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Redemption: Paul Spadafora vs Johan Perez
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Event Time Nov 30, 2013 7:40 PM EST
Venue Mountaineer Race Track and Casino Resort
Location Chester WV
Date Available OnDemand Dec 01, 2013 10:00 PM EST
Event Type Fight  - Boxing
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Event Videos and Bouts
Redemption: Paul Spadafora vs Johan Perez: Full Event
Main Paul "The Pittsburgh Kid" Spadafora vs. Johan "El Terrible" Perez
Co-main Wilkins "The Hispanic Hurricane" Santiago vs. Eric "The Juggernaut" Draper
Undercard Dustin Craig "The Clean Coal Assasin" Echard vs. Thomas "The Hillbilly" Hanshaw
Undercard Antonio "Carita" Nieves vs. Brian Raglin
Undercard Morgan "Big Chief" Fitch vs. Darnell Boone
Undercard "Iron" Mike Snider vs. "Dangerous" James Denson

Event Description
In what was supposed to be an historic night for Paul Spadafora (48-1-1) turned tragic of sorts when he failed to defeat Venezuelan prospect turned titlist Johan Perez (18-1-1).

Spadafora started the fight off on the right foot showing tremendous skills using his awkward boxing style. Spadafora racked up the initial 3 rounds on GFL's scorecards but the younger Perez turned the tables in round 4.

Perez was able to open a cut over Spadafora's eye with a big right hand in the 4th round. After that both men were seemingly trading rounds back and forth with close rounds until Perez racked up rounds 9th, 10th, and 11th.

In the 12th, Spadafora fought back at a feverish pace and took it to the younger Perez until the final bell sounded. scored the bout 115-113 for Paul Spadafora but there were a lot of close rounds. Luckily for Perez the judges went another route scoring the bout 114-114, 115-113 & a ridiculous 117-110 for your winner via majority decision and NEW interim WBA Jr Welterweight titlist Johan Perez.

In the co-main event of the evening, the judges posted another questionable decision when undefeated Wilkins Santiago (9-0-1) took on upset specialist Eric Draper (8-6-1) in a 6 round Jr Middleweight encounter.

Throughout the fight Santiago did a great job of taking away the much taller Draper's height advantage. The fight seemed to be going in the favor of Santiago round after round but the upset minded Draper had his moments. The men traded back and forth at a slow pace.

After a bad fifth round, Santiago seemed to take the 6th and final but never went for the kill. The fight was up for grabs on the judge's scorecards but neither man seemed intent on wanting to go out there and take it.

At the final bell scored the fight 59-55 in favor of Santiago but the judges scored the bout 58-56 for Draper, 58-56 for Santiago & 57-57 for a DRAW. Santiago moves to (9-0-1) and Draper moves to (8-6-1).

In another fight where an undefeated prospect took on a spoiler, Morgan "Big Chief" Fitch and Darnell "Deezol" Boone fought in a 6 round war.

Fitch started off early racking up the 1st two rounds against Boone but the tides turned in the 3rd. Boone landed an scintillating uppercut knock Fitch to the canvas in the 3rd but Fitch arose and the round ended. He repeated that crumbling Fitch with 2 right hands early in the 4th but Fitch was able to hold on. Both men went on too spit the final two rounds.

After the final bell,'s scorecard read 57-55 for Darnell Boone but the judge's scored the fight 58-55 for Boone, 57-56 for Fitch and 56-56 for another majority DRAW this evening. Fitch goes to (11-0-1) while Boone moves to (19-21-4).

In a featured bout Dustin "Clean Coal Assassin" Echard took on Thomas Hanshaw over the course of 4 rounds. The fight was extremely close. Echard was able to notch the 1st round with his boxing but Hanshaw came back in the second landing several 1-2 combinations. With Echard having the advantage in the 3rd, Hanshaw fought back bloodying Echard's nose with several right hands in the 4th.

After the final bell, scored the bout 38-38 but the judge's scored the bout 38-38 and 39-37 x 2 for your winner via Majority Decision, Dustin Echard. Echard moves to (8-0) while Hanshaw drops to (2-2).

Antonio Nieves proved why he is on of the top featherweight prospects today making short work out of late substitute Brian Raglin. Nieves dropped Raglin twice. Once with a left hook to the head then with a straight right to the body. The 2nd knockdown cause the ref to halt the action at the 1:28 mark of Round 1. Nieves climbs to (5-0) while Raglin drops to (0-4).

In other action, Mike Snider defeated James Denson via Unanimous Decision. All judges scored the bout 39-37 in favor of Snider. Snider moves to (2-0) while Denson drops to (5-16).

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