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IZW March Mayhem (Rebroadcast)
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Event Time May 08, 2013 9:00 PM EDT
Event Type Fight  - Wrestling
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Event Description
March Mayhem was another grand slam for IZW as the wrestlers put it all on the line and in some cases crossed the line. Old rivalries were renewed, new champions were crowned and the Impact Arena was shaken down to its core with a turn of events that could never have been predicted!

To start the show off, Madam Commissioner Erica and The Convict were together backstage where Erica revealed that she was holding The Convict's very future in her hand, his parole papers. The Convict is up for review in six months and technically as The Convict's boss, the board is asking Erica for a letter of recommendation. Erica offered to write a glowing review for The Convict as long as he did everything, down to the smallest detail, of what Erica ordered him to do. The Convict was stuck between a rock and a hard place as his very freedom was now at stake. Erica's final remarks where chilling as she welcomed The Convict into Impact Elite!

Things started off at a blistering pace as the first bout was a Tables Match between "The Bronze Bull" Aaron Neil taking on his former disciple "The Brass Bull" Bobby Starr. Starr attacked Neil with furious aggression as he got a takedown on the bigger man and started to pummel away at Neil's face with right hand after right hand. Neil countered by bullying Starr into the corner where he dished out his own bolos. Starr fought back until Neil landed a release suplex that slowed down Starr's offense. Neil continued his physical dominance knocking Starr down to the mat as Neil made his way outside of the ring to grab a table. Once Neil returned to the ring, Starr was reinvigorated as he went on the attack but was met with a boot to the chest by Neil made worse by the fact that Starr was coming full speed off the ropes. Neil looked to toss Starr out of the ring, through the table via the Greetings From Mt. Olympus but Starr wiggled out of the hold. A series of shots to Neil's kidneys, followed by a running clothesline in the corner and a flying clothesline from the top rope followed by The Stroke from Starr humbled Neil. Later, the table was put in the ring corner as Starr unloaded 10 punches to Neil's head in the opposite corner. Starr went to whip Neil into the corner with the table, but was reversed by Neil. Starr then sidestepped Neil's bull rush as Neil went crashing through the table. This could have been it for Neil, but the ref ruled the only way to win was by physically throwing your opponent through the table which did not happen. Sensing he was making his last stand, Neil landed another suplex, this time a release belly to belly that skyrocketed Starr high into the air. Starr rolled out of the ring and seemingly under the ring, but as Neil started to stalk Starr, he came up empty handed as he pulled up the ring apron. Finally, Starr reappeared behind Neil and hit him full force in the head with the brass scepter. A couple more attacks with the brass scepter and Starr had more than enough time to place another table in the ring. Starr hoisted Neil up onto his shoulders looking to drive him through the table, but the bigger Neil quickly reversed the positioning only to have Starr skirt out the back door. Two low blows by Neil turned the tide once again in his favor. Neil then proceeded to land a series of looping right hands that caught Starr square in the jaw. As Starr crumbled to the mat, he did the only thing he could do and that was land a low blow of his own. This doubled over Neil, priming him for a Greetings From Mt. Olympus which Starr executed perfectly, followed by a suplex through the table for the win. The student conquered the master in this matchup of brahma bulls.

Next up was supposed to be the reunion of the Old School Suckas. Bryan Cruize has been MIA for weeks now, leaving tag team partner Randy Price in a pinch. In fact, it was Cruize no showing a tag title match that ultimately led to the OSS losing the titles. Price was hot at Cruize for not being in the building all day, and verbally lit into his partner. Cru

Poster coming soon!

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