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Kingdom Promotions MMA 5 - Valentines Massacre
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Event Time Feb 16, 2013 11:00 AM EST
Venue Metro Plex Event Center
Location Little Rock AR
Date Available OnDemand Feb 18, 2013 7:00 AM EST
Event Type Fight  - MMA
Price US$14.99 
Availability Available in all countries

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Event Videos and Bouts
Kingdom Promotions MMA 5 - Valentines Massacre: Full Event
Main Thomas "The Young Lion" Gifford vs. Dave "The Duke" Burrow
Co-main Dusty "Twinkle Toes" Mason vs. Timothy Johnson
Undercard Tyler Osborn vs. Marcus Everett
Undercard Dakota Demaris vs. Anthony Flick
Undercard Carl Kirtley vs. Michael Hobby
Undercard Tim Hughes vs. Drew Foote
Undercard Tyrone Paige vs. Brandon McDougal
Undercard Brandon "Mr. 4Real" Grundy vs. Josh Seymore
Undercard Brandon Mittermeir vs. Lemarcus "The Freight Train" Tucker
Undercard Ryan Erickson vs. Chauncey Foxworth
Undercard Miguel Acosta vs. Dustin Grimmett
Undercard Patrick Howard vs. William Urquhart
Undercard Marcus Williams vs. Shane Erwin
Undercard Joe Lazzaratto vs. Kris Zumwalt
Undercard Robert Hamilton vs. Shane Bridges
Undercard Christian Morgan vs. Adam Sharp
Undercard Bryce Mitchell vs. Chase McDougal
Undercard Andrew Lord vs. Manny Ramirez
Undercard Evan Morter vs. Damion Redmond
Undercard Donald Harrison vs. Lonnie Roberson
Undercard Josh Hudson vs. Clayton "PJ" Bonner
Undercard Jeremy Medlock vs. Kenneth Hunt

Event Description
Kingdom Promotions MMA 5 debuts on with Valentines Massacre from the Metroplex Event Center in Little Rock, Arkansas on February 16. The pro/am event is a mega-event featuring over 20 fights from some of the rising stars from the South.

In the main event, in the professional ranks of the lightweight division Dave Burrow (5-1) defeated Thomas Gifford (6-2) via TKO at the end of round two in one of the most unsettling moments in MMA history. Burrow was controlling the fight in the first and second round by mostly using strong top control on the ground. At one point in the first, both fighters went for leg submissions, but Burrow ended that stalemate with a punch to the face. Burrow was able to land several strikes from a dominant position as Gifford was content to fight off of his back as Gifford, who is a grappling machine with all 6 of his wins coming via tapout, looked for Burrow to make a mistake. You could see the damage Burrow inflicted with his strikes as Gifford had a bloody nose, yet still continued to try and attack Burrow from the bottom at one point going for an armbar, but the stronger Burrow fought his way out of the maneuver and slammed Gifford down to the mat. Burrow landed a couple elbows and a right knee to the body of Gifford as you could tell Gifford was losing steam fast. Yet Gifford mustered up another armbar attack, but Burrow shook the attempt off with no problem. The bell sounded to end the second round and Gifford clutched his throat as he tried to get back to his feet but then fell back to the mat. During the action on the ground in the second round, one of Burrow's elbows got through and landed on Gifford's throat, damaging his windpipe. Gifford continued fighting until the round was over, but he was done. The medical staff at the event did a great job of helping Gifford who was in a bad spot and who required oxygen and was put on a stretcher to leave the cage. Kingdom Promotions MMA updated the health of Gifford on their Facebook page as Gifford was now breathing at about 98% late Saturday night and suffered swelling of the larynx. Prayers were answered as Gifford was ok. For the fight, Burrow did a tremendous job neutralizing an experienced submission artist in Gifford and looks to have a bright future in the sport.

In the co-main event, Timothy Johnson (1-0) won his professional debut defeating Dusty Mason (1-4) via TKO from punches. Johnson showed off a strong grappling game as once the fight hit the mat Johnson threw heavy punches inside of Mason's guard and they all seemed to connect. Mason turtled over and Johnson continued to throw more haymakers and elbows until the ref called off the fight.

Be sure to catch all of the action now on video on demand as Kingdom Promotions MMA brings down the house on pay-per-view exclusively at with Valentines Massacre. See the rising stars from the South compete in front of some of the most boisterous fans. Be a part of the excitement and order this iPPV from the GFL Combat Sports Network.

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