Shofight 25

Event Type: MMA
Event Time: Mar 02, 2013 12:00 PM EST
Countries: Available in all countries
Venue: Branson Central Theater

Branson, Missouri

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Event Description

Courtesy of Craig Enloe &

ShoFIGHT 25 went down in Branson, Mo. Saturday night featuring some promising up-and-comers from the Midwest area.Fans in attendance were treated to a night full of submissions and TKO's. Just one fight went the distance, which turned out to be the fight of the night.

Fight Of The Night went to Jacob Cordova and David Stevens.

Knockout of the Night went to Dakota Woods.

Submission of the Night went to Casey Lickteig for his arm triangle choke.

Matt Rosa defeats Dusty Luff to retain the LW Championship

Both fighters came out swinging from the start with neither clearly winning the standup exchanges. Rosa eventually pushed Luff up against the cage in the clinch. Little work was done in the clinch, but Rosa used the position to sweep a leg and score a takedown. With Rosa in his full guard, Luff worked hard to control the posture of his opponent and take little damage. Rosa worked to half guard and began to work for a submission. At 1:53 in the first round, Rosa submitted Luff with a shoulder choke.

"That's something that's come natural to me," commented Rosa. "When I grapple with people I like to use my shoulders. I like to push that shoulder to throw from awkward positions. I just felt him stop breathing. I let go of it once. So, I just put all my weight on his neck and held him down. I knew he wasn't gonna last long not breathing."

Rosa via shoulder choke at 1:53 of Round 1

Casey Lickteig defeats Roger Lovely - 145 lbs As the fight began, Lovely scored some good shots in the standup, clearly gaining the advantage. Taking damage on the feet, Lickteig looked to take the fight to the ground and scored a takedown, landing in Lovely's guard. Lickteig quickly passed to side control and began working on an arm triangle choke. As Lovely attempted to lock down a leg in defense of the submission attack, Lickteig softened his opponent up with ground shots to his opponent's face before finishing the fight with the choke.

Lickteig via arm triangle at 2:31 of Round 1

James Gerkey defeats Tim Tabor - 135 lbs

After an opening scramble to gain control of the fight, the fight found its way to the ground, and Tabor found himself on top. Gerkey never allowed his opponent the opportunity to do damage, as he immediately began looking for a submission. Gerkey latched on to an arm and began to work for an armbar. As Tabor defended the attack on his arm, Gerkey switched his attack as he sank in a triangle choke causing his opponent to tap.

Gerkey via submission (triangle choke) at 1:29 of Round 1