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Rocktagon XXIV "Art of War"
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Event Time Mar 02, 2013 7:30 PM EST
Venue La Villa Event Center
Location Cleveland, Ohio
Date Available OnDemand Mar 03, 2013 1:00 AM EST
Event Type Fight  - MMA
Price US$9.99 
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Event Videos and Bouts
Rocktagon XXIV "Art of War": Full Event
Main Matthew "Matt" Masterson vs. Tyler "The Shoot" Beckley
Co-main Xavier "Spartucus" Nash vs. Josh "The Romanian Hammer" Krizan
Undercard Joseph Keller vs. Pat Phelan
Undercard Jimmy McMillen vs. Dib Kaddah
Undercard Raymond Yanez vs. Tim Enright
Undercard Aaron "The Addonis" Jeffery vs. AJ Jaquish
Undercard "Big" John MacGregor vs. Dylan McNemar
Undercard Derek Tranchito vs. Matt Zindren
Undercard Timothy Duran vs. Jonathan "Leviathan" Coffman
Undercard Joe Szczublewski vs. Mike Velasquez
Undercard Brett Kasler vs. Steve Saldana

Event Description
One of the country's premier cage fighting events returned as Rocktagon MMA presented Rocktagon MMA XXIV - Art of War, Journey of Champions Series, at the historic La Villa Event Center in Cleveland. Rocktagon MMA has been on a rampage since its launch in 2010 having promoted shows around the country showcasing the rising pro and amateur fighters from around the Midwest, West Coast and East Coast. The 11-bout card featured 6 finishes and the event was anchored by a back and forth battle in the light heavyweight division and a title match in the 170 lb division.

In the main event, Matt Masterson (10-3) defeated Tyler "The Shoot" Beckley (6-2) via unanimous decision in a light heavyweight scrap. Masterson is 4-0 in his last 4 bouts and looks to be hitting his stride as a MMA fighter as this victory was against a highly ranked and respected fighter on the Midwest MMA scene. Beckley looked to attack early on with punches, but Masterson remained cool in the pocket and hit Beckley with a short right hand that wobbled Beckley just for an instant. Beckley's momentum continued forward and he followed through and was able to land a takedown with Masterson's back up against the cage. Beckley flattened Masterson down and tried to improve his position, but Masterson was very limber on the mat and showed off a nice rubber guard while going for uma platas and other upper body submissions that had the bigger Beckley on the defensive. Masterson spun out the back and got Beckley's back as the tables quickly turned. Beckley was able to pull guard from that position as Masterson continued on the offensive. Beckley went for a keylock while Masterson looked for an arm triangle in a great display of grappling by both fighters. The ref stood the fighters up and Beckley made the most of it by landing a solid knee to the midsection of Masterson that dropped Masterson to the mat. Beckley followed him down to the canvas using some ground and pound but then let Masterson back up to his feet. The two began to throw punches at one another until Beckley scored with another takedown. But again, Masterson was able to reverse the position and go for another arm triangle showing his grappling credentials. In the second round, after the fight once again hit the mat, Masterson almost had a rear naked choke soon after but Beckley fought off the attempt as Beckley again went for a keylock from the bottom. The ref stood the fighters up once again and they began to wing more punches in each other's direction continuing the pace that was set in round one. In round three, Masterson was the fresher of the two opponents as Beckley had been working hard the entire fight on getting takedowns and landing haymakers. Masterson used his grappling to once again negate Beckley's strength and size and was in control as the fight went to the canvas. This was a solid win for Masterson who showed that he is one of the top light heavyweights in not only Ohio, but the greater Midwest. His grappling game and rubber guard are second to none and he poses a threat to anyone in the world once the fight hits the mat.

In championship action, Josh "The Romanian Hammer" Krizan (6-1) defeated Xavier "Spartacus" Nash (4-1) via split decision after a hard fought, all-out war to become the new Rocktagon MMA Welterweight Champion. This fight was not for the faint of heart as Krizan and Nash tore into each other from the opening bell until and had that same determination and aggression all the way up until the final bell. Krizan showed he is a game fighter after overcoming some bad spots that Nash put him in as Krizan would not be denied and gutted through every obstacle against the hard hitting Nash. Krizan was workman-like in his approach as he wrestled, grappled and struck with Nash at every turn and finally as the fight wore on, Krizan's cardio conditioning began to play a huge role in the fight as he was able to be first in the exchanges more and more. The end result was a brilliant fight by both men which saw each man raise his stock in a sport where only the strong survive.

Rocktagon MMA XXIV - Art of War, Journey of Champions Series offered the same high quality entertainment that every Rocktagon MMA event provides which is competitive, well matched MMA fights in front of a packed, enthusiastic crowd. Experience the thrill of every punch, kick, takedown and submission via the comfort of your home and order this event now on the GFL Combat Sports Network on video on demand and own it for life!.

Founded in mid-2010, Rocktagon MMA has successfully completed 24 events on two coasts and is the only national amateur fight series in the country and the only promotion able to offer four types of shows to meet the needs of various markets: all Amateur, all Professional, Pro-Am, and Rock-n-Rage. Rock-n-Rages are premium events combining the cage of mixed martial arts with a stage featuring live musical performances by well-known artists. Beginning in January, Rocktagon MMA will run their amateur national series in conjunction with professional cards starting with Ohio, California, and Michigan.

To find out more about Rocktagon MMA, please visit Fans may also follow Rocktagon MMA on Twitter at, like Rocktagon MMA on Facebook at, or watch Rocktagon MMA videos on YouTube at

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