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Ultimate Warrior Fighting I - Huerta v War Machine
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Event Time Nov 26, 2011 8:00 PM EST
Venue Pharr Event Center
Location Parr, Texas
Date Available OnDemand Nov 27, 2011 5:00 AM EST
Event Type Fight  - MMA
Price US$9.99 
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Event Videos and Bouts
Ultimate Warrior Fighting I - Huerta v War Machine: Full Event
Main Roger "El Matador" Huerta vs. War Machine
Undercard Alfredo Castro vs. Adan De La Garza
Undercard DJ Fuentes vs. Nick "The Ghost" Gonzalez
Undercard Dave Menne vs. Eric "Bighead" Davila
Undercard Victor Hernandez vs. Christopher "Speed King" Brooks
Undercard Carlos Diego vs. Clinton Roberts
Undercard Derek Campos vs. Scott Cleve

Event Description
Ultimate Warrior Fighting 1 - Huerta VS War Machine made an immediate impact in the MMA arena with its debut show that was broadcast worldwide on The vocal crowd out the Pharr Texas Events Center on the border town of Pharr, Texas was vocal the whole night and got their money's worth, especially in the main event. The 6-bout card had 4 of 6 fights ending in KO or submission, topped off by the main event which had a little bit of everything.

War Machine (12-4) defeated Roger Huerta (21-6-1) via TKO due to a rib injury in Round 3 in a welterweight clash. War Machine has had a tumultuous couple years away from the sport, but that never seemed to bother him once he stepped inside the cage. For Huerta this is his third loss in a row. Huerta usually fights at lightweight and the strength difference was evident in the fight as the bigger War Machine was able to overpower Huerta at times through sheer size advantage.

Round 1 saw the two lock up and work for positioning in the clinch, until War Machine landed a trip takedown. War Machine worked side mount and was able to land several short elbows that cut up Huerta. Round 2 was a back and forth round that saw both men do damage. Huerta was able to turn the tide for a moment and get War Machine down to the ground but after a quick scramble both were back on their feet. War Machine then landed another hard takedown, but Huerta fought back from the bottom with short elbows. Both men were relentless in their attacking. Huerta picked up the pace against the bigger fighter and was again able to turn the side by reversing the positioning on the mat.

In Round 3, the two battled once again in the clinch, with War Machine getting the better of the exchanges. War Machine then went for a rolling armbar that was almost locked up, but Huerta was able to defend the submission and ended up in side control as the two moved to the mat. War Machine was then able to reverse position ending up in the mount and started to rain down punches on Huerta. Huerta just covered up as it was apparent that somewhere in the grappling for position he injured his ribs. After more than a dozen unanswered punches, War Machine looked up for the referee to stop the bout and finally the fight was over. It was a great fight as both fighters came out to battle and showed that these two gladiators are still in the elite ranks of MMA athletes.

In other action, UFC vet Dave Menne (45-16-2) defeated Eric Davila (20-11) by guillotine choke in Round 1. It was a solid win for the veteran Menne who continues to fight in a career that has spanned 14 years.

Ultimate Warrior Fighting 1 - Huerta VS War Machine had several exciting fights, highlighted by epic clash of two former UFC contenders. UWF played to a packed crowd and proved that they are one of the top organizations in the Southwest. The only way to see this loaded 6-bout card is to order it now on GFLOnDemand, exclusively at Order now!

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