GFL Combat Sports Network at