Youngblood Auto Presents: CHAMPIONS COLLIDE

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Event Time: Oct 15, 2011 12:30 PM EDT
Event Type: Multiple
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Venue: O'Reilly Center
Location: Springfield MO
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Oct 15, 2011 8:00 PM EDT

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Event Videos and Bouts

Youngblood Auto Presents: CHAMPIONS COLLIDE

Youngblood Auto Presents: CHAMPIONS COLLIDE: Full Event - Part 1
Youngblood Auto Presents: CHAMPIONS COLLIDE: Full Event - Part 2
Youngblood Auto Presents: CHAMPIONS COLLIDE: Full Event - Part 3
Youngblood Auto Presents: CHAMPIONS COLLIDE: Full Event - Part 4
Undercard Mike Glenn vs. Tim Papp Jr
Undercard Brian Green vs. Leo Pla
Undercard Jesse Zeugin vs. Wes Martin

Event Description

Youngblood Auto presented Champions Collide to a packed house at the O'Reilly Family Event Center on the campus of Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. The fans were treated to a hybrid card featuring both boxing and MMA with a WBA title fight in the main event. In all it was a 11-bout card featuring 3 of 5 stoppages in the boxing portion and 4 of 6 stoppages for the MMA side.

In the main event, B.J. Flores defeated Paul Jennette by unanimous decision for the WBA Continental Americas Cruiserweight Championship after 10 grueling rounds of boxing. For Flores, a nine year pro, who recently signed with promoter Don King, he is hoping this win gets him one step closer to competing for a world title in the cruiserweight division. Jennette was a tough challenger throughout the night, and showed that he is still a very elusive boxer in spots as he was able to dodge many of Flores' power punches but was outmatched in the bout against Flores. For Flores, this was a solid win, and with the promotional machine that is Don King, anything is possible.

Also on the card was so great MMA action highlighted by a bout between Brian Green who defeated Leo Pla by tapout in Round 3. Both fighters pushed the pace and showed the audience the numerous forms of attack that MMA has to offer, in striking, wrestling and grappling. The end came when Green was able to slap on the fight ending submission for the win.

Champions Collide showcased the best of both worlds. Both boxing and MMA where center stage and delivered with tremendous fights and finishes that satisfied the audience. If you are a fan of the combat sports then order this PPV. Youngblood Auto presented a great night of action and hopefully they will continue to promote these hybrid fight cards because it gives fans a unique experience that most promoters do not attempt.