Showdown Fights X: Collard vs Clements

Event Type: MMA
Event Time: Feb 08, 2013 12:30 PM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: UCCU

Orem, Utah

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Event Description

Showdown Fights, the top MMA organization in Utah, presented another night of exciting fights with Showdown Fights X, a 10-bout card with 7 finishes featuring two of the top prospects in the state of Utah going toe to toe in the main event. All of the action comes to you from the UCCU Center in Orem, Utah. Utah produces some of the toughest MMA fighters in the country and Showdown Fights is the premier proving ground for these battle-tested athletes.

In the main event, Clay Collard (11-4) defeated Jordan Clements (10-2) via TKO in the second round. This fight was action packed from beginning to end as Collard and Clements went at each other with Collard using great wrestling to keep the normally wrestling dominant Clements down and controlled on the mat midway through the first round after both landed punches in the first half of round one. Clements was able to get back to his feet and the fighters resumed their striking with both landing hooks, overhands, superman punches, elbows, uppercuts and everything but the kitchen sink as these two continued to bang in front of the raucous crowd. Collard was a little bit more effective because he used his range and length to keep the distance and stay out of Clements big power shots. In round two, Collard landed a big left over the top of Clements' defense that dropped Clements to the mat as Collard followed him down to the mat landing elbows and punches. Collard continued to land some vicious elbows but Clements fought back as Collard went for an armbar, Clements ended up on top. But Clements was spent and Collard went back on the attack landing punches at will until Clements' corner threw in the towel ending the fight.

In the co-main event, Jason South (9-0) defeated Kyacey Uscola (21-20) via rear naked choke in round two of a catch weight of 180 lb in a barnburner. South has now finished 8 straight opponents via tapout and has never gone to a decision in his professional career. In round one, both fighters were cautious as both fighters looked to counter punch and nobody wanted to commit to being the aggressor. A high kick and push kick by Uscola landed in glancing fashion as Uscola tried to walk South down as South moved back and forth. South went for a leg kick that was partially caught by Uscola who then landed an overhand right that sent South down to the mat, but Uscola let South up as he didn't want to play the grappling game against the undefeated fighter. South and Uscola traded leg kicks for the better part of a minute until they went back to throwing fisticuffs where Uscola again landed a right hand down the middle that sent South backwards. South then looked for a takedown which was partially stuffed as both fighters went to the mat with Uscola in South's guard. Both fighters were very active on the ground each landing elbows and punches as South also tried to work his legs up around Uscola's upper torso, shoulders and neck. After the action got up against the cage, there was a quick scramble where Uscola landed a wicked illegal knee to South's face as South still had a hand on the mat. South shook off the strike and the round ended. In round two, the fighters started off hot scoring punches to face of one another. South landed a leg kick to Uscola's knee that buckled Uscola. Uscola then immediately went for a takedown and the action once again hit the mat. South landed several elbows and punches from the bottom as Uscola tried to gather his bearings. South then landed a nice reversal and ended up on top where he began to pick apart the injured Uscola who was now covering up on the bottom. South was relentless as he continued his attack and eventually sunk in the choke to get the tapout.

Showdown Fights is back with Showdown Fights X. This is Showdowns Fights most stacked card ever! Watch the reigning and defending #1 promotion of the Mountain West as it delivers another stellar event.